What’s New Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Card Service?

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Pennsylvania House Bill 528, the medical marijuana bill that was signed into law in 2016 and is set to go into effect early this year, will allow patients with one of 17 serious conditions to obtain a card allowing them to purchase medical cannabis from an authorized state-licensed dispensary. The Department of Health will be responsible for overseeing the program’s rollout, which has been assigned to the Office of Medical Marijuana.

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How do I Get a Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Card?

To become part of the program you must first meet certain requirements. Individual seeking treatment with medical marijuana must be a resident of Pennsylvania who has been diagnosed by a physician as having one or more of the qualifying diagnoses below:

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Autism
  • Cancer, including remission therapy
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with the objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity
  • Epilepsy  (seizure disorders)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV/AIDS Positive status or diagnosed as a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 12 months or less if certain conditions apply.
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBD)
  • Intractable Seizures
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
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How to get a Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Card?

The Department of Health is the state agency that regulates and issues licenses for massage therapists in the State of Pennsylvania (see “Massage Therapy” section). To apply, go to their website and fill out an application. You’ll also need a copy of your driver’s license, state identification card, or military ID card along with the completed form. Once submitted, your physician will receive an electronic notification that you are seeking treatment with medical marijuana. Once approved you can purchase your card for $50 at one of nine state-approved dispensaries or online through the Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program.

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What is Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis can refer to herbal treatments intended for use as medication under a doctor’s supervision because they are thought to have therapeutic value in treating symptoms associated with some diseases or other health conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized any medicinal claims for cannabis. Federal agencies generally discourage physicians from prescribing it since the use of cannabis has been a violation of federal law for decades under the Controlled Substances Act, which classifies cannabis as a schedule I drug with no medicinal value and a high potential for abuse.

Best Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card Services


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MyMMJDoctor is the top medical marijuana ID card service provider in Pennsylvania. They are an online practice dedicated to helping patients with Medical Marijuana ID cards, renewals and other services necessary to lead a healthy life. You can easily get your Pennsylvania cannabis card by visiting their website. They will provide you with reviews of doctors who are registered to help patients get their medical marijuana cards in Pennsylvania. You can read reviews written by previous patients for better decision-making.

MyMMJDoctor online practice is the only source you need to have your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana card renewed, replaced, or to find a good doctor certified in Pennsylvania. They have an experienced staff that can help you with all your questions. You are provided with a fast review of the doctor’s credentials for safe, discreet, and easy access to medical marijuana services.

Veriheal Medical Marijuana

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Veriheal is a telemedicine platform that connects patients suffering from chronic or life-threatening conditions with doctors who specialize in medical cannabis. The patient intake process is painless and completely confidential, as all information remains between you and your doctor. In order to qualify for Medical marijuana treatment, you must be a Pennsylvania resident suffering from one of the qualifying conditions as outlined by state law. You will begin by completing an online application that will allow us to get some basic information about your condition and state of health. Verified is not a licensed dispensary and does not dispense any form of medical marijuana at this time.

Green Bridge Society

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Green Bridge Society is an online telemedicine platform that specializes in the issuance of Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Cards. Their telemedicine platform consists of a team of trained physicians who are passionate about helping people suffering from medical conditions. The registration process for obtaining your card is very simple, just fill out an application on their website and they will have one of our doctors contact you shortly to discuss your condition and treatment options.

Pennsylvania Cannabis Clinics

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Pennsylvania Cannabis Clinics provide Pennsylvania residents with a means to obtain registered patient status with the Department of Health so that they can safely access medical cannabis products without fear of criminal or civil penalties provided by state law. To qualify for a patient identification card, you must be a resident which demonstrates that you have been diagnosed by a physician as having or being at risk for a qualifying condition.


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MarijuanaDoctors.com is an online platform that connects patients suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions with doctors who specialize in medical cannabis treatment. We provide our patients with compassionate care and connect them to the best marijuana clinics in the industry. Patients can quickly and easily connect with a verified medical marijuana doctor through their website, where they can get all their questions answered that are related to Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Cards, renewals, etc…


The article offers information about the different Medical Marijuana Card Services available to Pennsylvania patients. Since each company has its own unique service, it is best to choose the medical marijuana clinic that best suits your needs based on location and online reviews. Always look for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card logo to ensure the marijuana clinic is real and verified. Remember that marijuana can help you or your loved one live a healthier life.