7 Cool Ways You Can Personalize a Birthday Cake

Birthdays are the best days ever, but what makes them even better aside from presents and spending hours with those that matter the most in your life, is eating a huge cake made just for you. Even if you are a person who doesn’t like sweet foods, making an exception once in a year is more than acceptable.

These special occasions are simply not the same without a well-crafted and personalized birthday cake, which is why we decided to dedicate today’s article to some of the coolest ways you can achieve such a personalization. It’s important for everyone to know who the cake is for even without asking around whose birthday it is. That’s when you know that the cake-maker did a great job.

If you are looking for ideas, or you are planning to get your hands on such a great cake for someone really special, this is the right place to be. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do on your own, or hire someone else to do them for you. These are seven cool ways to personalize a birthday cake.

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1. By using the person’s favorite ingredients

First of all, let’s not forget that a cake has only one main purpose, and the rest is just considered extras. The main purpose of a cake is to taste good. When everyone at the birthday party ends up tasting an amazing product, they’ll all leave with a smile on their face, and that’s the purpose of a birthday party. So, if you want to start with personalizing, it’s best to begin by including the favorite ingredients of the one celebrating the birthday. If you know that the person enjoys fruits, or that’s all they eat, making a fruit cake is a great option. If they’re absolutely in love with chocolate, you know what to add in the cake. Nothing will make them happier than tasting their favorite ingredients.

2. By making a birthday cake with a name

Putting the name of the person celebrating the birthday on their cake is a great way to make them feel special, and to make it clear who the cake belongs to. This is something that people do very often, and it’s probably one of the easiest and most cost-efficient things that you can do. You can write the name on the cake in so many different ways, either by using a certain ingredient or by spraying small pieces of chocolate on top of the top layer. If you are interested in viewing a great example of a birthday cake with a name, feel free to visit namewishes.com.

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3. Shaping the cake into the first letter of the person’s name

This one is very simple and almost anyone can do it. If you have the most basic cooking skills, then you can pull it off. So the idea here is very basic but it works wonders. If the name of the person is Hannah, shaping the cake in the form of an “H” is all you need to do. Feel free to be creative though, this is just the baseline of the idea, you can do so much more if you manage to think of something else to improve this. There aren’t any rules you need to follow whatsoever.

4. A cake in the shape of the person’s favorite hobby

If you are celebrating the birthday of a doctor, shaping the cake into something related to their profession is a cool way to show your appreciation for them. If the person is a swimmer, give your best to make the cake look like a swimming pool. If they are a professional basketball player, the cake can be a ball, and so on and so on. You get the idea.
Also, you can read birthday text wishes on sites like myhappybirthdays.com, where you can find a huge collection of best wishes with images. We suggest you check it out and get additional inspiration for your birthday cake!

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5. Adding the exact same number of candles as their current age

Besides shaping the cake in the person’s first letter of their name or making it look like an object related to their profession, you can do further personalization by adding the exact same number of candles as their current age. So, if they are turning fifty, adding fifty candles is what you need to do. But, if there isn’t enough space for that, you can combine candles in the form of a number with smaller individual ones symbolizing “1”. Pretty basic stuff, but it’s interesting to do.

6. Multiple smaller cake pieces, each with one letter on them

A cake doesn’t have to be one large piece. In fact, nowadays it seems to be very modern to make smaller pieces in the form of cupcakes, each one with its own unique design, and when you put them all together one to another, you get a unique and interesting design, usually personalized. You can do this with the help of a professional cake maker, so you just provide them with ideas and they’ll do the “technical” work.

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7. By doing a completely unique design that hasn’t been seen before

Last but not least, we encourage everyone who wants to make a cake to completely “let go” when creating it, because creative designs are what gets the most attention from those present at the occasion, as well as the person celebrating the birthday. Being unique is always better than copying a design or using something else that you saw on the internet. There aren’t any rules when personalizing a birthday cake. Just be creative.


There are many different ways to customize and personalize a birthday cake, and although it takes quite a lot of effort, it’s quite worth it if the person means a lot to you. Sometimes a well-designed, or should we say a well-crafted cake can make the person celebrating the birthday feel very special.

We’ve all received cakes in the past, so we know how great it feels when we see that they’ve put in the required effort to make it very personalized, representing something related to our lifestyle, hobby or profession. Make someone’s day better by using these seven cool ideas and implementing them into your cake-making decision.