9 Ways to Make Your Elders Happy

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Taking care of your elderly parents or grandparents can be quite challenging, especially if you’re trying to improve their quality of life. Giving them gift cards at holidays or visiting them for an hour or two on Christmas might not be enough, and you might need to spend some extra time so they can be happy. Many people don’t know what should be done to make their elderly parents or grandparents happy, which could sometimes be hard. That’s why we’ve collected 9 ways that will help you make your elders happy easily.

1. Ensuring Their Health Care Provider Covers Their Needs

Usually, the government provides good healthcare for the elderly, but sometimes the healthcare coverage doesn’t cover all medical expenses. That could cause stress to some elders as they know they won’t be able to afford some medicines or surgeries if needed, and they might not get the care they need because they simply cannot manage any more debts. To make your elders happy, you should ensure that all their healthcare wishes are met and ensure that they have all the medical services they need. Many Medicare supplement plans cover the parts that aren’t covered by standard Medicare. These plans help cover the expenses senior citizens can’t afford so they can get the necessary healthcare. They’re often issued by private insurance companies, so before doing so, check with your attorney to ensure that the contract covers all the expenses of healthcare needed without being in debt.

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2. Spend Quality Time with Them

If you know an elderly person that is dear to you and is retired, has lost their spouse or their friends or has a health condition that forces them to stay at home, they’re probably feeling lonely and it’s affecting their overall mental and physical health. Untreated hearing loss in seniors increases the likelihood of social isolation, as well as of a reduction in quality of life. Blue Angels Hearing is one of the top companies that offer fully digital rechargeable hearing aids over the internet for a fraction of regular high street costs that can help seniors to listen better and get on with their life.

3. Outdoor Activities

It’s important for everyone to spend enough time in the sun every day, and this becomes even more essential as we get older. Take them outside in a garden or even in their backyard. If you can’t take them outside every day, you can grow a garden in their backyard or fill their house with plants so they can interact with nature. This will help enhance their mental health and will make them happy.

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4. Schedule Visits

If your elderly parents or grandparents live far from you, schedule a weekly visit to spend the day with them. Don’t use your phone or laptop while you’re visiting them so they know that this time is dedicated to them. Visit them early in the morning, prepare breakfast, and plan some activities for the rest of the day.

5. Be Courteous

Our elders grow up in a time when respect and politeness were important and not respecting them or having manners is a huge deal for them. So, you need to be very polite while you’re talking and dealing with them. When they’re talking, listen and don’t interrupt until they’re done. If you disagree with anything they’re saying, you can address your point politely and after they make their point clear. If they raise their voice, stay calm and quiet. For elders, respect and manners are major parts of etiquette, and following their etiquette will make them calmer and happier.

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6. Improve Their Financial Portfolio

Your elders’ financial portfolio should include all of their assets, cash, stocks, and bonds. It’s better to contact a professional financial planner to check your elderly parent’s portfolio and make sure that it’s well managed. If it doesn’t include everything, an expert financial planner will help you add all the missing points. A well-managed financial portfolio ensures that all their bill pay services are in order.

7. Eat with Your Elders

One of the most enjoyable things for elderly people is eating with their family. It’s considered a time to improve your bond as a family and have fun. If you live close to them, you can pass by every couple of days to have lunch or dinner with them. If they’re far from you, you can schedule a time when you can eat with them and catch up. You can also plan for a picnic or eat at their favorite restaurant.

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8. Take Their Advice

Our elders are smarter and wiser than we all are. They’ve been through a lifetime of experience and most of the time they can provide good advice. However, you don’t necessarily need to take advice from elders because you need it but mainly because it will make them feel that you’re engaging them in your life and problems, which will make them happy.

9. Call Them

If there’s no possibility to visit your elders every week, then you should keep in contact. Call your elders every day to check up on them and have a small talk. You can call them to ensure that they’re okay and they don’t need anything, and you can call to keep them updated with your events. It’s one of the most efficient ways to make your elders happy because calling daily means you care and appreciate their existence.

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Making your elders happy is not hard when you know what they need. They could be having a good life but they’re stressing because they can’t afford certain medical care, or because they don’t see you often. Family and respect matter to elders so you need to engage them in your life and make them a part of it. Taking them outside for a picnic and engaging in a lot of activities together will improve their mental health, enhance their mood, and will make them happy. If you’re busy and you can’t visit them regularly, then make sure that you call them daily to include them in your life.