10 Most Popular Beaches in the United States in 2024

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The United States of America is the third-largest country in the world which occupies a major part of North America. Both the East and West coast of the country are homes to many popular beaches and some exotic marine wildlife. Here a list of beaches to choose from for your next vacation.

1. Waipio Valley Beach, Hawaii

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This beach in Hawaii is popular among surfers and is known for its black volcanic sand. Tourists have to walk through hilly terrain to get to the beach. The beach offers some breathtaking views of the great blue ocean and is surrounded by huge tall cliffs and lush green landscapes. The tourists can either enjoy their time on the beach or hike to explore the waterfalls on the surrounding cliffs. At the end of the day, people can enjoy a good body massage by the locals.

2. Baker Beach, San Francisco

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Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the Baker Beach in San Francisco is very popular among the locals. On the weekend, it is packed with people enjoying a bright sunny day. It offers a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful mansions of the Seacliff district. Swimming is not usually attempted due to the undercurrents and the cold water temperature. Sunsets at the beach are spectacular and are best enjoyed while sipping wine or cocktail.

3. Coronado Beach, California

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The Coronado Beach in California stretches for around 1.5 miles and is best known for its glittering sand. The sand on the shores contains a fair amount of mica which glitters in the sun giving a glamourous touch to the entire stretch. People come here to enjoy the beautiful shimmery sunsets and indulge in water sports such as body surfing, swimming and skimboarding. It is also surrounded by beautiful parks with picnic tables and volleyball courts from where the people can enjoy the view of the splashing waves. Refer to worlds-exotic-beaches.com to explore other exotic beaches around the world.

4. Sand Harbor Beach, Nevada

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Lake Tahoe is an alpine lake situated in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It features Sand Harbor Beach on its eastern shores, which have crystal blue waters and various rock structures. With a backdrop of snowcapped mountains, Sand Harbor Beach is a popular spot for scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing and sunbathing. It is also full of hiking trails and parks and other family-friendly recreational activities that tourists can indulge in. The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare festival takes place here during the summer every year.

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Myrtle Beach lies along the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for the Grand Strand which is a stretch of beaches as long as 60 miles. There is a large resort on the shore which a popular vacation destination for tourists. It offers numerous water activities like swimming, surfing, sunbathing and sailing. Also, the setting sun casts beautiful orange blue hues on the water and the silky sand making this place a sight to behold in the evenings. Click here to know other activities you can enjoy when staying in Myrtle Beach.

6. Oak Street Beach, Chicago

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The Oak Street Beach in Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is a small stretch of ocean but its almost always crowded with tourists. It is situated within the city and is just a walk away from Michigan Ave and the Navy Pier. The crystal blue waters lapping on the clean sandy shore with the backdrop of the Chicago skyline makes this beach a popular tourist spot for children and adults alike. It makes for a fabulous waterside escape for the people leading a busy city life.

7. Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii

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Makena Beach is situated in the southern part of Maui, Hawaii. Due to its tropical climate, transparent waters, rugged cliffs and dramatic yellow and orange sand it is one of the top vacation spots. Countless tourists and locales visit here and enjoy bodysurfing which is the most popular water sport. You can also choose to stay on the shore and enjoy coconut water while soaking u the sun.

8. Nantucket, Massachusetts

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Nantucket is a small island in Massachusetts which is full of dreamy beaches. The place attracts most of its tourists during summers. Nantucket has the most pristine beaches with bright blue waters and light yellow sands and is best known for whaling and foggy weather. It has quaint neighborhoods with weathered white cottages with rose gardens and a lighthouse which makes it look like its straight out of a classic fairytale story. The Jetties Beach, Surfside Beach and the Madaket Beach attracts the most number of tourists.

9. Clearwater Beach, Florida

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The Clearwater beach boast of wide sandy shores with numerous beachfront hotels scattered throughout its length. It is flanked by the Gulf of Mexico in the west and the Tampa Bay waters in the east. A large number of tourists flock to this beach to enjoy parasailing, fishing with Poseidonfishingcharters.com or a game of volleyball on the shores of this beach. As the sun sets on this beautiful ocean, the people celebrate it and the place comes alive with live music and street food.

10. Canon Beach, Oregon

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The Canon Beach in Oregon has gained popularity owing to a huge monolithic rock structure jutting out of its beach waters. Known as Haystack Rock, this structure is a seasonal sanctuary for the beautiful tufted puffin bird. You can enjoy a family picnic on the shores of this beautiful beach or take a stroll in the adjoining park. If you are the adventurous kinds then you can head to the Hug Pointe and splash in the tidal pools and witness the stunning white waterfalls.

The United States of America has a beautiful coastline and the oceans are a popular destination for tourists and locals, especially during the summers. Everyone wants to have a relaxing vacation and the beaches provide the ideal combination of water sports fun and sunbathing on the shore. Occasionally, we all need the feel of sand under your feet and the sound of waves crashing on the shore to rejuvenate yourself.