6 Common Online Casino Scams and How to Detect Them

As online casinos are gaining popularity every day, it’s normal for people to question their safety and security. Most of them are looking for an entertaining way to gamble and earn some additional money for their household, but the fact that there are a lot of scams can make them give up on their idea. All the online casinos have only one duty – to make the Internet gambling space free from scams and fraud and protect the active players who are investing in them all the time.

Knowing that nothing is 100% safe, there is always a chance for some tiny scams, but also for big frauds. There will always be some person or group of people who will try to make money illegally, by stealing from the others who earn their cash online. Also, every software is vulnerable, and the hackers are experts in finding the weak points and ruin the whole experience. The scams can be different, from ID theft to stealing money. That’s why you must be responsible for what you share, what network you use, and the casino you are choosing to play. Sometimes, you can check if your casino is legit and verified on websites like Casinos Audit, but surely it’s worth knowing how to recognize the “red flags” in the world of gambling.

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1. Identity theft

It’s the most common scam the hackers can do. When you register to some service, you are leaving enough data associated with yourself, so it’s easier for them to create a fake identity, and make all the others believe they communicate with your account. Most of the online casinos are trying their best to protect the customers, but nobody is perfect, and sometimes unpleasant things can happen. That’s one of the reasons they are asking for a picture of your ID-card, or some other document that is proving your identity. To protect yourself, always check if the gambling place is legal, licensed, and certified, and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions, so you can exactly know what’s in their privacy policy.

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2. Malware, spyware, and other harmful “worms”

Maybe you think viruses and malware are so outdated, but they are still common among hackers. It’s easy for them to write a simple software that can harm your computer or smartphone once you install the infected app on it. These people are experts in making exceptional copies of your favorite websites and apps, and you will consensually use them without realizing something is wrong. Spyware, for example, is spying on your personal information, and sometimes it can be used for blackmailing or ID theft. This is another reason to use verified services, and avoid downloading apps you don’t trust.

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3. Bonus abusing

Every online casino comes with a welcome bonus for the players who decide to deposit some money. The type of the bonus depends on the type of the game. Sometimes, if you invite someone to join the game you will get a bigger one. And this is the moment when the people are losing themselves. They are creating fake accounts just to claim a bigger bonus, ending up scamming themselves alone. We know that every gambler has thought about this at least once, but even if you do that, you risk being caught and shamed in front of your co-players.

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4. Using stolen credit cards

Financial frauds are common, and sometimes the hackers can use someone’s credit cards, spending small amounts of money. Others go even further, and they spend everything that is available on online gambling. Another common credit card fraud is using the information to purchase spins and gifts in the game. If someone is buying too many extra spins, or they are winning big in the low levels, probably there is something bad behind that behavior.

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5. Poor customer service

Serious gambling companies have a whole customer care department to “serve” the clients who have some problems while playing. The best and legal online casinos will always provide 24/7 support, or they will let the players open tickets and sending them to the helpdesk, so they can know someone will fix the issue they have. But, if you see that there isn’t contact information listed on the website, that is a big red flag, and the chances that you will have to avoid that casino are very big.

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6. Lack of transparency

Every licensed and legitimate online casino should list this information in their “About Us” section on the website. This is the only way for the players to check the background of the service, so they can be sure they can trust it. If you can’t find anything about that, then you probably have to run away from it, and not even thinking about creating an account and entering the personal data information there. Every legitimate online casino will always be transparent for the visitors and potential clients.

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What can you do?

If you see some inappropriate behavior while playing, you can report the account to the authorities. As you become more experienced in gambling, it would be easier for you to recognize if someone is trying to over smart the system. You have plenty of choices to prevent that. Contact the customer care service and report your thoughts to them. They will surely investigate what’s behind it, and ban the player if they see something suspicious. Also, you can expose the scammers to the other players you gamble together.

Also, if you have problems with payments, withdrawals, or someone is trying to cheat and earn money illegally, you can even report that to outsource complaint services, who work together with the casino owners, so they can discover everything that can mess with their work.

Don’t mind reporting someone who is trying to hurt the other players. Also, if you see that some spins or earned money are missing, you will again need to report the problem to the website support service. Once they receive your complaint, they will start working on it as soon as possible.