How to Properly Organize Spices in Your Kitchen – 2024 Guide


Family comes first, and even though this is something you have probably heard at least once in your life by now, yes, this is more than true, but what’s also of vast importance is the place in which a family resides. Namely, home, regardless of whether we talk about some condo you rented or a house in the suburbs, is a place where we feel most relaxed and safest. Furthermore, it is a place filled with so many memories as what makes any place a true home are those we live with, the people we care about the most.


The importance of a kitchen in every home

Organizing and arranging everything in your house to your taste is one thing, and even though most people have their favorite chair or sofa, the kitchen is the only place reserved not just for preparing food but also where we spend the most time with our family all together. Yes, we live such a fast-paced way of life that it’s easy to forget sometimes how dining with a family brings a smile to your face even after having a tough day at work. On the other hand, in order to make the kitchen even more joyful, Keyrenter Buxmont Team says it’s best to have some scheme or plan on how to arrange and organize it.

That is why we will focus more on the process of preparing food, as there are only a few things in life greater than cooking for those you love. Now, even here, having some kind of strategy on where and how to organize the spices, for example, can be a key to successful cooking. So, if you want to gather more info on that or learn how to make chic Easter table decor and all that’s needed for it, make sure to check Cookinglife or keep reading, as we will provide a detailed guide on this topic.


Choose the dark place

The first thing we need to mention is that dark spaces are the best friend to almost all the spices, meaning that even though it’s great to have them on sight or have easy access to them, in order to preserve them and their natural flavor, always place them somewhere where’s dark. Namely, most spices should be stored in a cold, dark, and dry place (not in a refrigerator), which means putting them on the counter is not a good idea, but many people do that. The reason for that is easy access as we can reach them quickly, but by putting them on the counter, we risk their degradation due to warm temperature while cooking.

Regarding that, it is a much better solution to put them in the pantry, shelf in a cabinet drawer, or inside a drawer. Yes, accessibility is important, but what’s even more important is to find the best place to keep your spices, the dark and cold ones, if what you want is to create a masterpiece in the kitchen and leave your family in awe.


Use organizers

We can find various spice organizers, and deciding to use any of them can help us save a lot of space in our kitchens and keep all of them in the same place. Keeping them in the same place will make it much easier to reach any of them at any time, and the whole kitchen will look much tidier. Space organizers come in various sizes and shapes, and some of them look like classic kitchen shells, while others are used in drawers as dividers. Besides that, we can find a rotating organizer, which is a perfect choice for a smaller kitchen as it does not require a lot of space but can store many spices.



There are a few ways to arrange the spices and make sure to know where each of them is when we need them, which will save us from losing time in searching. The first, and probably the most popular one, is to place those you use more often to be the easiest to reach.

Another popular option is to group them according to usage, which means grouping those for salt dishes at one place, and those for sweet ones at another, or any way you find it handy. If none of these two is a good fit, there is always an option to arrange them alphabetically. So, as you can clearly see, there is no right or wrong option, and you should arrange your spices the way that suits you and your cooking preferences the most.


Small packages

It may look more budget-friendly to buy the biggest package of a certain spice, but there is no reason to do that, as we do not use them that much and that often, and, in most cases, we will need to throw them away due to expiration. Doing so is pointless, as, in the end, you will end up spending as much as if you bought more pricey ones in smaller packages. Instead of that, choosing smaller packages can eventually be a more budget-friendly option since we will use most of them, and it will be much easier to organize them. Besides that, it’s also about the quality, as some manufacturers are renowned for the savory and natural aroma of their spices, so when shopping for spices, keep this in mind as well.



Well, this one is just about being practical, as labeling spices will make cooking easier, but it could also affect the overall taste of some dishes. The second one is probably even more crucial as some spices might look the same, and without the label, you can easily make a mistake and put curry instead of turmeric, for example. Buying spices in the store means you already get the labeled containers with their name and expiration date, but using the one from your own garden can be pretty challenging when it comes to organizing them. It is necessary to store them in suitable containers and use tags with their name and the date of their packing, which will help determine when to replace some of them.