How to Make Money While You’re Travelling?


Travelling is something we all love and enjoy. However, we might not always have enough funds to travel to our dream destination.

Have you wondered how amazing it would be to travel without worrying about money? We bet you have! Travelling is fun and exciting, and an opportunity to earn money while travelling would not only erase your concerns about funds but also make your trip even more exciting and your experience richer.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of fun ways you could make money while travelling.

Take up freelancing as a career


Even though booking cheap flights or hotels may still be possible from reputed websites like, it is not always likely to travel on a budget. One of the best ways to make money while travelling is by taking up freelancing as a career option. Freelancing is a career which does not require you to visit an office. You can work remotely from home or anywhere else with a laptop and a good internet connection.

Therefore, you could freelance while travelling and make a good amount of money without a hassle. Some attractive fields in freelancing include becoming a freelance content writer, a freelance creative designer, a freelance web designer or even a freelance consultant.

Sell photographs


Ever found yourself admiring the work of travel photographers for the creative and artistic pictures they capture while travelling? You can do this too. If you have good photography skills and a creative eye for things, capturing and selling the photographs you take while travelling to travel magazines or on websites like Shutterstock, Etsy, etc., could be another great way of earning money while travelling. Moreover,

Try out busking


Can you play the guitar or any other musical instrument, sing or dance well? If you are someone who can pull off a good performance, try out your hands in busking. Busking or performing on the streets while travelling is another great way to earn money.

However, please check out the rules of the country you travel to. Performing on streets without permission is not allowed in most countries. Hence, to be safe, make sure to get permission beforehand and perform while making money hassle-free.

Start a travel blog


One of the most obvious and legitimate ways to earn money while travelling is by maintaining a travel blog. Maintaining a travel blog is comp. However, in the long run, a career as a successful travel blogger can take you to places beyond your imagination. You might even be able to collaborate or work with some reputed travel websites or magazines.

So, monetise your travel blog, earn the extra cast you need to fund your trips, maintain a social media account to let the world know about your explorations and let your dream of making money while travelling become a reality.

Start vlogging!

Besides maintaining your travel blog, starting a travel youtube channel and monetising it could also help you earn some extra bucks while travelling. Start by filming yourself and vlogging your entire journey on a camera. Upload it on your youtube channel and take the world on a journey with you.

You could also provide details on the accommodation you are staying in, the prices of other capacities and flights in particular seasons, the best season to visit the specific destination, ways they could save up money and travel on a budget, and general detailed information about the place you are visiting. This would help your viewers chalk out travel plans faster and more efficiently and make you indirectly act as a travel guide for them.

Sell your art and craft materials at local markets


Are you artistically talented? Do you have portraits or paintings, or even handicraft items which you could sell? If this is the case, yet another efficient way of earning money while travelling is by taking some of your handicraft items or paintings with you on the trip you are going on and selling them to the local people or tourists looking for unique souvenirs.

This would make the world aware of your creativity and help you earn extra cash while on tour.

Furthermore, you could also easily find craft fairs or seasonal markets worldwide. Search for some local independent stores in the place you are travelling to and contact them. In most cases, if your items are of good quality, these stores will sell them on your behalf and pay you in return.

Try out part-time modelling

Part-time modelling can be yet another highly portable option for earning money while travelling. There are often short-term gigs for people with modelling experience and credentials, whether posing for stock photos or promoting a local brand.

Make the most use of social media and tap into local social networks to look for opportunities. Search for photographers or modelling agencies in that particular area who might require models for photoshoots and contact them.

Moreover, you may be even more sought after when travelling in a region where you have a unique look compared to most of the local population.

Teach a skill

Teaching people a skill you possess, like yoga, swimming, surfing, photo editing, or even playing a musical instrument, could be another way of earning money while travelling. This method of making money will be more efficient if you take a long-term trip somewhere.

During this time, you could advertise your services in the local area of the place you are visiting or on social media platforms. Teaching a skill while on tour is not only a great way to earn money but also to meet new people and make friends from different parts of the world.

Work as a part-time hotel staff


The hotel industry is always the best to earn money while travelling. Hotels and resorts sometimes require staff like receptionists, hotel managers, housekeeping, and more. You can research and apply to work as a part-time hotel staff while travelling.

So take a part-time job in a hotel or a resort and enjoy your trip without any concern about funds.