Are Mesh Bags Good For Vegetables

It is very important to properly preserve fruits and vegetables because that way you will save money – but also the time you spend shopping. Proper food storage can save you money and prevent the rapid rot of fruits and vegetables. It is important to consider the climate of the place where you live – as this can also affect food storage. However, the packaging is also quite important when it comes to storing fruits and vegetables. Many people wonder if mesh bags are good for fruits and vegetables. Here is the answer.

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An Alternative To Plastic Bags

The law banning the use of plastic bags forced us to take old baggies out of the closet. We changed a part of our “plastic habits” with the speed of light. However, what about measuring vegetables and fruits? Most stores still use lightweight bags to measure these foods – so it’s kind of pointless to carry a bag full of plastic bags, isn’t it? However, there is a solution to this eco-dilemma as well. Reusable mesh bags serve as an adequate replacement for the plastic bags we use to measure fruits and vegetables. Years of research, work, and waste reduction have brought a section of the population to the point of devising a solution. That is a product that serves as a replacement for plastic bags.

What Are Mesh Bags?

Mesh bags are eco-friendly bags that replace disposable plastic bags – that we have taken so far when buying groceries, mostly fruits or vegetables. When you bring groceries home, you usually throw away those plastic bags because they are too thin. They often tear – and are completely useless for reuse. We’re all aware of the negative impact caused by plastic waste. That’s why plastic bags at the cash register are slowly becoming a thing of the past – and more people are going shopping with their cloth bags. With mesh reusable bags, you will no longer need dozens of plastic bags – that greatly pollute our planet.

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Why Are Mash Bags Better For Vegetables Compared To Plastic Bags?

There are many reasons for this. The most visible is that vegetables and fruits in a mesh bag can “breathe”. So, food comes into contact with the air – which is certainly healthier than wrapping it in plastic bags. That way, the vegetables, and fruits will last longer. Here are some more advantages of mesh bags over plastic bags.


Mesh bags are reusable bags, they are comfortable and modern. They are mesh and transparent, which means that the employees at the cash register will immediately see what is inside – without opening the bag. The bar code can be scanned through the material – that is, you can stick it on only one piece of fruit or vegetable and put the whole amount in the bag. You can also stick the barcode on the rope that tightens the bag.

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These bags are multifunctional. Besides carrying fruits, vegetables, and other goods to measure – you can also store food in the refrigerator or outside because the transparent material is breathable. You can also use them for washing small fruits (grapes, cherries, etc.) – or as a bag for making milk from nuts. If you are traveling, you can take food, cosmetics – or other things in these bags with you and you will not need plastic bags.

Environmental Responsibility

Mesh bags show that you are an environmentally conscious person who cares about our planet and supports the zero-waste lifestyle. People who believe ecologically and sustainably about life will be happy to make this small change in the way they shop – which will surely contribute to making our planet a more beautiful place to live. You will no longer have a guilty conscience about taking plastic bags.

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Zero Waste Philosophy

Reusable mesh bags allow that instead of creating more and more waste – it actually reduces. According to, this is the main driver and the reason for the growing demand for such bags in the world. Zero waste philosophy means eliminating waste through recycling and reuse –  which reduces the amount of waste. So it’s a so-called 3 R principle.

  • Reduce

Reduce waste generation. If there is less waste, then the need for recycling is reduced. The reduction process begins with examining what you are using. Ask yourself: What do I really need?

  • Reuse

Reuse things, fix them or find a new purpose for them. Don’t throw away old things easily. If nothing else, give them to someone who needs them.

  • Recycle

Recycling includes everything that can be reused without being thrown away. That is why it is very important to separate waste – according to the types of material from which it is made.

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How Come Mesh Bags Are Eco-Friendly If We Make Them Out Of Synthetic Material?

One of the principles of waste reduction is to use reusable items that will serve you for a long time. In this sense, synthetic bags are considered more eco-friendly – than disposable paper bags even though they are degradable. Many of these bags will serve you for at least a year – and during that time they will replace up to 600 ordinary plastic bags. They are eco-friendly, not because of the material itself – but because of the way of life that they reflect and contribute to a better ecological situation in the world.

How Did The Market React To This Product?

It turned out that the idea was a complete success because many people were already tired of plastic bags. Mesh bags are the ideal way to preserve vegetables or fruits fresh. Also, the number of ecologically aware people has been growing in recent years. So far, most users have had so many nice comments about it – and they are thankful for this product. Many have been waiting for something like this to appear on the market. Such reactions really move us – and motivate us to spread environmental awareness. Everyone is satisfied – both the buyers of the bags – and the sellers in the green markets and shops. Therefore, we can conclude that the spread of the ecological story encounters good reactions in society.