What are Micro-Influencers? – 2024 Guide

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With the rapid growth of social media over the last few years, influencer marketing has become that new fad that is taking over the tech world. Using influencers, specifically, micro-influencers has proven to be more effective than traditional marketing methods such as television, newspaper, or even big celebrities.

If you’re not familiar with the different influencer levels, here is a quick breakdown of what constitutes a micro-influencer. A micro-influencer is someone on social media who boasts 10,000-50,000 followers. Typically, micro-influencers are appealing to smaller brands who are looking to spend money on marketing but don’t have the budget for big-name influencers.

So why are micro-influencers better than larger, well-known influencers? It is because micro-influencers tend to have a more loyal and engaged follower base in niche categories such as travel, photography, and in this case: food.

Quevos Launches Success on Social Media

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Introducing, Quevos, the new, healthy chip that is perfect for keto snackers who are looking to watch their health. These chips are made with egg whites and are flavored with natural ingredients, packed with protein, fiber, flavor, and lack carbs! This combination is hard to pass up, especially for both NeoReach and Influence Hunter, who worked together to create the influencer campaign for the product launch.

For this campaign, the food brand wanted to target micro-influencers, specifically those who are keto influencers, fitness influencers, and health and wellness influencers based in the United States. Quevos’s goal was to get high impressions and high reach so that as many people as possible can learn about their new product. In order to achieve these goals, the chosen influencers hosted giveaways, took product photos, and even posted video reviews of the product.

Influencer Selection and Their Campaigns

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With the objective of the campaign constructed, it was time to gather influencers who would be a good fit for this product. Working together, both influencer marketing agencies activated numerous young health-conscious influencers, caring mothers, and family-oriented influencers to market these healthy snacks.

The influencers were sent a variety of flavors of the egg white chips, plus commission for any sales that they secured. The primary focus of this strategy was product gifting overpayment for sponsored posts. It is a lower-cost option for smaller, budget-sensitive brands to try with micro and nano influencers.

As an additional incentive, Quevos offered the influencer with the most sales a position as a brand ambassador where they get upfront pay, as well as commission for their sales. A handful of the influencers that took part in the campaign are listed below:

1. Mickey

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Followers: 45.5k


Mickey, a popular lifestyle influencer, often promotes healthy snacks and turns a good engagement with many of her sponsored posts. This specific post pulled in about 500 likes and 60 comments; successfully exceeding our expectations!

2. Courtney Michelle

Followers: 23.9k


Courtney Michelle makes a great micro-influencer for what this campaign was targeting. She boasts many loyal followers who have come on her with her weight loss journey. She is known to inspire others and share recipes that are keto-friendly, something that helped her through her transformation! Her seamless incorporation of Quevos chips gives us all the more reason that she was great for this campaign!

3. Orie

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Followers: 22.1k


Orie is a certified aromatherapist who has reached out to moms and dads all around the world, inspiring them to live a healthier lifestyle. Orie’s sponsored post received over 1,400 likes and numerous comments all in favor of the new healthy product! This great response from her followers, helped with Quevos objective of reaching new potential customers.

4. Uche Madson

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Followers: 15k


This influencer hit the nail on the head with her post! Her post gathered a total of about 2,000 impressions! Uche Madson, a known lifestyle and mom blogger thoroughly enjoyed her bag of Quevos (use the link above)!

5. Stephanie LeBlanc

Followers: 27.1k


Stephanie LeBlanc was a great addition to this campaign, showing her followers that this healthy snack is worth the money! This home decor, DIY, floral lover uses her platform to promote smaller brands and all they have to offer!

Many other influencers helped Quevos run their successful campaign that received excellent feedback and user-generated content. Micro-influencers can help a brand stretch its budget to reach more, diverse audiences with a smaller spend.


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Overall, the campaign for the keto-friendly chips was a huge success. Starting in June of 2024, the agencies took over this campaign in order to track the performance over multiple platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube with a strong influencer marketing strategy. Using this data, the brand and influencer agency estimated that for every sale brought on to the website, 2 additional sales were made through Amazon. Of the 1800 influencers contacted, 280 influencers in total accepted to participate in the snack food campaign.

Just looking at the support on social media, one can tell that this campaign reached many people and had great feedback. But looking into the numbers just makes this campaign even better! Quevos was looking to spend around a thousand dollars per month (a $4,500 budget over 3 months), which eventually led to a 100% increase in their Instagram following, essentially doubling what they had before.

Of the 280 influencers, 65 ended up generating revenue. And to break that down even further, 30 of the top-performing influencers brought on at least ten or more sales through their feed posts, YouTube videos, or Instagram story swipe ups.

All of this work ended up totaling a $25,000 profit for the brand, which is huge considering their $4,500 budget! This brings the ROI of this campaign to 550%, an astronomical number compared to what traditional marketing techniques would have brought in.

This data that was collected goes to show that micro-influencers hold power too. When smaller brands collaborate with smaller influencers, more often than not, campaigns end up very successful. For more information and other graphics surrounding this campaign check out the campaign teardown found here!