New Wave of Sex Doll Demand Amid the Coronavirus Hiatus

Regardless of your occupation or lifestyle, I am sure that coronavirus has disrupted a thing or two. Schools have since been closed, and sporting events have halted. And even for the lucky ones, the games are being played on empty stadiums under strict restrictions.

Attempt to Reopen

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Though some countries have attempted to reopen their economies, most have been caught lacking, ultimately leading to a new closure wave. From restaurants to pubs and shopping malls, the future is uncertain. And with all these happening, it’s not hard to understand why there has been a massive increase in demand for sex dolls. People have separated by the travel restrictions, making a love doll their best bet.

In addition to separated couples, people who relied on pubs and other social places to score dates and get laid are in a crisis, far worse than the rest of us. Typically, you meet someone in a social setting, get to know each other, and maybe advance your relationship. However, as the ‘stay at home’ message continues to spread, very few people are willing to go out. And even those that do, not many want anything to do with a stranger. This leaves you in a dilemma, which sex dolls have been correctly solved for you. So, whether your spouse is miles away or you’re just not getting action like you used to pre-coronavirus, a sex doll is the best option.

According to major industry players like SexyRealSexDolls, sex dolls’ demand has tripled in the last six months. In a recent interview, the dedicated team working around the clock to meet the needs of a vast majority worldwide says that inquiries and orders started flowing in when the first coronavirus case was announced in the US. “I was surprised at how fast the orders started coming in. We’ve had to add new members to the customer support team, working day and night to ensure our customers get the right information and on time.”

Why You Need a Sex Doll

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Besides being around when most people understandably aren’t, there are numerous other reasons you need a sex doll. Some of them include:

  • Loyal partner – Couples often make promises that they won’t violate the exclusivity of their emotional and physical presence to their partner. But today, tons of individuals tend to cheat their partners’ because of an idiotic reason. Some people won’t involve themselves in physical cheating, but an emotional cheat is equally painful as a physical cheat. On the other hand, Sex dolls are your most loyal friends, and that they like to get tamed by their owners. Unlike women, they commit to you, and therefore the only way they will go far away from you if once you decide them to go.
  • Disease-free – As stressed before, we’re living in a world where you don’t know who has the virus. Rather than risk getting the coronavirus with a quick hook up, why not get a sex doll to quench your thirst without putting you at risk? No coronavirus, STDs, or any other disease.
  • No mask, no problem – Masks are not everyone’s piece of cake. However, you need to have one to protect yourself from the virus. With a sex doll, though, you won’t have to wear one. How? Because you’ll be too occupied in the house with your new girlfriend. No time to be lurking outside.
  • 100% customizable. The best thing about owning a sex doll is you get to design your happiness. Whether you want a huge ass, cute, rounded face, or huge D-cups, you tailor-make your experience.
  • Low maintenance – The only huge cost you’ll incur is the initial purchase fee. After the sex doll is delivered to your house, there’s very little maintenance required. Keep her clean, well-clothed, and she’s all yours. No shopping. No dates (thanks to coronavirus).
  • Fulfilling Fantasy – Men buy sex dolls because they don’t know how to say ‘NO’ to anything. They need an opportunity to try whatever they need to satisfy their sexual satisfaction. These men will have the liberty to undertake the items they need to be heard, especially from colleagues.

The buyers of the sex dolls can try any sexual deviance anytime and anywhere. This is often the most reason why sex dolls became popular within the current days, as stated by
Annie’s Dollhouse.

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  • No risk of pregnancy/STI’s – One of the most fundamental reasons that couples and solo users love sex dolls is that there’s no risk or pregnancy or STI’s. Having a threesome knowing the person is clean and not getting to happen nine months later, together with your baby, is a massive sigh of relief.

Some people also are quite grossed out by STD/STI’s and would instead prefer to roll in the hay with their sex doll to make sure they stay clean and aren’t in danger whenever they need sex. Others hate the thought of getting children and know they never run that risk by employing a sex doll.

  • No accusations at all – Women will never stop brooding about the loyalty of men. And shortly, it’ll intensify beyond your reach. Why don’t you discover something beneficial for the time you spend together with your partner. Men would mention everything happily, but your partner would wait till she unleashes tons of things together, especially at a time once you won’t expect her to try it. Thus, choosing a sex doll over a hot girl would be the priority any day.

Another exciting thing about sex dolls is you can always get one for your budget. Of course, don’t fall for the ‘too good deal’ knock offs, but there’s still something for everyone. If you want to own a sex doll or know more about customizing and taking care of sex dolls, contact SexyRealSexDolls. The brand’s customer support agents are always happy to answer your questions and customize your shopping experience.