Most Common Issues Students Encounter With

We all went through that excitement of a new environment and ultimate independence from our parents, especially if we were studying in another city. However, student life is not only fun, and there are a handful of problems that freshmen face. The most common problems that students face with we will explain in the article down below so you can learn more about it.

Writing an essay

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During your student days or as part of applying for a seminar, you will need to write essays on a variety of topics. It is good to know that when writing an essay, there are certain rules, and it is advisable to follow them if you want to succeed by writing an essay. The essay topics, even when defined, are known to be quite broad, so allowing a topic to be narrowed down to an acceptable area is acceptable to you. Before you start writing, you should do some research and get an idea of ​​what has been written about the topic so far. Very often an essay is based on a critique or analysis of parts of an essay, of course, building its position on it.

In the introduction, you should indicate the topic that you will be writing about and the position you will take while writing. Taking an attitude while writing is the hardest part of writing a well-structured essay. Lastly, you should be able to explain in one phrase what your thesis is. It should be as narrow, specific and clear as possible. This part is the only part of the essay where it is allowed to write in the first person, while in the rest it is recommended to write in the third person.

The announcement of how to organize the essay should follow the introductory thesis. Depending on the size of the essay, you will develop several attitudes to defend your thesis. In developing your essay, you should discuss the arguments you have presented in the order in which you announced them. Each chapter in the essay should start with a topic, repeat the argument, and your position on the subject. Once all the arguments have been presented and explained, the essay is nearing the end and you should present a conclusion. If the essay is nicely organized and structured, the arguments are proven and they ultimately support your initial thesis. All you have to do is show the progress that has come from your research on the topic and you can highlight the possible implications of your essay.

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Excessive expectations

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The euphoria about the new environment and the very fact that they have become students can negatively affect the child’s psyche itself and cause depression. Therefore, before starting your studies, explain to your freshman that college is not just for fun, that exam times and colloquiums can be stressful, thus preparing him or her to take a more realistic view of student life. Signs of depression can also be manifested in isolation, avoiding contact with friends and family, and bad results in college.

If you suspect that your child is suffering from depression, ask him or her if he or she has problems with mood, appetite or concentration. These are the first steps to help your student. Encourage your child to come up with a treatment plan together, in consultation with a specialist. The psychologist will certainly advise that the child undergo an analysis before any treatment to determine that it is a psychological condition, not a physical condition such as anemia or a thyroid disorder. This is then followed by treatment, in the form of therapies and sometimes in the form of medications.

Consider the option that depression can get worse. For this reason, consult your child about what would most help him/her reduce stress in college, whether in the form of sports, talking to a psychiatrist, or maybe traveling. Although studying is one of the most beautiful periods in life, it is also a very stressful period that can be a trigger for depression and anxiety. With treatment and these tips, it will be easier for your child to overcome the depressive phase.


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Being a student is the first step to complete independence and organization. You, as a parent, do not need to know your child’s teaching schedule, and your freshman, on the other hand, if he wants good grades and a condition to take the exam, will need to learn how to get organized and, for example, get up on time.

Young people today are increasingly experiencing learning difficulties. Overcrowded schedules, lots of pre-exam and exam responsibilities in college. All this can lead to satiety, loss of concentration and motivation to study and even to study. The main reasons why students lose motivation are resistance to the material, relationship with their parents, organization of time and imagining the future, i.e., what the person will do after graduation, but also the anxiety that someone has before the exam.

Trembling can also be one of the factors and problems that students face. Trembling can manifest itself in two ways: one is a stimulating porch that encourages us to act, quick thinking, while the other is a paralyzing porch, where people focus more on what they do not know and what impression they will make.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that a person from the presbytery of what does not know everything begins to work on what everything knows and to think. The key here is to shift the focus from the presenting person to the presenting content. We work to get a person to overcome his or her beliefs that prevent him/her from performing safely and confidently. Each person is an individual and adopts the material in his or her way. However, the main thing is to have a goal and a good organization, to achieve good results.