Review and Comparison of the New Apple Watch


The Apple ecosystem is expanding! And the wind of change got here: the company updated the line of smartwatches. An intelligent assistant that is always ready to remind you when it’s time for a workout or sleep has evolved.

The new Watch Series Ultra is not just a smartwatch but a necessary device for those who lead an active lifestyle and will not stop there. Time to dive deeper and rise higher. We hasten to disappoint you – they still do not support andar bahar real money game and similar entertainment.

What is the difference between new watch models and which ones are right for you? Let’s figure it out in this text.

So, we will analyze in order everything that has appeared in the latest updates. First, Apple announced an update to two models – Watch Series 8 and SE, as well as the debut of a new series of Ultra smartwatches. The latter, by the way, became the giant clock designed in Cupertino.


Design and size

The Watch Ultra comes in one display size, 49 x 44 x 14.4mm. The case is made of titanium, used in the space industry. The new design is a far cry from the previous Apple Watch series. And that’s a plus! A flat front surface, enlarged, massively designed controls, a voluminous additional action button on end, and several speakers give the new watch a stylish, brutal, and even daring look.

Apple Watch Series 8 looks no different from the previous model. The same sizes are available: 45 x 39 x 10.7mm and 41 x 35 x 10.7mm. The difference is only in the new palette of body colors: now you can choose black, white, gold, or red Product RED. Apple SE is no different from previous generations.


On the bright display of the new watch, all photos and application icons seem to be transformed. In the Ultra series, everything is done so that you can quickly see the desired parameter since the maximum screen brightness is 2000 nits. For you to understand, comparable to the regular Apple Watch SE (with a brightness of 1000 nits). When sunlight hits the screen, the information on it is hard to see. However, the screen on the flagship model is so powerful that even in bright natural light, you can always see everything you need. The display resolution is also not small – 410 × 502 pixels, which is 27% more than the SE. Also available is an exclusive Wayfinder watch face and a night mode that adjusts to low light conditions. Series 8 has no changes in this regard.



35W fast charging will quickly charge your watch – and you’re on your way again! If you have a Series 8 or SE, the charge will last 18 hours; if you have an Ultra, it will last as much as 36 hours. The Series 8 has a battery saver mode, so 18 hours of battery life can quickly turn into 36. And with the Ultra, 36 hours in normal mode with power saving will turn into 60! It is better to turn off the display’s backlight and automatically recognize workouts to save the charge.

Ultra and Series 8 models can be charged with fast chargers – Fast Charge is available.

Sensors and modules

The set of sensors here is enormous. In addition to the pulse and oxygen sensors already familiar to us in the blood, there is temperature control and tracking of the menstrual cycle. But most of all, I was struck by the technology for detecting car accidents and satellite communications. If the watch detects a fall or collision and the user does not respond, the clock will automatically call for emergency assistance, no matter where you are. Plus, the Series 8 and Ultra have ECG sensors!

The new watch will be a great travel companion. What to do if you are far from home and need prompt assistance? Apple has the answer. The Watch Ultra has a built-in siren that can be heard at a distance of up to 180 meters. And the Compass app can now fix points so that if you suddenly get lost, you can safely return home along the old route. Very useful for those who like to hike on uncharted trails.

And for diving enthusiasts, in addition to the altimeter, accelerometer, and gyroscope, a depth gauge, water temperature sensors, and a particular application that can track dives have appeared.


Should you buy a new Apple Watch 8 if I have an Apple Watch 7

A question that worries most users. If you already have the 7 Series, then the more current version, the 8 Series, is unnecessary. But, of course, if you do not need to monitor body temperature. And if you want to use the crash detection system, then the iPhone 14/14PRO also has it. It’s better to upgrade your phone and get more useful features from changing your phone than from changing your watch.

Yes, the processor has changed from S7 to S8. But they have no significant difference: the same autonomy, brightness, volume, etc. Likewise, the rest of the functionality has not changed: training, heart rate, oxygenation sensors, and a host of other programs have remained the same. The only difference is in the body design and colors. And here is already something to think about.

Advantages and disadvantages of Apple Watch Ultra


  • The Ultra series is equipped with an 86 dB emergency siren that can be heard at a distance of up to 180 meters.
  • An additional Action button appeared on the case, which can be customized. For example, to launch a diving application or activate the ECG function.
  • Apple Watch Ultra has a more accurate dual-band GPS than earlier models.
  • Several types of straps have been developed specifically for this series:
  • Alpine loop (made of textile layers woven into one continuous piece and a stainless steel G-hook that securely fastens the strap);
  • Ocean band (molded fluoroelastomer rubber strap that threads through a spring-loaded titanium loop);
  • Trail loop (strap with extra stretch built into the webbing).
  • The Apple Watch Ultra model received an improved Bluetooth 5.3 module, while the younger model has 5.0.
  • The new flagship smartwatch features a dual speaker system and three microphones so you can better hear the sound of alerts, and your interlocutor can enjoy a conversation with you wherever they are – even on top of a mountain. Microphones adjust to extraneous noise so that the user can be heard better.
  • Not to mention the powerful battery, Ultra can last up to 36 hours in everyday use and up to 60 hours in power-saving mode.


It’s too early to talk about the shortcomings: we need to test this product. The only thing that can be embarrassing is the lack of a choice of watch size since 49 mm can look bulky on a graceful female hand.

Another disadvantage is the cost of replacing the glass element. On older titanium watches, this service costs $499.