How to Make Your Own Supplements | The A to Z Guide


Are you intimidated by the thought of making your own supplements? A lot of people think they should leave it to the “pros” by sticking with what supplement manufacturers serve them. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Oftentimes, supplement companies use fillers and additives that detract from the overall quality of the supplement.

Then, there are new bulk supplement suppliers popping up left and right, which is another obstacle in itself. In this guide, you’ll get a basic understanding of the best way to make your own supplements in the comfort of your own kitchen. By making your own, you cut out the additives, the middleman, and save money along the way.


Step #1 – Stick With Trustworthy Companies

When searching for bulk supplements online, whether in powder or whole form, most people jump to Amazon first. The truth of the matter is that it can be difficult to sift through all of the suppliers on Amazon to find the best quality bulk supplements.

For example, the company Bulk Supplements is a great provider, and they also host their own website, yet they supply the same products on Amazon. Why not go straight to the source? And that’s just one example. The key here is to dig a little deeper in your search to find bulk supplement suppliers.

There’s a good chance you’ll land on the main supplier that’s selling the same products to third-party vendors that charge customers more. Lastly, don’t forget to check your local health food stores to see what their prices are like. By taking these steps, you’ll be able to line up the best suppliers with the best prices.


Step #2 – Invest in a Capsule Filling Machine

In recent years, capsule fillers have grown in popularity because more people are making their own supplements. Most capsule filling machines allow you to fill up to 100 capsules in a single go. When choosing a capsule filler, stick with companies that have been around a while or at least have some reviews.

If you don’t, there’s the chance of running into quality control issues such as the trays in the machine not lining up properly. A fault like this will only lead to crushed capsules and money down the drain. Glen at 199flags recommends “The Capsule Machine” as his top capsule filling machine.

Yes, it’s not the most glamorous model, but it’s been around for quite a while, and it fills 24 capsules at a time which is good enough for most people. In some cases, you might not want to make 100 capsules at a time or have that number of capsules on hand.


Step #3 – Choose Your Capsules

One of the greatest advantages of making your own supplements is the opportunity to choose your own capsules. In this category, there are two primary types of capsules, and those are gelatin and vegan. Vegetarian capsules are often made from plant cellulose, and they perform just as well as gelatin capsules.

On the other hand, gelatin capsules are made from bovine sources, so it’s really up to you which type of capsules you prefer because they both work. Obviously, if you’re vegan, you’ll want to stick with vegetarian capsules, but you will find that most supplement companies use gelatin capsules.

Once you choose the type of capsule you prefer, then it’s time to move on to choosing the capsule size. The most common capsule sizes used to make supplements are 0, 00, and 000, with 000 holding the most. Generally, you want to stick with 0 and 00 capsules unless you’re encapsulating powders that require larger servings such as BCAAs.

It’s important to keep this in mind because your capsule machine will also be one of these sizes. In other words, you want to match your capsule size to your capsule machine size, or else you’ll run into compatibility issues.

Additionally, you might want to invest in both a 0 and 00 size capsule machine, which is another reason that The Capsule Machine is a good choice since it fills 24 capsules at a time.


Step #4 – How to Store Your Supplements

As with most supplements, it’s wise to store your supplements in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. A good way to store your capsules is to reuse the bottles from previous supplements you purchased. If you don’t have those, there’s always the option to purchase your own or use mason jars stored in a dark place.

Also, always check the expiration date on your packs of bulk supplements or the date they were packaged if there’s no expiration date listed. Suppliers should provide batch details on their powders to ensure freshness.

In addition to storing your supplements in airtight containers, you’ll also want to consider using desiccant packs to keep the contents dry. Desiccant packs soak up any residual moisture that could be inside your supplement bottles. Also, it’s easy to find bulk packs of desiccants online for affordable prices.

As for the remaining powder in your bags of supplements, always make sure to keep the bags sealed and stored in the same manner as the bottles of supplements. There’s no reason to store the bags in the refrigerator or freezer since powders stay fresh for at least a year after they were packaged.

For this reason, it’s best to buy powdered supplements in quantities that you think you’ll use within a year rather than buying too much at once.


Wrapping Up

At this point, you know how to find bulk supplement suppliers, how to choose a capsule filling machine, how to choose capsules, and how to store your capsules. Once you begin the journey of making your own capsules, there’s a good chance that you’ll never go back to buying pre-capsulized supplements.

Eventually, as you progress, you’ll naturally take an interest in making your own extract versions and moving deeper into the art of making your own supplements. Regardless, you’re bound to save money from the get-go and not have to worry about additives or running out of your favorite supplements.