5 Most Common Myths About Robot Vacuums Cleaners

Cleaning the house from dust and spiderwebs is never-ending work. Housewives know very well how time-consuming vacuuming can be, and the house never looks clean no matter how much time you have spent with the vacuum and a cleaning cloth. It simply requires one to walk around the house with it all day long. Since people spend more than 75% of their time indoors, the importance of breathing the dust-free air is huge, especially if you have kids. It is why we do the cleaning, after all, to ensure the proper hygiene of the premises we live in and the air inside.

Thanks to technology development, we no longer have to spend half of the day cleaning the house, because it has brought a new, brilliant solution to the market. It’s the robot vacuum cleaner. It’s like having a hired help only in charge of the cleanliness of floors. And this help has been collecting all the wisdom of cleaning the floor surface to be able to provide your house members with well-deserved rest, while it takes care of the business. It’s a tiny, computerized housekeeper that does many chores, such as, brushing and vacuuming carpets, wooden floors, laminates, tiles, and so on. It sounds like the help every household need, but there are so many myths related to this tiny device. Well, this article aims to clarify all of them.

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Myth #1 It has challenges moving on every surface

It’s important to know that robot vacuums are entirely computerized. Its dimensions are compact and therefore it makes cleaning a piece of cake. Although it’s quite small, the vacuum force is really strong, enabling it to vacuum the dirt and the hair from afar, directing it into its small container. The smooth movement is possible because it contains two big wheels, operated independently by the motor. This makes the device turn in different directions, making sure it cleans every room it can come inside on its own. Those he cannot reach themselves; you are free to offer to cross the doorstep helps. The wheels have a thin layer of rubber, based on which the device can move around every surface, wood, or tile. So, the only difficulty is in the obvious obstacles like doorsteps, which is logical that it cannot cross.

Besides, there are so many types on the market by now, some of which have been specially adapted to certain types of floors. Read more to find out about them.

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Myth #2 You have to be inside the same room to run it

Then it wouldn’t be much of a help, would it? Rest assured that this myth is not true. The vacuum uses the ultimate technology that not only guarantees cleaning more garbage from the floor than the human hand but is also using all the modern networks like WIFI, making it manageable even via mobile application. This means that wherever you have access to WIFI, you can access the robot and send it a task to do some chores for you. The only thing you need to do is install the application from the product series you own and that’s it. Now you can truly multitask and be at the same time in two places. Running on a trade mill and cleaning the floors inside your home, or doing shopping in the supermarket, and cleaning the floors. It’s every woman’s dream.

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Myth #3 You have to clean after them

Humans have 5 senses based on which they experience life around them, robot vacuums have 40! This should say enough to those who still think that cleaning after the robot is necessary. With the help of these sensors, they move around the space and discover the surroundings (where it is located, including the walls and room limitations). As soon as it gets close to the hard surface like a wall, it slows down and stops. The sensors located on the bottom of the device will also track down all the stairs and slopes where they need to stop.

It comes with a very intelligent system for navigation, able to assess the surface 60 times in a second to be able to adjust to places like underneath the sofas and tables and make sure it picks up everything. How can then cleaning after it is necessary? It’s able to pick up all the food your kids have dropped or your pets left out while chewing in different places. A special software inside of it can make the device only limited to one room. It works as a wall limit you decide where to place, to limit the movement of the robot. An amazing feature lets it assess the type of stain on the floor, so if it is challenging the sensors order the robot to invest more time in cleaning this particular spot, thus making sure the job is well done.

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Myth #4 The battery is no good

Since it has to move around a large space without tangling, it is operated by a battery. However, the batteries today are not what they used to be. This one is an 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery, that can operate for at least an hour and a half. And the best thing about it, as soon as it is drained it goes to charging by itself. One can truly conclude that these devices have a brain on their own because aside from recharging their batteries independently, they also remember where they’ve stopped. After the battery is charged again, they return to the previous spot and continue cleaning.

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Myth #5 Too complicated to use

Unlike many devices of this kind, this one is very simple for usage. It only requires one button to be pressed and it’s activated. It self-charges the battery like already said, and it requires 0 help from you to reach challenging areas. It’s completely independent.

Robot vacuum cleaners are one of those things that truly simplify life. It is an asset to every household.