What Is the Most Used Class in Wow Shadowlands?

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Are you a huge WoW fan? How often do you play WoW Shadowlands? Newbies might wonder about some of the most popular and playable characters or classes while experienced players might struggle to make a decision or recommend a class for them. How to pick just one and separate it from others in terms of playability or the complexity of the level? Now, it is time once again to consider the metagame with fresh eyes! Keep on reading as we discuss all of your options and talk about all the classes in WoW Shadowlands.

What is the most used class in WoW Shadowlands?

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If you are on the lookout for a popular solution, this is a hunter!

For both European and American players, the hunter is the most popular class. You will also be pleased to know that is the easiest class to play. It has a rate of 10.5% – 11% of player popularity! All players love the fact that they can level and train a pet in the wilds of Azeroth. Hunters can also use virtually any weapon. If you are a newbie when it comes to the game make sure to start with this class.

How easy/hard and popular are other classes?

1. Paladin

This is an advanced role with a popularity of 9.5% Nowadays players have started to appreciate this role a bit more than when it first came out. These days, Paladins can cover all of the bases at almost any level. The main reason why someone might (and should) choose this class is that it is so efficient at farming WoW Gold, perfect for group gaming.

2. Druid

This class is not as easy and is the third-most-popular yet easy to play out of the bunch. Player population popularity rate is at 9.9% with this one. Druid wasn’t played as much at first due to it being a controversial character, just like Shaman and the Monk. However, Europen players love him! If you are someone who likes and wishes to customize your options, this is for you!

3. Warrior

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If you mean business just know that this role is moderate in terms of difficulty. Data says that it is around 9.8% popular with players. If you wish to avoid any headache with the use of poisons or totems this role will suit you. Stance-dancing is the most complicated thing Warriors ever learn + you won’t even have to learn it since it is not a mandatory feature to know in order to stay within the game.

4. Mage

Mage class is fairly easy and gets an 8.9% population score among other players in the US or Europe. Mages always have a lot of fun since they are so easy to play. If you wish to make portals or food for other players within the game or group this role will suit you. Enjoy a high DPS rating and a few nice crowd-control skills as well.

5. Death Knight

A super easy role to play with a population score of 8.2%. Players like the Death Knight and the fact that it is so effective in a combo class. In terms of gaming and playing a Death Knight could remind you a lot of a Druid and Shaman. The only difference is that they have fewer details like totems and animal forms to organize, making them easier to play, which can vouch for faster gameplay.

6. Priest

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Somewhat moderate class to play but yet so popular despite its difficulty. This game has a score of 8.4% when it comes to other players and is described as a complex role. You can use it as a healer for dungeons, raids, and PVP while getting familiar with any complex moves. However, a lot of players tend to avoid this role due to pressure when playing on higher levels.

7. Rogue

If you are a newbie you can also try out Rogue with its easy gameplay and popularity of 8%. With Rogue, you can level up easily and on your own, but you can also have a lot of fun with your friends, the gameplay is totally up to you and optional! You will like their ability to pickpocket and use poisons the most. You will also enjoy the old-school medieval vibe of the game.

8. Warlock

Somewhat medium-difficulty or moderate with a score of 7.7%, Warlock is for solo levelers and group members, and is easier to play than other DPS classes. The truth is that this role used to be so popular in the classic WoW, and later on become a bit boring since it had a revamp and had lost some abilities and power. If you are not bothered by that and if you want a role that is more complex this is it.

9. Shaman

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Shaman is quite advanced and not for everyone’s personal preference. With the popularity of 7.2%, it has some definite advantages, one of them being that they can actually take on three roles, healing, ranged DPS, and melee DPS! They can also heal themselves while enhancing other abilities. If you want to master your skills this is a good role to consider.

10. Monk

Fairly easy to play yet so unpopular with a score of 6.4%. Why is that? It is because Monk is not using any type of weapons in WoW, and everyone wants to play around with weapons. Its purpose is to carry stuff for other players such as blunt weapons, which is why others don’t look forward to them as much. However, it can be a simple and easy starting class.

11. Demon Hunter

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Last, but not least, Demon Hunter is a moderate class and is only rated at 5%. Although quite popular at the beginning of the game, it has lost popularity over time. People enjoy their versatility to be either a Tank or DPS class which puts them in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to difficulty, but people also hate the choice of only two races. WoW should consider making a switch.

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