Can A New Smartphone Help Us Have More Success In Betting? – 2024 Guide


Mobile betting is a revolution in the world of sports betting made possible by advances in the development of mobile phones and mobile phone networks. Large color screens and superior graphics, touch screens, and super-fast mobile phone networks have also enabled gambling companies to take advantage of this market. With the advent of the Blackberries device, and even more so the Apple iPhone, mobile betting has become super popular and is expected to grow even more in the next few years.

Currently, there are still a large number of local bookmakers, which will eventually become smaller, and in large numbers, they will be replaced by online bookmakers and the latest trend in the world of betting, mobile betting! With cell phone betting you no longer need to rush home to the computer, now quietly at a local pub, on the way from work on the tram or at the stadium you can place your bet on live or pre-match betting, and you can also quickly check post-match results.

Applications & WAP Mobile Betting

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As for the technical part of mobile betting, we could divide it into two categories: Applications and WAP mobile betting. All you need for WAP mobile betting is a mobile phone with internet access enabled. All newer mobile phones come with a service that provides internet access, and as soon as you are online you can bet via mobile or just track the results.

Almost all bookmakers already have their mobile versions, and most of you automatically switch when you try to access their site via mobile. An alternative to this direct betting is applications. More about applications like Bet365, for example, you can find on Due to the law and regulation, there are not many betting apps available in some countries especially if you plan to download them directly from the Apple Store (iPhone, iPad), Microsoft Store (Windows phone), or Google Play (Android devices). Android apps, although not available through Google Play, are easy to install, and instructions and reviews of the best can be found on the online betting app page.

An attempt that did not take root in the world of mobile betting was JAVA software that could be installed on a mobile phone, and communication was done via GPRS. Due to their speed, JAVA software was mainly intended for playing casino games, but the big drawback was that not all JAVU mobile phones support it, and not all mobile operators support such services.

iPhone mobile betting

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Due to the great popularity of iPhones and iPods, the best online bookmakers have developed special applications just for these devices. Free apps exist on the Apple Store mostly under the category of sports or games but are limited by country of residence.
The main things you need to pay attention to in the mobile application

Device compatibility

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Before you even consider a mobile betting app, you need to make sure the app is compatible with the device you are accessing the platform from. If the site/application is not compatible or well optimized for your device, then there is no point in downloading it at all, because you will only lose time and nerves. It is best to test the site and some basic features on it first before making a final decision. If the performance is a bit lower, try contacting customer service, and if they do not find a solution, then it is best to change the operator/ bookmaker.

Betting offer

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Although this has nothing to do with mobile betting, one of the main factors in choosing a bookmaker, and therefore its application, is a good betting offer, because a good application means nothing to you if the betting offer is modest. If the site/application does not offer all the sports that you normally play, then downloading that application is a waste of time. It would be ideal to find a bookmaker that has a good mobile app and an extensive betting offer. Of course, make sure that the offer of this bookmaker is the same on the desktop platform and the mobile version, because sometimes some sports/games are not available on the mobile application.

User interface

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As you search for a potential mobile betting app, take a look at the user interface of the platform itself. This is very important for the following reason – if the site/application has a neat interface, you will quickly be able to find everything you are looking for because all the options are neatly displayed and all the sports are nicely categorized. The aesthetics of the app itself shouldn’t be a deciding factor for you, but it’s certainly important in the long run.

Payment options

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When it comes to online betting, it is very important which financial institutions a bookmaker supports, because without that, playing doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes it happens that some payment options that are available on the desktop version are not available when you access the site through the application. Before you start playing, be sure to check which payment options are available to you on the mobile application. If you cannot find out if the bookmaker (application) supports your payment method, you can always contact customer service for more information.

Quality customer service

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It should be your priority to find a bookmaker that has quality customer service because people generally have more complaints about mobile applications than desktop versions of a bookmaker, and that is where customer service quality comes into play.

The first thing you need to pay attention to with customer service is availability – ideally, you should find one that works 24/7. Also, some customer services in the contact form only offer a phone number, and international calls cost a small fortune. If there is mail in the contact form, take a small test and see how long it takes them to respond to emails. If they are not too up to date, it means that this customer service is not reliable.

And finally, the basic thing – the quality of service itself. In vain let a customer service work 24/7 or respond quickly to messages if their advice is useless. Test them by asking a few technical questions to see how up-to-date they are and whether their answers are really helpful.