How To Find Good Painters In Hawaii


The fastest and most cost-effective way to improve the value and beautify a building is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Hence it is essential to find a good painter that understands the assignment. However, it can be pretty challenging to find a good painter. If you want to know how to find good painters in Hawaii, we will cover it below, so be sure to read to the end.

Hiring an unreliable painter can leave you ending up with not only a lousy job done but damages on your property with no insurance to cover for the damages. Thus to avoid you making this costly mistake, let’s take a look at how to find painters in Hawaii.

How To Find Good Painters In Hawaii

Use The Internet


An excellent place to start when you want to find good painters is internet research and discover the top painting contractors with good reviews around you. However, the internet is subjective, and sometimes, even painters with good reviews can do a lousy job. Yet, you can easily curate a list of Hawaii Painters you think would do a good job based on different ratings and reviews.

Some good sites to begin your search are Yelp and Houzz; the two websites have a detailed, unbiased review of top painting contractors in Hawaii. Go ahead and read the reviews, but note that regardless of how high the ratings of a painting contractor are, be sure to read the negative comments too. You should also watch how the painting contractor responds to determine if the painter has good customer service.

Ask For Recommendations

Do you have a friend or family member who recently painted their property? If the painting job looks like something you are interested in, go ahead and ask them for a recommendation. Then add the suggestions to your list of potential painting contractors. Ensure that you ask your family or friends any issues they might have had with the painter during their project to determine which red flags to watch out for before hiring.

Gather Some Questions


Interviewing a painter you are planning to hire is essential. Hence, you should curate some technical questions that you can ask your potential painting contractor during the interview if you have no experience of the process.

Don’t hesitate to ask many questions about your project to ensure that you are choosing the right man for the job. Some good questions you can ask a painter are;

  1. How do you prevent lap marks?
  2. Can you discuss your last similar project; did your client have any complaints?
  3. How do you prepare a room before painting?
  4. What kind of material do you use?

Set Up An Interview

To begin with, you can do a quick virtual interview with the painting contractors on your list. Please pay attention to how comfortable they are at answering your question, their customer service, and how knowledgeable they seem to be about technical questions. Afterward, you can set up an on-site meeting with your shortlisted contractors to give you an estimate of your project.

An on-site meeting will allow you to meet your potential employee, note how careful and detailed they are about curating an estimate, and answer your questions. You can make use of the opportunity to ask for color suggestions.

Request For References


Nothing speaks for a good painter than their past works. A good painter usually has a portfolio of work but isn’t skeptical about giving you a reference list. Hence, if you have a painter unwilling to provide you with a reference list, be quick to eliminate such a contractor from your list.

On the other hand, ensure that you contact at least three of the contractor’s previous clients provided within the reference list. Don’t hold back in asking questions. You can ask about any issues they might have with the painting. The painting contractor’s customer service, skills, professionalism, and cleanliness are all things you should inquire about from the previous employers.

Ensure The Painter Is Certified And Insured

A painting contractor that isn’t licensed is a red flag, and you shouldn’t get connected to such a painter. A good painter should be approved by Hawaii’s commerce and consumer affairs department. The license says a lot about the contractor’s skills. Before the permit is issued, an examination in the appropriate field is passed. Also, such a contractor must have had a minimum of 4 years of experience under supervision.

Additionally, painting contractor insurance is also vital to ensure that you have nothing to worry about when a damage or site accident occurs on your property. Hence, you must request a copy of a painter’s insurance document and confirm it is genuine before hiring.

Compare Estimates


After having an on-site interview with all your shortlisted potential employers, go through the estimates and find whichever fits your budget. It is vital to watch out for transparency and honesty in the quote.

So, ensure that you pay attention to a painter with a fair and thorough breakdown and one who has paid careful attention to the details of your project. When you decide on the best painter for your project, go ahead and draft a written contract.

Hire A Good Painter


After a careful and thorough selection of the best painter for your project, go ahead and hire; however, before you do that, be sure to put the job details in a contract. A proper contract should clearly state the facts of your project, your name, and the painting contractor’s name. It should also include the duration of the project, labor and material costs, etc.

Plus, make sure that there is a guarantee in the contract. This ensures that the painter will correct any defect such as peeling, flaking, etc., within a specific duration agreed on by both parties.


Finding a good painter in Hawaii can be tasking. Still, you can easily choose the best painter in Hawaii with the correct information. Ensure to follow all the steps above and pay extra attention to the experience and reviews of painters in Hawaii before hiring. Visit here for a painter you may like.