What Does Over and Under Mean in Sports Betting

Sports betting in the modern day is almost as important as the sports themselves, both for the fans who watch and make wagers and the sports organizations and teams. The business deals like sponsorships between the betting companies and the competitions, as well as individual teams, have never been more lucrative so it should not be a surprise that these two industries are so much intertwined that it is hard to think about one without the other. You have probably seen numerous different betting websites advertised alongside the football pitches and basketball courts already.

A modern sports fan who is passionate about their favorite teams and players is probably an avid bettor too who plays more than a few tickets per week. Whenever there is a big game they will probably not only watch sports that entire day but put some money where their knowledge and passion are and try to win some money in the process. There is a number of things to know and pay attention to when sports betting is concerned without which one can never be as successful as the more experienced players. One such thing is the over and under, or over/under as it is more often called.

In the article here we will try our best to explain this strategy and approach to you so that you can utilize it to your advantage. Knowing this will allow you to win more games in the future and become a more successful and satisfied sports bettor. Make sure to check out Fun88 if you want to know more about betting on sports as well as to place any type of bets you want.

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What does it Mean?

The over and under type of betting on sports is quite easy to understand and get the hang of. In any team sport you can combine the total amount of points of the two teams at the end of the game. The over/under betting is also called totals betting because the players bet on the total amount of points at the end and opt to place a bet either over the odds maker amount or under. Depending on who is playing as well as the numerous factors that influence the possible outcome of a game, the total over and the total under amounts vary greatly. Selecting either of the two values and playing them is basically all that can be done on your end.

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Further Explanation

Correctly predicting and then guessing the score is almost impossible, but it did happen a few lucky times. Therefore, the next best thing is going above or below the forecasted total. However, you have two options to bet on and they do not give the same odds. You can either choose to bet on more points than the margin suggests, or less. A total is almost never a whole number. For example, for a basketball game it can be 190.5 points. If the teams combine for 191, everyone who bet over wins. If they combine for 190, everyone who bet under wins.

The rules and odds are usually set based on the -110 system. Here, the bettor has to risk $110 in order to make $100. These are American odds and they have become universal for calculating odds in this form of sports betting. Bettors are often encouraged to take the riskier path if the game is thought to be action heavy or low. If lower amount of points is expected, the over bet awards more and vice versa. Other possible odds exist too, like when the under is -105 and the over is -115. This changes the system and the bettors have to either risk $105 or $115 to make $100, meaning more and less chance at winnings, respectively. Nowadays, -100 and -120 are the most common adjustments in sports betting establishments and online services.

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Complications and Factors to Consider

Let us say that the healthy Brooklyn Nets are playing the largely injured and incomplete roster of the Los Angeles Lakers. There are quite a few all stars on both sides but both LeBron James and Anthony Davis of LA are not playing. On the other end, Kyrie Irving and James Harden are playing but Kevin Durant is not. This game had the potential of being a high scoring affair but since most of the best players are missing, the bookmakers have to adjust so the over and under will be lower than usual. By combining the PPG (points per game) of the players, there is a huge void of above 20 points per game for three players, meaning there is a good chance that the substitutions will not really manage to fill the 60 points expected from the stars.

From such an example you can easily see that you have to know a lot about every single sport and every single matchup you mean to bet on in order to correctly guess the over or the under. While this method of betting is a fan-favorite and something that both the experienced veterans and newcomers like, it is all about the readiness and the amount of information and knowledge you possess. You simply have to be a passionate sports fan in order to win here because there is a ton of data and stats that are factors for every matchup.

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What to Bet On

Depending on the sport, there are numerous things you can bet over and under on other than the combined score or the two teams or the total score of one team. In American football for example, the total rushing yards, attempts, or conversions can be bet on. Completions, field goal percentage, and interceptions all present a great shot at interesting and calculated bets. In basketball, any category can be used as an over/under bet. Points are the easiest and most straightforward, but think about the rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, turnovers, and fouls. Placing a bet on a single player is also possible, you do not always have to go with the entire teams. Baseball, hockey, and soccer all have numerous categories you can use and so do other sports.