Fairness and Safety: Why Not Every Online Casino Is a Safe Place to Gamble

Every year, billions of money go into the fast paced online gambling market. That’s because these online gambling sites are easily identifiable both to adults and kids. Not only that but also the fact that you can even gamble at the comfort of your home unnoticed and at a faster rate through a computer.

But while that may be fascinating, your preferred gambling site may not always be a legit one. And unfortunately, there is very little you can do to prevent them from swindling you and shutting down or even denying you your winnings.

But why go through all that turmoil when you can easily browse safe and legitimate online casino sites free of charge before committing your stake.

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Keep reading to learn why not every online casino site you run to is actually safe for your gambling investment.

Online theft

Some online casinos may expose your credit card information or account details to the risk of capture. That means your funds become susceptible to theft by online hackers. This is especially the case with casinos that are underfunded, have minimal online presence, lack feedback, or customer reviews.

The shallow online presence is usually deliberate to ensure no instances of fraudulent misrepresentation or obtaining money by false pretences points back at them.

Source: orcogroup.de

Privacy invasion

Online casino gambling may be vulnerable to privacy invasion. Your personal information collected by casino operators may be divulged and used for other purposes that directly benefit the casino itself.

For example, an online casino colluding with a mobile marketing agency that runs a betting system to sell or rent customer information in exchange for a lucrative sum of money. All this happens without your knowledge.

You may begin receiving strange notifications prompting you to bet on a specific sport that entirely aligns with your gambling interests. This translates to utter violation of privacy policy.

Nullified player winnings

Imagine attempting to withdraw your winnings only to find out they have been cancelled. And for what?

This may affect especially those playing the progressive jackpot. With this jackpot not all progressive gains are factored into the withdrawal limit because some casino operators are simply dishonest.

Since not all online casinos include that clause in their terms, you may lack a solid legal recourse.

Source: Bitcasino.com

Impounded player winnings

You will know you have been dealing with a blacklisted, scam, or rogue online casino when they confiscate your winnings. They may do that knowingly in utter violation of their own terms and conditions or by refusing to provide fair games.

Non-payment to affiliates

Online casinos thrive on active marketing campaigns and referrals. They mostly partner with affiliate marketers that earn a commission with each player referred. These affiliate third party partners may run into a non-payment scenario when the scam online casino lands into a cash crunch or vanishes into thin air.

Such affiliates may then launch a smear campaign to caution the public.

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Poor licensing and regulation

Some online casinos operate in jurisdictions with laid back regulations or are in possession of fake licenses. That means they are either non-existent or continually offer poor customer support and can easily get away with any online misconduct.

Unfortunately, some of these rogue casinos even verbally insult and threaten players.

Ignored player support requests

Even after doing everything right-proper document submission and adhering to the online casino terms and conditions, you may still suffer a great disservice from some casino operators.

When you don’t receive your winnings within the stipulated timelines, you may decide to get in touch with them severally via phone, email, or online helpdesk. The shock comes when your messages are totally ignored.

That’s when you discover you are dealing with a dishonest online casino.

Source: partner.org

Concealed casino terms

Generally online casino terms detail how the casino is operated and the rules players have to abide by. The terms may highlight certain key elements like cash-out policies, welcome bonuses, as well as jackpot conditions.

While you may be satisfied to go over these common terms, the devil is usually in the details. You want to make sure you understand every single term, phrase, or clause. Otherwise, you may be in for a rude shock upon discovering some hidden terms just when you are ready to collect your bonus.

When you launch a dispute about your denied deposit bonus payment, the casino operators may conveniently alter the terms in the blink of an eye to favor their side of the debate. In their defense, they may claim you never played enough or you took part in the wrong games.

This then results in cancellation or denial of your winnings because they don’t have the money to pay you or simply don’t want to pay.

Sluggish payments

Sometimes cashing out your winnings may not be as instant as detailed in the online casino terms. Some online casinos take forever to pay out their customers.

Of course the reasons for such delays may be plenty. But we’ll focus on a few major ones. It might just be that the casino doesn’t have the money to pay you, their payment processing system is poor, or they just want to hold on to your money so they can reverse it later.

Lack of sufficient funding affects mostly the low level casinos. They have to make a series of transfers from their main coffers before finally effecting your payment. Moreover, these casinos usually have long pending periods and significantly low withdrawal limits.

The real danger here is that such online casinos may disappear in a moment’s notice before receiving your winnings.

Source: TheMirror.com

Due diligence starts here!

There are pretty many safeguards you can apply to screen an online casino including their gaming licenses, privacy policies, data encryption, as well as general casino terms.

However, to be more effective and proactive as an online casino player, join several casino community forums. On such platforms, you will meet and get to interact with fellow online casino players. This is also where these players discuss strategy and the varying customer experiences in different casinos.

Here, you will get enlightened on the online casinos that are far from fair and secure to play with. Therefore, be warned and take necessary precautions when gambling through online casinos!