How To Plan Your Own Wedding Photography Timeline – 2024 Guide


The organization of your wedding can be quite stressful and challenging. That is the main reason why it is so important to plan everything in time. Consider each detail and be prepared to changes on the go. That way, any form of inconvenience won’t affect your plans. The best option is to start with planning for at least two months before the special day. When it comes to the place where you will hold the wedding, keep in mind that some restaurants and other places can be rented more than a whole year in advance for various events.

Among many important things, it is common that people often forget to create a plan related to photography. Hiring a professional photographer is important, but having a plan will provide you with remarkable memories saved in both digital and printed formats. If you are interested in hiring a professional wedding photographer, check out Schmittat Photography. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ways to secure a proper plan related to the timeline of photos on your wedding.

Start On Time

We are sure that you will be interested in capturing and saving each moment of this special day. Therefore, it is a good option to call a professional to start creating pictures from the morning when you are still preparing for the event. You can catch some interesting memories that way, like dressing, leaving the home, gathering with the closest family and friends, and more. These are all exciting moments, and it will awake some good memories when you check these pictures after a few years.

Find the Best Spot For Portraits

This will be one of the most important parts of the timeline. Only the wedding partners will ask for numerous photos while posing for a portrait. Consider that all guests will want the same. Commonly, each guest will take a photo with the wedding couple. In that matter, it is essential to select a spot with a perfect background so you can be satisfied with the results. Also, that will help you to avoid editing pictures later. Besides the objects that can be seen in the background, lightning is one of the most important elements. If the photographer has enough experience and proper skills, there should be no issues in finding a perfect spot.


The Main Part

The part when both partners have to say Yes in front of the registrant is the main part, and pictures taken at this moment must be perfect. Be sure to tell the photographer that you want to be in focus all the time. He can take a couple of pictures of the guests as well, but they can wait for some personalized samples later during the event. Also, you can ask for a limited number of pictures since this part can last around an hour. Therefore, you can request a set of samples when you are getting in, standing in front of everyone, saying Yes, giving the rings, and then for the final celebration and heading to the rest of the event.

What About the Restaurant?

The photographer can be more relaxed while the party is on. However, he must capture moments like the dance, throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake, and more. On the other side, you can let him to capture other people as well during this part. Moreover, you can expect that most of the guest will approach you to take another set of pictures. Also, the photographer will be full of work since each guest will demand a particular set of samples.


Make a Detailed Schedule

It is quite simple when you have to inform the expert about the timing and when you want some special pictures to be taken. You will know about the schedule, and simply deliver it to the photographer as well. That way, you can be sure that he won’t miss any important moment. As we already mentioned, the focus must be on you and your partner throughout the whole event. There is no need to worry about the guests since there will be enough time for them to get the pictures as well.

Choose a Professional

Things will become much easier when you hire an expert with previous experience with weddings and other events. We understand how important this date is, and that there is only one chance to get some unique pictures. Therefore, we suggest you never try to save money on the selection of professionals. The common misconception is that anyone today can manage to create a set of decent photos. However, various factors could affect the quality.

Moreover, consider providing the expert with breaks as well. There is no need to get thousands of pictures. Also, keep in mind that a lot of people will approach this person to ask for some special set of pictures. It can be very challenging for him to complete all these demands. Therefore, the timeline will help him to focus on your requirements, and leave enough time for the guests as well.


Last Words

The most important reason to always plan each detail of the wedding is that will help you to avoid stress. Lack of communication might lead the photographer to miss some important detail of part of the event. That is the main reason to provide him with detailed instructions where he will know the moments when you and your partner must be in focus.

Moreover, expect to spend a lot of time while taking samples with each guest at the wedding. If you have a lot of them, like 300 or 400 people, you might spend a few hours by taking posing in front of the camera with each one of them. After the wedding ends, the expert will send you all samples in digital format, and you can then choose which one of them you want to be printed. He will start printing them during the wedding so he can sell them to your guests.