Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Occur? Tips To Avoid Them

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Motorcycle accidents commonly occur worldwide due to various reasons. Since motorcycles do not have heavy protection gears, they are more prone to accidents. Are you unaware of the common causes of these accidents? Visit lawbike.com! Here, you will read about common causes of motorcycle accidents. Let’s dive in!

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Top Five Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

1. Left hand Turns

Most motorcycle crashes worldwide occur due to left hand turns by cars and other vehicles. At times, the car fails to see the motorcycle and starts to turn its left, resulting in the crash. If such a situation occurs, it is best to slow down your speed and maintain the gap between vehicles. Always wear your helmet for safety purposes.

2. High Speed

One of the main reasons for motorcycle accidents is speeding. When the vehicle’s speed is high, the rider reduces the reaction time. Additionally, it leaves small space for errors if any unfortunate event occurs.

3. Unsafe Lane Changes

Unsafe lane change is another common reason wherein one driver changes lanes and encounters an accident with the vehicle on the other lane. This creates a dangerous situation for other vehicles as well.

4. Sudden Stops

While driving, motorcyclists tend to take sudden stops in between, which causes road accidents and increases the chances of crashes. Other drivers around you also do such an activity. To protect yourself, you tend to swerve. This results in skidding and overturning.

5. Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions like uneven pavement, gravels and others can increase the chances of motorcycle accidents. These conditions result in the loss of control while driving, resulting in accidents. Accidents due to poor road conditions are most likely to occur at night.

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Six Useful Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

1. Wearing Safety Equipment When Riding

Wearing safety gear is necessary to avoid getting hurt in an accident. In the worst of times, wearing a helmet protects the head. Helmets also reduce the risk of serious motorcycle injuries. Therefore, make sure you are carrying the appropriate safety equipment.

2. Drive With A Clear Head

Do not carry a hundred other thoughts when operating a motorcycle. Maintain a calm mindset and pay attention to the road and traffic laws. This reduces the possibility of mishaps. Thinking about something else could cause you to become distracted and cause mishaps.

3. Avoid fast and dangerous driving.

Avoid irresponsible driving since it increases the possibility of accidents because a motorcycle provides less protection than other vehicles. Thus, driving irresponsibly could cause fatalities or major injuries.

4. Follow All traffic Laws

Not obeying traffic laws is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when riding and might lead to severe injuries. Because most accidents happen due to not following rules, motorcycle accident attorneys strongly suggest doing so.

5. Go Slowly In The Rain And Fog.

Motorcycle accidents occur more frequently during the night and in the winter. Rain and fog reduce vision; as a result, the chances of unfortunate increases. Driving carelessly or drunk under such circumstances could result in accidents. As a result, always use safety gear when driving at night.

6. Maintain Your Motorcycle In Good Condition.

Ensure your motorcycle is operating at peak performance before you get on it. Your motorcycle shouldn’t contain any broken or malfunctioning components. Therefore, you need to make sure everything is functioning properly on a regular basis because any malfunction could result in mishaps.

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What To Do Next After An Accident?

1. Evaluate the Situation

The first thing to do is evaluate the circumstances to ensure everyone’s safety. Inspect any injuries and notify emergency services right once if someone needs medical assistance. Try to get to a safe place away from traffic to stop more accidents.

2. Information Exchange

Following verifying everyone’s safety, provide the other accident participants with your contact and insurance details. All personal details are included in this. Additionally, ask any witnesses at the scene for their contact information.

3. Take Images of the Accident Scene

Take pictures of the surrounding area and all damages. These images may be used as vital proof in court cases and insurance claims. Don’t forget to record the positions of the cars and any other information.

4. Report the Accident

Once you regain your consciousness after the accident, visit the nearby police station. File a report sharing every detail about the accident in detail. Give the responding officers a true narrative of what transpired before the collision.

5. Notify Your Insurance Company

Report about the accident to the insurance company providers. Your primary aim should be getting fair compensation. They will ask you for the details about the accident. To speed up the process and get a fair settlement, share all information honestly.

6. Get Medical Assistance

Whether you have suffered injuries or not, you must visit the nearby hospital after the accident. Certain injuries develop with time; however, their symptoms are determined at the initial stage. Seek medical assistance to analyze these injuries and get a tailored treatment plan.

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Wrapping Up

Thousands of motorcycles take place every year around the world, causing serious physical injuries. Motorcycle accidents can occur due to several reasons. By following these safety tips, you can avoid these uncertain situations. Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to get compensation.


Can I wear flip flops while riding a motorcycle? 

Avoid wearing flip flops while riding a motorcycle. Whereas, it is best to wear thick boots to avoid major injuries during motorcycle accidents.

Give some tips on riding a motorcycle safely 

Firstly, you must invest in high quality safety gear that guarantees your protection even if you have an accident. Additionally, practice breaking so that you remain prepared for the worst situation as well.

What are some common mistakes that lead to motorcycle accidents? 

Motorcycle accidents generally occur due to carelessness. Therefore, be extra cautious while turning your motorcycle to the left. Also, position your hands on the brake when approaching a stop.