Can I Mix Home School Learning Kits and Programs?

Home School Learning Kits

For homeschooling parents, the word curriculum takes centre stage. Parents inevitably talk about their curriculum choices to give each other ideas. Because of these interesting conversations, many become inspired to mix curricula. Hence, parents end up using various lesson plans, Canadian curriculum books and teaching their kids more effectively.

If you are new to homeschooling, you may be curious about mixing homeschool learning kits and programs. According to, the simple answer is yes. However, doing it takes research so you can come up with the best program for your children.

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Reasons for Mixing Curriculum Choices

You’ll notice the primary beauty of homeschooling is that it offers tons of flexibility to suit different learning styles. No matter your children’s personalities or temperaments, you can find a program or tweak one to suit their varying needs. If a single boxed curriculum cannot work, then blending several kits and programs will add variety to your kids’ education.

Mixing and matching various curricula with different Canadian curriculum books, activities, and worksheets work well to help your children reach their full potential. If you are interested in mixing, go ahead. Any interested parent will find this task doable. You don’t have to possess a degree in education to make it happen. All you need is the following:

  • Know your children’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Do your research by reading up on different programs.
  • Try things out and tweak as you go.
  • Ask for advice from veteran homeschooling parents.
  • The Definition of Boxed Curriculum
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You may be wondering what a boxed curriculum is. After all, it was mentioned above. Well, a boxed curriculum proves to be the polar opposite of mixing curriculum choices. Typically, this version adopts full-grade homeschooling kits and programs published by just one company. These learning kits offer convenience because every aspect is pre-set.

Hence, you no longer need to put anything on your own. You don’t need to research at all because everything is laid out for you. All you need to do is follow the schedule and stick to the lesson plans and activities. If you belong to the list of newbie homeschoolers, then you may end up loving it because the structure gives you confidence and guides you. If you don’t know what to do, the daily lesson plans help tremendously.

However, this boxed curriculum doesn’t work for every child. If you stick with this, you may realize that it can backfire and cause your children anxiety, especially if they cannot cope with the lessons. Remember, you begin homeschooling because you want to tailor fit lessons for each of your children’s needs.

Moreover, sticking to a boxed curriculum is akin to following the public school system pattern that uses a strict lesson plan. This one-size fits all model becomes detrimental as every kid possesses a unique personality. A boxed curriculum that doesn’t work defeats the purpose of homeschooling. In your home education setup, you have the freedom to choose various Canadian curriculum books that help your children achieve their optimal potential.

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The Benefits of Using a Mixed Program

A mixed homeschooling program provides an excellent learning atmosphere. Most homeschooling parents agree that this avenue provides you with more control over subject areas. If one material is not working, you can try other Canadian curriculum books. You don’t have to stick with kits and materials that don’t work.

Hence, with a mixed program, you can provide a well-spring of knowledge that stimulates your children’s minds. You can lessen the stress by giving your kids materials that spark joy. As such, you ensure they don’t just learn a concept by route but imbibe what they are studying. You will see your children shine in homeschooling as they learn the lifelong skills they need in adulthood. Consider the following benefits of a mixed program:

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1. Offers customization for growth

Even if you have many children,  each child has a unique personality. With a mixed program, you can customize each subject to address your children’s learning style, special needs, and subject proficiency. For example, your grade 2 kid can already cope with grade 4 level math; then you don’t need to stick with the prescribed plan. Find advanced math Canadian curriculum books to help your child learn even more. By the same token, if your child finds it difficult to cope with some lessons, you can tweak the materials to lessen the burden and frustration. Going with a mixed program assures personalization to harness your children’s strengths and address weaknesses.

2. Accords flexible schedules and subject areas

In a boxed curriculum, you have no choice but to stick with daily lessons. However, your family’s style could be different. A mixed curriculum allows you to adapt the lessons to your schedule. To illustrate, you can make a weekly checklist and move around subjects to accommodate other activities. However, you can also do a daily schedule if you want to hold your children accountable for their lessons. As you can see, a mixed program offers tons of flexibility when it comes to choosing subjects and scheduling.

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3. Proffers cost-efficiency

A mixed curriculum can be as costly as you see fit. This offers you control, unlike a boxed curriculum where you have no choice but to buy everything. Here, you can mix and match your books. You can even use preloved books if you want to save money. You will certainly find a homeschooling kit with Canadian curriculum books, lessons, and activities that suits your budget so make sure to check this.

4. Aligns with students’ passions

If your children love certain subject areas, you can use a mixed program with various Canadian curriculum books that help them grow. You can expand your lesson plan to hone and nurture these interests. Through this, you can allow your children to enjoy learning. It will foster a love for knowledge, which they need because there is always room for growth and improvement even when they are already adults.

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Minor Caveats

As with everything in life, nothing can ever be truly perfect. You may inevitably face some issues with mixing programs. As such, it is best to be prepared so you can manage your expectations. Consider the following disadvantages of going the mixed curriculum route:

  • Initial lack of an organized structure which newbies may find hard to grapple with
  • It is time-consuming to research to see which fits best.
  • You may experience some trial and error when books and materials don’t work as well as planned.

Wrapping Up

Remember, the burden of homeschooling can be one that is both physically and financially heavy. So, here is a list of great gifts for homeschool moms, so you can help yourself or loved ones who partake in homeschooling.

Finally, don’t forget to check your province’s homeschooling requirements to see if your mixed program aligns with what the board of education mandates. You need a clear understanding of what your government requires to ensure you are covering all areas.