Is It Possible To Make A Career Out Of Gambling

With an enormous expansion of modern technology, especially the internet, we got to experience new, successful ways of making money as well as new approaches, strategies and solutions for connecting one’s preferences and possibilities to make a living out of what he or she loves to do.

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The new normal

What was once hard to imagine, slowly became normal. Earning money from the comfort of your home, financial independence that doesn’t rely on doing a 9 to 5 job, or that doesn’t include having a boss, wearing a uniform or getting up at the same time every morning – all of this sounded almost impossible or at least too good to be true, which didn’t prevent creative minds from exploring the ways to get there. And they did.

Today, there are millions of freelancers, people who work remotely, making money out of gigs or jobs of their choice, using a single medium – the internet.

The internet – a sea of choices

The internet itself is an endless sea of possibilities and a never-ending opportunity for every person willing to work. Not only for people who are just starting something new and are willing to work but also for people who have a talent, a special skill or are already specialized in an area thanks to their past working experience, the internet has brought numerous options to choose from and to easily find the perfect fit.

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Where to look for a job

Numerous websites with remote jobs such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiver, as well as social media whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a business social media such as LinkedIn, offer a huge variety of jobs and have even a bigger variety of experts in numerous fields, waiting to be hired. Although this is a great idea and most certainly – a fascinating step forward, it slowly becomes an extremely competitive market.

Today, transferring from real-life jobs and professions to online businesses and carriers has opened the door of a completely different environment in which people need to build their digital presence and work on much more aspects of their work than they used to before, to be able to handle the oversupply of workers. What’s technology’s answer? Creative more and more opportunities every day.

Is gambling only for addicts?

There has always been a stigma around gambling. Although going to a brick and mortar Casino used to be a fun thing, people who actually gambled were judged by society and were considered as problematic. However, it didn’t stop some of them to become professionals in this field, and to improve their skills to a large extent, providing themselves with a fantastic source of income.

With big tournaments and professional games available, it’s slowly getting normalized to indulge in this world and to earn big bucks. What’s made a difference in people’s mindsets is the fact that there are numerous professional gamblers who became millionaires just by gambling, whether physically or online. Their wealth varies but it even goes up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

All of this leads to a simple conclusion – gambling is not necessarily making an addict out of someone, nor it’s reserved for addicts only. It’s for everyone willing to dedicate their time and energy to master the principles of the game of chance.

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Gambling as a career

As every other career, being successful and not only making a living but being an expert in the field, takes time. It would be best to look at gambling as a side hustle at first. Learning as much as you can and educating yourself continuously is essential for making a success.

Exchanging thoughts and experiences with professionals is also something you should consider. Still, it’s not only about the skills. There is a lot more to it. How to act, how to react, how to make successful predictions and how to analyze the game and other players, as well as how to handle losses, how to calculate the percentage of losses you can handle, how to rely or not rely on luck, how to stop and how to lose. All of these elements are parts of the puzzle that you need to pay attention to.

But first and foremost, you need to have money to be able to make money. You might think that this is a fun and easy way to make money. However, reality says that you need even more discipline than you would in other professions. Relying on yourself and math is the best way to reach your goals while relying on luck isn’t so effective in the long run. And the goal is more than tempting – having millions of dollars on your account.

Turning the game into the profit

You are not limited to brick and mortar casinos only. Today, it’s all about accessibility and user experience. Casinos are slowly moving to the online marketplace and are offering even better conditions for their players, than the traditional ones. This resulted in a fantastic number of games as well as great deposits and bonuses in renowned online casinos such as casino at Winny, with more than 2000 games in one place.

Whether you choose poker, which requires higher levels of skill and more experience to start winning big or you’re finally about to monetize your knowledge about sports in sports betting or you’re a fan of baccarat or any other game – you should focus on up to five different types of betting, to be able to master each one without getting overwhelmed.

There are numerous books you can read, as well as other free materials on YouTube and other websites that offer free education for wannabe professional gamblers, and that’s exactly where you should start.


Expectations, expectations

While you hardly can expect a steady, fixed income, you might be familiar with the saying – the bigger the risk, the bigger the profit. That’s probably why you wanted to indulge in betting in the first place. As a professional gambler, you can certainly expect high profits.

But only if you work hard enough and control yourself. Still, earning six or even eight figures while having your adrenaline boosted, having fun alone or with the others and doing what you love – doesn’t it sound like a dream job?