Payday Advance Loans – How Does It Work?

Payday advance loan is essentially a short term loan where the borrowed amount and the interest should be paid back in full within a year. This is according to and its direct lenders. Usually, the amount being borrowed is relatively low, with a minimum of roughly $50 but it could also go as high as $2,000 or more depending on the circumstances.

The Easy Steps

Just like any other loans, you apply for it through their provided channels and they’ll determine if the loan is approved or not.

  • You submit your applications along with documents supporting your capability to pay the loaned amount.
  • When your loan is approved, they’ll discuss payment terms and schedules.
  • They’ll wire you the money on the same day or next business day.

But beyond the application process, you will have to know details about this type of short term loan and its conditions.

What You Need to Know


Online payday loans as described is a loan that is easy to get approval as well as getting the funds fairly quick. These loans will help with immediate financial needs, but they have high rates and repayment must be done within a month. Here is some important information that you need to know before applying for such loans:

  • Rates and Fees

The loans will have their fees deducted from the loan amount, so make sure you indicate the required amount and charges on the check. This will avoid receiving an amount lower than your requirement as the fees are significantly higher. You also have to remember that these loans have high-interest rates and a brief repayment term, failure to make good with the payments will incur penalties.

  • Regulations

Regulations may vary from state to state so make sure you are abreast with the ones applicable in your area before requesting a loan. Generally, there is a 30-day limit in the repayment term and the regulations and your lender’s approval determine the amount you can loan. Make sure to borrow only what you can repay on time or what is needed for your immediate expenses.

  • Purpose of Online?

The purpose of an online payday advance loan is to cover urgent monetary requirements. Because of how it is structured and the interest rates it accrues you will be wise to avoid using it on unnecessary expenditures.

Source: Payday Solo Online
  • Loan Requirement

There will always be times that lenders can’t give you the amount you need. The restrictions on the minimum as well as the maximum amount they can give you will be determined by factors beyond your control. So determine first your required amount and ask if the lender can approve it for you and if not, move on to the next lender.

  • Repayment

The loan must be paid within 4 weeks or your next payday. If unable to comply with the payment schedule you can request the lender for an extension. It is advisable to explain to your lender the amount you will be able to pay monthly so an appropriate schedule can be drafted for you. It is important to discuss this early on in order to avoid missed payments or delayed ones. Failure to repay will not only burden you with penalties it will also damage your already low credit score.

  • Financial Status

Although lenders of payday advance loans don’t usually consider credit scores or income of the borrower to approve their request, it will still be wise to check your own financial standing yourself. This is to ensure that you can pay the loaned amount on time. Paying in a lump sum will help your credit score than paying in installments.

The Different Types of Payday Advance Loans


These short term loans come in various forms, it is important to know which type of model that will best suit your needs. Choosing the right type will also be useful in helping you make the repayments easier for you.

  • Merchant Loans

This loan is a cash advance operating similar to a loan. This will grant borrowers, which are business owners, a cash advance against their sales in the future. This is generally available for businesses with a steady stream of revenue such as retail stores, restaurants, and other sales. The borrower repays the loan by granting the lender access to their credit and gives a percentage of the sale as payment. Because it has a low barrier for approval, the Annual Percentage Rate is typically higher than the loans given by banks. But if your business needs quick cash to sustain its operation, this is an available option for you.

  • Online Loans

This option gives you the ability to borrow money conveniently and fast through an online process.   This option gives you the ability to borrow money conveniently, fast and efficiently through an online process, for more details check instantly if you’re approved or not, maximum loan amount, and the scheme of payments.The low operational cost translates in a smaller service fee than conventional processes of banks. Just like payday loans, there is a better chance of approval for online loans because the lender has an alternative method to determine your creditworthiness. After the approval, the money is then quickly wired to the account of the borrower within minutes or the day.

Source: Online Payday Loans With Bad Credit
  • Lines of Credit

This is basically using a credit card for your business for payday advance loans. There will be a fixed maximum credit that the business can use when necessary. The payments are usually monthly installments against the amount of credit used in that period. This makes the payment may vary depending on the assessed amount from the LOC. This also has the benefit of having lower APRs than other short term loans.

  • Payday Loans

This short term loan is fairly easy to get and useful for emergency situations. But it should be used with caution, because the principal and the interest generally should be paid in a lump sum within 14 days or when the borrower’s payment arrives. The repayments are usually done by taking it from the borrower’s account by the lender, through continuous payment.

These loans are financial services that are generally helpful when used correctly. They can be used for personal expenses or for funding your business. Because it can easily be accessed and the money is granted fast, individuals have used these loans to help them in an emergency. Businesses have also used to resolve problems arising from a sudden stoppage of cash flow.