How Do You Make an Engagement Ring More Personal?


Only one ring in life has major significance and that is the engagement ring. It is a ring you buy for the most important woman in your life. That way you ask her to spend the rest of her life together. You know that she should like the ring, that the size suits her and that it should be in her style.

However, choosing a ring is generally not an easy process. If you really want to surprise your girlfriend, you should consider a personalized ring. All you need to do is pay attention to a few important details.


Identify her style and the jewelry she loves

Follow and notice the elements of her everyday, but also festive styling for going out, and peek into her jewelry box; keeping in mind what she likes to wear often and often, it will be easier for you to choose an engagement ring that fits her style. Are they large, statement pieces, well-designed jewelry or a small but valuable gold piece of jewelry? For discreet girls who, when they wear jewelry, choose the beauty of simplicity, choose a ring in that spirit. Don’t make the stones too big and coarse. Choose finely processed gold or platinum, with one beautiful diamond or a group of diamonds.

If your future fiancée, on the other hand, is glamorous and eccentric, choose large stones of unusual colors and unique shapes, or something that will follow what she is already wearing. A valuable and beautiful ring that is also to her taste will knock her off her feet, but not only because it is expensive! She will keep in mind that you chose that ring because you know her well, and you made an effort to find out what she likes. Money comes and goes – and what is remembered is everything that is done out of love, with care and thought. Trends change from season to season, and new models of engagement rings are presented by jewelers almost every day. An engagement ring is an eternal piece of jewelry, which will adorn a woman’s hand for the rest of her life. So choose timeless pieces, which will not bore her after a few seasons.


Diamond selection

White diamond is not the only option. It also comes in many other colors, such as black, brown, gray, blue, etc. In addition to them, you can opt for sapphires, rubies or other precious stones as well as semi-precious stones. For example, a stone in an unusual color is a great choice, because your girlfriend will have a unique wedding ring. Don’t forget that diamonds are best friends for girls. Have fun while choosing a ring by considering different shapes and designs. Think about heart-shaped, pear-shaped, etc. You can also add a diamond laser inscription around the ring belt. Check at how process of customization looks like to be well familiar with it before buying. Imagine how surprised your girlfriend will be when she sees the engraved message on the ring that she will wear forever. Best of all, it will be a secret message, because only the two of you will know what is written there and no one else will see. The label cannot be seen until you use a magnifying glass.



When it comes to engraving, you have endless possibilities. You can also opt for fingerprint engraving, heart rate engraving or both. In any case, you will get a unique design. Try to think outside the box, opt for colorful metal belts and a unique combination.

Inscriptions are a great way to personalize the ring because you have a large number of options available. For example, opt for a special date, words, nicknames or even a heartbeat. In fact, you can use everything that connects you with your partner. Many couples type in phrases that they use in everyday communication and divide it between two rings. This will leave a special impression on your partner.

Choose your ring size carefully

When it comes to size, we will have to advise you to commit a small crime and “borrow” some of her rings. Bring it to a jeweler to determine the size of the ring and you can be without worries that her engagement ring will look fantastic. Even if you buy a ring that is not the right size, don’t worry about it. You can return to the store at any time and request a size correction after your chosen one has said “yes”.


Let the engagement be unforgettable

The ring is very important, but the most important thing is for the engagement to be romantic, unexpected and to leave the future bride breathless. Make a nice speech, tell her why she is the woman of your life and ask her to marry you. Engagement only happens once in a lifetime, and it’s up to you to make it memorable!

Determine the skin undertone

In the end, not all colors are the same on every skin. Our skin has its own undertone which means that some colors suit us better than others. There are three main skin undertones, namely warmer, cooler and neutral. For example, white gold and silver have cooler undertones, and yellow gold warmer undertones. If your veronica has a neutral undertone, then all colors will suit her well.

Since red is also a symbol of infatuation, it can convey tender, romantic feelings, and be a great option for all lovers of poetic expressions of love. Blue is a color that is associated with trust, and responsibility, loyalty and peace. The emerald has been a symbol of birth and fertility since the time of the Egyptians.



Today, the ring is also a mirror of someone’s personal style. Dare to think outside the box and choose a completely unique ring. Every girl wants to feel special, to feel that her engagement ring has been carefully chosen just for her and that the vibration of the ring matches hers. What you need to know when choosing an engagement ring is to adjust the ring to the sensibility of the girl for whom it is intended.