NBA 2K23 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


NBA 2K23 is a basketball video game and the twenty-fourth installment of the NBA series. It is a great experience for basketball lovers to play with their dream players. No matter what you do, create a plan for the future and set goals to start working on them.

Players who don’t have a plan often end up with nothing. All this greatness comes with a price tag, and things can go wrong for beginners pretty quickly. For this purpose, you need tips and tricks. With these tips, you can improve your game and win more titles.

Change your Build with the Build Guide


You may not like this but using a build guide is very beneficial, to say the least. Even if you don’t follow the guide, you can still get better insights about your build. You can learn about the height, weight, wingspan, badge counts, and other attributes of every player from the guide.

With these insights, you can change your build. Spend some time researching for the best player and add it to your build. There are many options for selecting players for each position.

Instead of using all your resources and currency for just one build, you should allocate resources to all the positions. Single-player game lovers have to work extra hard in order to win a championship.

Go for Cheap Attributes First


You will surely want to spend thousands of NBA 2k23 mt to get a player with a ninety-nine rating, but there is a second option. At the same price, you can get shooters, defenders, and finishers with a good rating.

With the second option, you will have a good team, so your chances of winning the match will be increased. You should focus on upgrading your entire team instead of upgrading just one player because basketball is a team game.

Practice to Unlock Badges


Create a schedule and try to practice every day with the team. As you practice, you will unlock badges. You should continue this until all the badges are unlocked. Once you have unlocked all the badges, your players will work at their maximum capacity. Unlocking all badges will take some time, so be patient.

Earn Currency with Quests


You don’t have to buy nba2k 23 mt because you can earn it with quests. You can go to the basketball city and take quests from characters. Upon completing these quests, you will receive currency and other rewards. These quests can be very easy.

If you are a max-level basketball player, you should always talk to these characters for quests. With all that currency, you will be able to upgrade your equipment and purchase some boosts.


In the start, workouts very mandatory every day, but now you can do them only once a week to stay fit. When you do some workouts, you will get bonuses and boosts in your physical attributes.

Get the Extra Perk


There is an empty perk space that you can get at any time. To get this perk space, you need to go to the takeover tab. When you acquire this perk, you will get a boost in the takeover meter. To get this perk, you will unlock it by completing some quests.

The extra perk space came up in a recent update, so many players don’t know about it, but it is a must-have. It has many benefits for your build. You can even equip a perk in this extra space to make your takeover last for an entire game to win it effortlessly.

Pick the Best Team


Most beginners make mistakes in picking up their basketball team and begin to lose games right from the start. You don’t have to make those mistakes and start in the right direction early.

There is no single best NBA team, so you should experiment with picking one. Try to pick a team that has something for every position. Check the compatibility of players before putting them on the basketball court.

You should look for a basketball team that has only one or two weak players. These teams are easy to manage, and you would spend fewer resources to better up those weak positions and have a strong overall team.

Test Builds

If something like a player or a build works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. You should never decide based on the experience of other players, and instead, test builds by yourself.

Try all the available builds with different combinations of players according to gameplay style. There are some things that are customizable according to yourself, but for the most part, testing will work.

Learn about All the Requirements


When it comes to play-making, dunking, and shooting, there are some requirements that players have to meet. If you want to create a player, you should check all the requirements from the shop. You may have to experiment with various players before you get the perfect player, but it is totally worth spending your time on this.

Keep these details in mind and create a player that meets all these requirements. This way, you can have the perfect player. Sometimes, players make mistakes and waste currency on a player that doesn’t meet the requirement.


Like many other systems, badges have also changed in this update to NBA 2K23. With this update, players can only pick up a handful of badges for a match, while previously, they were allowed to go with all the badges that they wanted. MMOpixel is the best platform for coaches who want to get virtual currency for NBA 2K23.

For now, players have to fulfill the badge points requirements and select a few badges only. Picking up the right badge for a match can make a difference. If you pick the right badge according to your team composition and skills, you will win.