5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries And How to Treat Them

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Despite all the innovations and advancements in the automotive industry, car accidents still remain a common thing. And although it might seem like the injuries you sustained are not a big deal, they are, in fact, quite real. If you found yourself in this situation, it is likely that you and the people involved in an accident sustained one or two common injuries.

This is why it is important to know what you should do in these situations, and this is exactly what this article can help you with. The text below will feature the most common car accident injuries, as well as some ways that you can deal with them. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

1. Whiplash, Treatment: Seeing a Chiropractor + Physical Therapy

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We are talking about the most common injuries, so, you should know that it is whiplash. This condition can occur when your body is pushed into motion by an abrupt, strong force. Some of the symptoms that you might be feeling include neck, back, shoulder, hip, and leg pain.

Now, the pain frequently occurs by a misalignment in the spine, especially since the power from the other vehicle transferred into your body and pushed your muscles around and the ligaments in your spine out of place. The muscles could also have small tears. This combination of the two conditions can cause some excruciating pain. Over a course of time, the injuries can heal, however, if it does not heal properly, it could lead to you feeling chronic pain.

The pain you are feeling is a symptom of a problem that is deeper, and this is why it is often recommended that people who suffer from whiplash visit a chiropractor. They are trained professionals who can manipulate and modify the spine alignment. Treating this condition might take from 3 to 6 months, and you might be required to go to physical therapy in addition to seeing a chiropractor.

2. Brain And Head Injuries, Treatment: Seeking Medical Assistance Right Away

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Traumatic head and brain injuries can occur in any situation where a vehicle immediately impacts another vehicle. Now, head/brain injuries can happen in a wide range of ways such as hitting it against the steering wheel or when it impacts the airbag. No matter what caused it, it could lead to some additional complications that can happen later on.

Keep in mind that you need to treat those injuries immediately, especially since it can lead to permanent brain damage if left untreated or if treated incorrectly. The symptoms of a brain/head injury include: migraines, losing consciousness, feeling dizzy and puking, speech issues, sensitivity to light, as well as sleeping too much or too little.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, seek medical assistance as soon as you can! If it has been a few days, ensure that you make an appointment with a neurologist and your doctor. If you want to see when you should contact a car accident lawyer, check out Sarisohn, Carner & DeVita for more information.

3. Broken Ribs Or/And Bones, Treatment: A Trip to The ER

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You probably already know that a broken bone occurs when a physical, power force impacts the bone in your body. Simple fractures mean that it did break, but, without any open wounds, while complex breaks mean that the bone penetrated the skin upon breakage. If you suffered from a broken bone, you will know that you did. You will not be capable of moving that specific body part, and if you can, it will probably feel extremely painful.

Naturally, the only way to treat this injury type is to go to an emergency room. The doctors at the scene will probably put a splint on the injured area and they will assist you during your trip to the ER. Depending on the extent of the breakage, you might need to wear a cast until the bone or bones completely heal.

4. Open Wounds, Cuts, and Scrapes, Treatment: A Trip to The ER

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Besides whiplash, cuts, scrapes, and open wounds are also the most common wounds sustained in a vehicle collision. These wounds can occur from various factors including broken glass, metal, or other items such as smartphones, keys, or coffee cups, as well as a forceful impact such as hitting your head or other body parts against the steering wheel or vehicle part.  In these types of situations, it is recommended to have first aid and CPR training to make the most in critical emergencies when every second counts.

Although they can be minor or severe, you should know that you must go to the emergency room. If there is an ambulance at the scene, seek medical help as soon as you can. They will look at the wounds and determine whether or not they can fix it on the scene. If it is too severe though, you will probably be taken to the closest ER.

5. Psychological Injuries, Treatment: Seeking Professional Help

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This injury type is, let’s say, invisible. Psychological injuries can occur after you go through a traumatic thing, a thing such as a car accident. For example, you might get a phobia to drive, or you might get an aversion towards entirely getting into a vehicle – even if you are not the one driving. Other people can experience depression, especially if someone got seriously injured, or God forbid, has passed away because of the accident.

This is why it is important for you to seek professional help, especially if you start feeling anxiety or depression after you were in a car accident. Psychotherapy can help you support, as well as heal. If you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it, especially since depression and anxiety can lead to other problems that are more serious.


As you can see, there are various ways in which you can get injured when in a car accident. Although you might feel fine, you should seek medical assistance in all situations, especially since you will not know the extent of the injuries. So, if you ever find yourself in a car accident, make sure that you follow some of the tips above, as well as seek medical help right away!