How Technology Finally Makes Online Slots Design Caught Up with Today’s Standards


Any gambler has most likely played slots at some point in their lives. Even the ones who don’t gamble are even familiar with how the game works. Online or not, it’s a real money game that is hard to miss. Almost all gambling sites offer so many varieties of this game. All of that just proves how popular slot machines are.

This game has definitely evolved so much since it was created. Today, the best online slot games in India are well-loved by many gamblers because of variety and quality. You can check for more information. There are still the traditional three-reel games that you can play and even more complicated ones with as many as five reels.

With all the slot machine games you can play online, is it finally able to catch up with what today’s technology can do? Definitely! But before we get into that, let’s take a look at how this game has changed throughout its history.

Brief History of the Slot Machine


The first slot machine game was made in 1981 by a company based in New York called Sittman and Pitt. This machine used a 50-card deck for 5 drums. The players will also have to pull a lever for the machine to spin or shuffle the cards. To win, players will have to get a result of any poker hands. This machine wasn’t automated and if a player wins, they will have to claim their prize from the bar which could be free drinks or cigarettes.

A few years later, in 1887, a man from Florida was able to come up with the very first automated slot machine. Charles Fey is a mechanic who made a slot machine with automatic payouts. He initially only placed the machine in a body shop which became an instant hit to his customers. Instead of 5 drums, the machine only had 3. It also didn’t use a deck of card and only had symbols like horseshoes, hearts, diamonds, and bells.

There are multiple ways to win this slot machine game but the jackpot can only be won with the 3 bell symbols. This is why it became known as the Liberty Bell slot machine. Unfortunately for Fey, this machine was created in California where gambling was illegal. Because of that, he wasn’t able to patent his machine design. Eventually, other manufacturers copied the machine and he ended up with many competitors.


Some versions of the game that became popular too during this time were slot machines with patriotic symbols like flags and wreaths. There was also the fruit machine which became popular when the Liberty Bell was banned because cash prizes were no longer allowed. Slot machine manufacturers then tried to get creative and instead of cash, the prizes turned into treats like chewing gum and sweets.

Gambling was still widely illegal in the US during this period and to avoid gambling laws, many slot machines awarded players with food prizes instead. However, the courts eventually pointed out that playing slot is gambling and that it is a vice. Because of this, this game became only more popular in places where gambling was allowed like Las Vegas.

The Hilton Hotel in Sin City became the home of the first true video slot machine game manufactured by Fortune Coin in 1976. The game looked so modern during that time with its 19-inch Sony TV. The game was also able to get the approval of the Nevada State Gambling Commission and this was when it became so popular in Las Vegas. Two years later, Fortune Coin was then acquired by IGT.

The Rise of Online Casinos

The very first online casino went live in 1996 and since then, online gambling has changed so much. When online casino gaming started, only the classic casino games were available to play like roulette and blackjack. It didn’t take long before traditional slots were added into the mix. However, online slots back then felt a bit dull with its usual reels and symbols.

However, over the years, with the evolution of technology, game developers were able to explore new ways to present slot machines. Today, people can play slot machine games with different themes, layouts, and gameplay. There are even online slots games that are story-based.


Some of the popular online slot machine developers today are Microgaming and NetEnt. Microgaming is one of the oldest online casino software providers and it has developed over 500 different slot machine titles. The first online slot machine game also came from Microgaming called Cash Splash.

Cash Splash was known to provide moderately high payouts as so many online slots game today. However, there are multiple types of slot machines that give different variance of payouts.

If people want to take a chance on winning big, the ideal type of slots to play are progressive slot machines like Mega Moolah with jackpots that are worth millions. Mega Moolah holds the highest world record for the largest online slot payout which is 17.9 million Euros. It is estimated that there are now over 2000 slot machine varieties that people can play online.

Some of the popular online slots today have themes like ancient Egypt, mythology, oriental, film, adventure, and music. This is why anyone can easily get into playing this game.



The slot machine is now one of the most popularly played real money games online for both beginners and experienced gamblers. It’s interesting to see how one game can be played in numerous ways and this is why it doesn’t get old.

If you take a look at the latest slot machines online, you’ll be easily impressed by the graphics and quality of the gameplay. Who would’ve thought slot machine games can also be played in story mode too? Definitely, online slots are not just catching up to today’s standards. It’s setting the standar. These days, many people would prefer to be able to gamble on the go and they can do that with any slot machine game that they can think of.