What To Do When You Want To Move To Another Country For Work? – 2023 Guide

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You woke up yesterday and decided that you want to change your life and just move away from your country.

But to live in a different country and to have a job there, first you need to do some things. If you are from the US, it can be a bit challenging and harder for you than for people from Europe.

Because as we, Europeans, all know, we can travel and live in most European countries without any work visas or travel visas. Our borders are open and everyone is welcome.

So let’s take a look at some things you should do or consider doing before making this big decision.

Plan Your Life First

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Some people just pack their bags and leaves everything behind and once they have reached their destination, they have no idea what to start with or do. Savings are gone, you don’t have a job, anything. And you are left with one choice – to go back from where you came.

Of course, not everyone fails like that, but there are plenty of stories all over the internet about such things.

So first plan your trip. See which countries you like and if there would be a chance to get a job, at least for a couple of months until you find something better.

Check the country’s culture. See if your lifestyle fits you and you will be able to adapt. Remember, not all laws are the same.

Something that is allowed in your country can be against the law in different places.

Plan how much money you will spend before you get some income.

If you are a freelancer or a digital nomad that travels around the world and works remotely, that’s great! You don’t have to worry about that.

Find A Place to Live Before You Arrive

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With this, it’s meant a long-term rental or buying your own place. Not hotels or short-term Airbnb. If you know you will stay there a long time or move to that country for the rest of your life it’s better to have your own place or long term rental.

So you can make it cozier with your own stuff from the old house or country.

If you arrive, and think that you will be able to live in a hotel for a while until you find a great place then you are wrong. It can be such a bad influence on your budget if you don’t have an income yet in that country, that you can get broke pretty fast!

And why should you make it cozier? Just because it will make you feel at home faster. Unlike a hotel room. That will never feel like a home.

Take some things that remind you of your old country or house. For example, some custom blankets with a printed picture on it with your nature view. There are plenty of places that offer such things as CanvasDiscount and others like it.

Don’t forget to check the neighborhood where you will live, ask the landlord about the people around. Google some info about the city and the neighborhood.

Just so you are in a safe place, not some random hood where someone gets robbed every night.

Check Your Passport Issue Date

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One of the worst things that can happen to you is when your passport expiry date expires. That can be a big problem for you. Especially if the country doesn’t have your countries embassy.

If your passport will end soon, renew it, so you don’t have any extra expenses for a long time.

Apply For Visa

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Someone would say that this is obvious. But yes, there are still people who think that they can travel anywhere just because they come from a rich and well-known country.

But it doesn’t work like that. As I mentioned before, if you are from EU (European Union) countries, then traveling around the EU would not be a problem, but if you are outside of the EU, as the United States of America, then you should Google the info about the visas or travel permit.

Some counties would allow you to have a travel permit for a couple of months, but if you want to move to a different country for life, then you need a visa or you need to own a place to have a permanent residence permit.
Of course, there are some people who travel to different countries to live in just because they got a job offer and then the job will get you the work visa and everything.

Learn The Local Language

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If you are serious about staying in another country and living there for the rest of your life, then learning some basics, from their native language, before you arrive will definitely be a plus sign in locals eyes.

As I come from Latvia, we tend to look at people more friendly if they arrive and already know some basic words in our language. Then we understand you are serious about our country and culture and that you respect us.

However, if you are too busy to learn something, just because you need to pack your bags and plan everything else, then at least do it when you arrive there.

Find A Job

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This is one of the most important things to do even before you move. Ok, there are some exceptions where a person moves to another country because someone already offered then the job, but not always this is the case.

It would be so much easier and better if you find a job BEFORE you even arrive. Then you will know that you will have some income and you won’t have to worry that your savings can end and you end up without any money.

There may be a chance that you don’t find it right away, but at least send some CV over to companies, check the offer that is in your chosen city, what do they offer and such things.

It’s important that you do your research.

Because there is not a point in moving there if you know you won’t find a job there to provide for yourself.


There are so many things that you need to re-consider before moving abroad. Just sit down with your family and friends and ask them their opinion about it. Choose wisely. Don’t do it just because you are tired of what is going on around you.

Remember, you are the one who has the last word in your life. Good luck!