Perfect Solutions for Sprucing Up Your Home This Month

People often find themselves wanting to give their place a new lease of life but aren’t sure where to start. Being able to spruce up your home can make it feel as though you’re living somewhere fresh and can make you fall in love all over again with the house you bought. The only problem is deciding what to do and where. The addition of certain plants and bits of furniture will make the world of difference if they’re put in the right place, as will added storage or a tidy up and organization.

Here are some ideas to help you get going if you want to give your home a bit of a lift this month.

Clean and Tidy

The easiest thing you can do to give your house a basic lift is to give it a bit of a spring clean. You may well tend to your house most days but I mean those little jobs you often ignore, like sorting out the bookcases or stacking your magazines neatly. Things like this can give a new look without any purchases or real effort and can make a big difference. Anything else that will help with the look of your house will be a good thing to do, organizing your pots and pans if they’re on display, deep cleaning your windows and even your kitchen sink are all great ways to make your house that little bit lighter, in look and in feel!



Something that changes your home look completely and gives off a statement is replacing your furniture or adding some in empty spaces around the house. Installing a new bookcase in the front room will give you more storage and will change the dynamic of the room, much the same as if you replace your dining room table with a new one. Large furniture gives a lot of character to rooms and it’s worth shopping around to find not only the best suited but the best deal you can get, it’s not always cheap! The professionals of the Amish Outlet Store are a resource that represents these forms of products. Sources from these alternative forms of stores will often provide good sales to help ease the cost of quality handmade products.


The planning of decorating your home can be a daunting one but if you get it right then it can feel like living in a completely new home. If you’re worried about changing anything too big then there are plenty of smaller things you can do to help give your house a little lift that won’t cause too much stress. Any form of painting will give a completely new look to anywhere you tackle, whether it be an entire room or an area of the house. If you decide to decorate a room make sure you clear it of all things first or at least put down some protective sheets, there’s nothing worse than discovering you’ve managed to get paint on the sofa whilst painting the front room. If you’re after some smaller projects then painting the risers on your staircase is a good start, it can give a nice contrast and make your staircase seem like you’ve installed a new one.


House Plants

This seems like such a small addition to your home that it wouldn’t make such a difference, right? On the contrary, adding plants around the house will give it a wonderfully light and fresh vibe and they can be placed literally anywhere. From the bathroom to the kitchen, if you have some space on a few shelves then add some succulents or hanging plants if it’s in a high space. Pot plants that stand tall are a brilliant way to smooth the corner of a room and add some interesting detail, whilst flowers like orchids make for a beautiful centerpiece of any table. For me, this is one of the best ways to give your house a living, lighter, natural vibe, and is also one of the cheapest. Just remember to keep watering them!

When sprucing up your home there are many things you can do to give it a new feel, it just depends on how much money you want to spend on doing so. You’ll be surprised at what can be done to make your house feel like a home, remember to research your furniture purchases and before doing anything else give your place a clean.

Decorate how you want and add smaller things into the equation like hanging some more pictures and placing some plants. If you feel you’re stuck in a bit of a rut with your home then don’t hesitate to give it a makeover, it will make you feel even better than the house.