Nepal – Land of the Himalayas, But Not Just for Hikers


The first thing that reminds us of Nepal- Land of the Himalayas is the series of never-ending hiking routes. A few years back, there were not many options available than backpacking trek. But the image has been changed over the course of time. Tourism has been recognized as the largest contributor to sustainable economic development and many big and small business tycoons have emerged as the leader to push tourism in Nepal to its full potential.

Although Nepal is a small nation, the diverse geographical variation opens the door to immense possibilities in Nepal. Although trekking in Nepal is still the preferred way to reach to the remote Land of Himalayas, the abode of Gods, trekking is not only the activity that Nepal is known for.

Nepal Hiking Team a premier travel agency in Nepal also known as NHT, highlighting various activities other than trekking and hiking for adventure lovers who are in love with mighty mountains. NHT offers hundreds of trekking trips and cultural/historical tours throughout Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.


Expedition in the Himalayas

Many peaks and Mountains that are over 6000m elevation have been opened for climbing. Those who want a less daunting experience can prepare themselves for future Expeditions with peak climbing for which the altitude remains in between 6000m and 7000m. If you are an expert climber, conquer the challenges of above 8000m Mountains. Our expert leader and adequate logistics support will ensure the successful quest to the summit. We will complete all the paperwork and gain a climbing permit.

Climbing ideas:

  • Island Peak Climbing
  • Mera Peak Climbing
  • Everest Expedition
  • Annapurna Expedition and many more.

Extreme Sports- Unleash the Fear

Pokhara, the clean and green city and the Gateway to Annapurna has emerged as a paradise for extreme sports lovers. Whether you wish to enjoy the adrenaline of the world’s longest and fastest Zip Flyers or you want to glide gently over lakes or you want to remain in the backseat and let the pilot show you some heart-pounding twists and turns of ultra-light aircraft, Nepal has it all.


Rock Climbing in Kathmandu

If you are an extreme sports lover and your schedule does not provide you the privilege to go to the Himalayas, we suggest you participate in rock climbing in Kathmandu. There are many natural rock-climbing sites in Kathmandu. Our expert staff will assist you in determining the rock-climbing site according to your skill level. Nagarjun Forest Reserve Site and Hattiban Site allow the best rock-climbing experience in Kathmandu.


White Water Rafting in Nepal

Eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world exist in Nepal. The melting glaciers are a source of gushing rivers. With each drop, these rivers get increased in volume till it reaches the plain. Thus, there are rivers for people of all calibers. It does not matter whether you have never sailed on the river before or if you are a veteran white-water rafter. Rivers in Nepal offer Grade I to Grade V challenges of rapids which make Nepal heaven for white water rafting. Rafting in Nepal is throughout the year’s activity. So, feel free to visit any time you like.

Some of the rivers for kayaking, rafting, and Canyoning:

  • Bhote Koshi River Rafting
  • Trishuli River Rafting
  • Karnali River Rafting
  • Kali Gandaki River Rafting and many more.

Nepal Jungle Safari

The major portion of Terai is covered in a dense tropical forest. The forest has been protected by converting them into National Parks, Hunting Reserve, and Conservation Areas. Jungle Safari is a great way to have a close look at the rare species of flora and fauna. Maintain eye contact with ferocious Bengal Tiger from the same height as you engage yourselves in elephant back riding. Take a Nature Walk. Track the footprints of the tiger. Watch the herds of deer as they come out of their retreat to drink water. These jungles are a paradise for bird watchers where several local and migratory birds have found shelter in the marshlands.

Safari ideas:

  • Bardiya Jungle Safari
  • Chitwan Jungle Safari and many more.

Mountain Flight in Nepal

You do not always have to go through weeks of strenuous treks to discover the jewel of Himalayas. A mere couple of hours of Mountain Flight will take you close to the breathtaking mountains. With half an hour of ground time, you can get plenty of photo shooting time and exploration of surrounding before returning back to Kathmandu with unforgettable memories.

Mountain flight ideas:

  • Everest Mountain Flight
  • Annapurna Mountain Flight
  • Langtang Mountain Flight and many more.

Cycling/Biking Tours

Nepal offers some of the best mountain bike trails in the world. Nepal’s mountain bike trails are narrow and have rough terrain, yet it is perfect for riding paths and offers a perfect thrill to unleash your thirst for speed on the off the beaten tracks of Nepal. Mountain biking tours permit a sense of liberation even if you are in a foreign land- you can stop at whatever point you like and they free you from swarmed transports and claustrophobic little vehicles. These attributes make it conceivable to get away from fixed streets and to ride tracks and antiquated traveling trails that are only visited once in a while.


Cultural Tours

Cultural tours allow you to know locals more intimately as it entails staying at the tea houses that are run by the locals itself. While passing by one village to another village, the exposure on life and their traditional values give a lot about their cultural stance. Henceforth, cultural tours are easily the best way to indulge in the essentially important aspects of Nepal that helps to make our identification. The dances, traditions, customs, ritualistic values, languages, costumes, foods are some of the features that you can get the full taste of during cultural tours in this tiny Himalayan nation.


There are unlimited possibilities in Nepal- Land of the Himalayas which makes it perfect not just for hikers but there is something in store for all. We invite you to your adventure of a lifetime.