Great Online Courses for Photography Beginners


Photography is one of the best courses that you can undertake with passion. Thanks to the information on the internet that has allowed you to access any information about photography. The Internet has replaced the old days that you had to seek information from experts in the field or to research in books.

You can learn photography courses online through interactive classes and courses that have been put forward online. These courses can have made learning photography easy, cost-effective, and more accessible to you at any time.

This article has come out with the best-rounded up online courses that will help you build your photography skills. Although you are just a beginner in the field of photography, these courses will aid you from the primary image composition, camera setting and lighting, and all photo editing criteria. During these courses you will be encountered with a lot of assignments and tasks and some of them will need to be written in the form of essays. If you are stuck or have a problem with this type of assignment, bestessayhelp is a great solution.

Here are the courses:

Introduction to Photography

This course gives an introduction to photography and related media. Here you will access practical instructions in the basics of analog and digital photography, medium and massive format camera operation, black and white background techniques, studio lighting, and digital imaging.

The course lets you explore the cognitive sciences, which gives you an opportunity of developing specialized photographic techniques that you can do experimentally at your place. The course is directed by four tutors that will guide you through the fundamental and technical aspects of dealing with both analog and digital cameras.

The course also covers guidance in beginner film imaging under film exposure and film development.

You can access this course through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology website in the form of a video tutorial.

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Basics of photography online course

This is a comprehensive photography online course inform of a text tutorial put forward by Lifehacker. It’s a complete course that has three sections that introduce you to the operating principles of digital cameras, how to set it automatically, and setting it manually. The other two parts of this online course introduce you to the world of how to edit photos in post-posting and the compositional techniques of photos.

This course is the best for you since you will also access additional photography resources with explicit content in every single topic. It’s the best since it includes videos that let you quickly gain a better comprehension of using cameras and image analysis before you decide to undertake digital photography fully. However, photography classes for teenagers provide a vibrant and stimulating learning environment, along with insightful instruction that equips budding photographers to use their cameras to express their ideas.

Still and Moving Image

If you have ambitions to develop your skills and know-how in new media and then grow into a commercial photographer, this FeatureLearn online course must be at your disposal.

Norwich University of arts developed this online course. It allows you access knowledge on still and moving photography; thus, you will have the expertise to handle different topics in animation as well as film making.

Here you will also gain skills of creating amazing commercial but personal and specific photography work. This will see you work in advertising agencies, fashion agencies, and photo editorial agencies. You will gain not only marketable skills but also learn academic skills.

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The Art of Photography

The art of photography is unique for you as it gives you test questions at the end of the course. Here you will learn photography under the guidance of specific photography experts. Be sure to gain experience in image exposure setting, the main features of a digital camera, gain image editing experience and learn how the camera lens work.

As a beginner, you need to dedicate your 2-4 hours a week to learn from the uploaded video content. The assessment tests help you earn a Certificate of Achievement, which you can use to show that you have experience in photography.

Beyond mastering the technical skills, this online course platform encourages you to immerse yourself in the creative aspects of photography. Devote your time, and soon, you’ll not only hold a Certificate of Achievement but also possess the confidence to capture life’s moments through your unique lens.

Beginner Digital Photography

This is an online course that you can access through the Alison website based in Irish that will offer you a diploma and certificate course on photography and other online courses from other disciplines. This course gives you 16 different photography courses that will have you develop your photography career.

If you need photography knowledge on areas like exposure settings, post-production tools, and composition techniques, then this is the right course that you need to concentrate in.

Source: masterclass

Introductory Photography Course

This beginner course was put forward by Udemy and offered you a lot in the field of photography. You are at the right course to learn camera basics of how it works and the correct technique through setting different camera resolutions. Here you will get to understand what makes your photos come out dark or bright. You will also learn the best ten tips of framing excellent images, the rule of thirds, and how to observe the leading lines.

CreativeLife On-Air Classes

This is an online photography course developed by CreativeLife experts who sometimes requires you to pay for the courses. But it would be best if you did not worry about the payment since they release different free on-air classes daily that can guide you on the basics of photography.

Under this course, you will understand various photography topics like art and design, video, music, and audio; you study these topics concerning photography.

Since the course is offered at different on-air times, you need to be keen and take note of the date that the part of the course you want to undertake is aired. The good thing with this course is that you interact with the tutor live, and you get to listen to different photography celebrities.

Source: nikonschool

Lighting 101

This course teaches all the photography basics n how to work with different lighting equipment. The course is text-based with a few guiding images that will help you as a beginner understand entirely the at of photography and photojournalism. This course is more understandable since it is put forward in a simplified way.


The above-listed courses are for beginners, but they can also help experienced photographers on the basis that they might have forgotten. The courses are intended to provide the basic knowledge of photography and assist you in laying a strong foundation in this field. Keep learning as online learning has been simplified for you.