Online Casino Bonuses: Everything A Player Must Know

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The number of online casinos is increasing exponentially. Players all across the globe prefer online casinos instead of going to enjoy casino games at brick-and-mortar casinos. Due to the huge competition among the online casino platforms, players have exciting casino bonuses to pick. Offering lucrative casino bonuses is also one of the most effective marketing strategies to invite more and more customers. Such bonuses are not only available for the new players but existing players also have a lot to explore. But it is important to know about what casino bonuses are available and how they work.

Casino Bonuses: Types You Should Know?

Online casino providers come with a variety of offers and casino bonuses. Customers can choose any of these bonuses while playing online. Here are the commonly available online bonuses available.

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Deposit Bonuses

This casino bonus is very common at most casinos. A new customer would get incentives or bonuses after making his/her first deposit. Match bonus and free spins are great examples here. For instance, in a 100% match bonus of up to $100, when a player deposits $50, the casino would add $50 to the player’s account. In free spins, the casino offers a number of free spins on the first deposit made by the players.

The deposit bonuses can have different conditions at every online casino. It is important to read terms and conditions as well as a wagering requirement before using them. They are very generous welcome bonuses for the new players and they should not be missed.

No Deposit bonuses

Not all, but some digital casinos come with bonuses that allow players to play real money games without any deposit. The incentives or credit received in such bonuses are not large in general, but for a new player, it can be useful to know more about the casino without wagering money from his/her pocket. Free spins and free cash are very common variants of bonuses here. Australian players can check out to find some of the best no deposit bonuses available in the country at various online casinos.

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Reload Bonus

As part of a new customer bonus, the first deposit on the player account is usually rewarded with extra game credit. Some gambling providers go even further and also provide bonus money for the second and even for the third deposit. Some casinos also allow existing players to grab such bonuses even when they make deposits no matter how many deposits they have made in the past. This bonus comes with a match bonus or free spins.

VIP and Loyalty Program

Such offers primarily concern those who play regularly and a lot in the online casino. VIP and loyalty reward regular money stakes in casinos and offer numerous advantages for regular customers. If you often play in the online casino, you should definitely look at the VIP offers. VIP programs and loyalty rewards may include free entry tournaments, loyalty points, special bonus offers, and several others.

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How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

So, now you know casino bonuses are incentives offered by casinos as a thank you gift for signing up. They are bonuses that the casino offers players to give them variety and to encourage them to play. Bonus offers in the online casino are often additional game credit, but free spins for slots are also common.

What is important with a bonus is not only what the player gets, but also what she/he has to do to get the bonus and clear it. Understandably, bonus credits are not game credits that can be easily withdrawn. First of all, such credit must be grabbed. Then a player has to deal with the various rules set by the casinos. Certain terms and conditions must have to be followed in order to use casino bonuses.

Rules About Casino Bonuses You Need to Know

As we said, it is very essential to look at the rules and conditions while picking up the online casino bonuses. The terms to use the online casinos can be varied at each online casino and each bonus.

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Minimum Deposit

There is such a rule with every casino bonus that comes with a deposit. Usually, it is $10 or $20 that must be paid in at least. The minimum deposit meets the requirements to receive the bonus, so the players should know how high it is.

Excluded Deposit Methods

Deposits are not always possible with every payment method offered in an online casino. In some cases, certain payment methods are excluded from receiving bonuses. For instance, some casino bonuses are available with a deposit made by PayPal. If players make payments with other methods then, the bonus could not be availed.

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Wagering Requirements

Each bonus comes with certain wagering requirements. Here, players have to use and win certain amounts of money in certain games to cash out the bonus amount. Each game has a different wagering requirement and so, it should be taken into consideration as well.

Excluded Games

Depending on the casino, there are also special regulations for the games to which the bonus applies and the games that are excluded from the bonuses. Casino bonuses are mostly intended for slots and other pokies. Games like poker and roulette are do not come with a bonus.

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How to Recognize a Good Casino Bonus

Not all casino bonuses should be used. There are many bonuses that seem very lucrative at the first glance, but when you observe it carefully, they can turn out to be very disappointing. There are certain features that should be considered while recognizing trusted online casino bonuses.

  • The maximum bonus amount tells a lot about how good a bonus is.
  • The wagering requirement should not be too difficult so that the player does not have to exceed his/her bankroll limit to receive the casino bonus amount
  • The terms & conditions should be transparent. A good casino should always show its terms at the first glance so that the players do not get shocks later.
  • Lastly, the rules should be fair and balanced. What is the benefit of a very advantageous bonus if it is impossible to meet the requirements?

One thing must be taken into consideration that no casino bonus is suitable for all the players. So, each player needs to take quality time in researching the bonuses then, compare them, and look closely at the features. If you find the perfect casino bonus for you on a reliable casino then you should grab it.