5 Common Misconceptions about Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, if you have never tried them out, it can be easy to have misconceptions about them. And even if you are a seasoned hair extension-lover, there are still some things you may be unsure about.

From the questions of potential damage to the worry of having them look strange, the concerns can go on and on. However, these worries are often just myths rather than facts.

As an Easi locks hair extensions fan, you’ll know all about the pros of hair extensions and how they can positively transform your look.

If you are uncertain though, we’re debunking five common misconceptions so that you can enjoy them with no concerns!

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1. Your Hair Will Get Damaged

Probably the biggest misconception about hair extensions is that they are damaging to your hair. Don’t be fooled; anything done unprofessionally and half-heartedly is bound to be damaging. The important thing is to make sure you are getting professional service from someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

When applied and looked after correctly, there can be absolutely no damage done to your hair. What you may not know is that you should still continue to brush your hair, particularly at the scalp, twice a day to maintain clean hair extensions at the root. This, along with using the recommended products will keep your hair healthy and on point!

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2. You Will Experience Headaches

This is another common myth that causes people to steer clear from hair extensions. The un-fortunate truth is, if you apply extensions yourself having never done it before, or get another untrained person to apply them, the application is very likely to be wrong and can indeed cause headaches then publisuites.

There is a specific method to applying hair extensions in a way that blends seamlessly into your hair without any trace of discomfort. When applied by a professional, the correct amount, weight, and measurements will be selected to perfectly suit your needs.

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3. They Are Only For People With Thin Hair

Often, people have the idea that only people who have less hair are eligible for hair extensions. This is a huge misconception.

Hair extensions are not only reserved for those with less hair or thinning hair. Naturally these people may want hair extensions to combat that, though that doesn’t mean that if you have thick locks you are forbidden from getting your own.

Hair extensions come in so many different styles, lengths, cuts and weights, that there is truly something for every hair type. Having thin or thick hair should not be the only deciding factor when it comes to considering them for yourself.

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4. They Look Completely Unnatural

Again, this misconception is dependent on the professional who applies your extensions. Hair extensions are created so that they resemble your hair as closely as possible, only longer and thicker. If there is a noticeable difference between your natural hair and the extensions, there is a problem with the colour or how it has been applied.

Worrying about whether or not they will look natural is not something you should dwell on. The fact is that hair extensions have progressed into incredible options for real-looking hair alternatives, to make everyone believe it’s your own.

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5. They Are High Maintenance And Difficult To Incorporate Into Your Busy Lifestyle

This misconception is so far from true. When using the correct products and caring for your hair extensions as recommended, you will find them incredibly easy to maintain and enjoy. There are many products available for the proper care of the extensions that will fall right into your standard hair routine anyway.

Additionally, if anything, hair extensions will make your busy lifestyle easier as your hair looks gorgeous from the start. Swimming, exercising, and creating updo hairstyles are still possible with extensions, so nothing in your lifestyle needs to be altered.

The key thing to remember is to follow a professional’s guidance and look after your hair extensions accordingly. None of these misconceptions will bother you again and you will be able to enjoy your long locks for many months to come!

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Hair Extensions Celebrity Glamour for Everyday Women

Hair extension can be produced using engineered hair or genuine human hair, and, likewise with most excellence items, the nature of what you get will rely upon the value you are eager to pay. Genuine hair will ordinarily cost more than engineered hair, yet can last more. In spite of the fact that it is perhaps to purchase engineered hair expansions efficiently, these augmentations may likewise look or feel modest. Less expensive hair is more inclined to tangling, yet great quality expansions will have been pre-treated with synthetic compounds to eliminate the fingernail skin and in this manner decrease the chance of tangles. In the event that you are purchasing from a salon, consistently check the look and feel of the augmentations which will be utilized before your beautician begins to work or you could wind up with something you are not 100% happy with.

Basic confusions about expansions incorporate the possibility that are extremely harming to hair or that will they should be trimmed out near the roots, leaving the wearer with just short tufts of hair. These are essentially false! In spite of the fact that this may have been the situation in years passed by, styling innovation has gone ahead a far cry from that point forward. Numerous hair augmentations are currently fixed in utilizing uncommon recipes which take into account simple evacuation, leaving the hair liberated from harm. In any case, on the off chance that you actually have any stresses over the most secure approach to eliminate your augmentations, converse with your beautician about the most ideal alternatives for you.

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There are various sorts and styles of expansion accessible, and these can be utilized to add volume, length or assortment of shading to hair. Some can be added pre-styled; others can be styled whenever they have been added to the hair. Be that as it may, it is a smart thought to get guidance on what you should or shouldn’t do to with your specific item before you leave the shop or salon. While it is conceivable to utilize most hair and excellence items or methods on genuine hair, it is essential to be extremely cautious with engineered items. Some manufactured items can be effortlessly harmed by rubbing or heat, and are hence not appropriate for use with twisting utensils or fixing irons.

Hair augmentations offer regular ladies the opportunity to look and feel as stylish as the VIPs they find in magazines. Regardless of whether they are for everyday use or a unique event, they can permit the wearer to encounter catwalk excitement at high-road costs.