How to Maintain An Autogate System


Once you have properly installed your autogate system by professional installers, it is essential to provide the proper maintenance in ensuring its continued efficient operation. How to maintain an autogate system? Regular maintenance is crucial for any auto gate system to function properly. Here we will stress on the important components of your autogate system, how to maintain it and how to prevent any damage to your auto gate system. If you are looking for an affordable and reasonable autogate price in Malaysia, you can always look for MyAutogate Malaysia which is based in Kuala Lumpur for the best services and offer.

5 Important Components Requiring Maintenance


The 5 important components of your autogate system that require regular maintenance are listed below:

1. Power Supply

All autogate systems require sufficient electricity for their operation. If the circuit breaker trips frequently, you should get it repaired or replaced. Having a backup power supply is added bonus. This will ensure the efficiency of your autogate as well.

2. Gate Motors

Gate motors are crucial components which require regular maintenance to enable them to function smoothly. This means regularly cleaning, lubricating and checking all the moving parts of the motor. The motors can be easily damaged by pests and water. Get regular servicing done by professionals instead. Do not try to service these parts by yourself. Check regularly the motors for any initial signs of damage. Get these repaired or replaced by professionals as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage is done.

3. Tracks

Tiny pebbles, twigs and other debris can damage the tracks wheels of your sliding autogate preventing them from sliding properly. Contact your autogate service provider to fix this problem. The earlier you get them serviced or fixed, the less damage is incurred. Eventually, this will prevent major problems from cropping up. Major problems mean big expenditure is needed to rectify them.

4. Safety Features

These include photoelectric sensors and sharp edges which must be serviced regularly to ensure they function correctly. Such regular servicing is utmost important and must not be overlooked at all.

5. Access Control System

This includes your keypads and card readers. You need to clean the access control panel to remove the dust and dirt if it does not work well. Contact your auto gate service provider if the fault is due to a wiring issue. If this occurs, do not try to rectify it yourself. Get the help of professionals instead.

4 Best Practices for Autogate Maintenance

Listed below are the 4 best practices on how to upkeep your autogate to its tip-top shape and condition.

1. Regular Cleaning and Lubrication

Your autogate, due to constant exposure to the harsh weather, ought to be cleaned regularly by removing all the dust and grime to ensure its smooth operation. How do we clean it? Scrub off all signs of rust, dry the area and lubricate the moving parts. If possible, do not try to service these important parts yourself. Get professional help to eliminate frequent breakdowns.

2. Visual Inspection

Check regularly the main body for any dents or damaged parts. Inspect the tracks and clear the debris if it is a sliding gate. By doing this, the lifespan of your autogate can be prolonged.

3. Test and Calibrate the System

Conduct a routine test and calibrate the system at least once a year. Get a professional to adjust the tracks and do some minor repairs on the electric board. This enables the smooth functioning of your autogate.

4. Replace Worn-Out or Damaged Parts

Get the professionals to replace worn-out or damaged parts such as the motor, hinges, screws or pulley to ensure a trouble-free autogate. If possible, get these parts replaced within the warranty period as replacements will be free of charge.

4 Tips on How to Prevent Damage to Your Autogate System


To extend the lifespan of your autogate and to get the most benefit out of your autogate system, you need to follow these 4 important tips listed below:

1. Proper Use of the Autogate

Use your autogate with care. If you have a folding autogate, you must provide ample distance for the gate to open and close. If there is power failure, do not use excessive force to open or close your auto gate. This will certainly cause extensive damage to your gate. It is advisable to open your gate fully instead of partially if it is a swing gate. These are the ways to use your auto gate properly.

2. Protect Your Auto Gate

The wiring and sensitive electrical components of your auto gate can be easily damaged by the harsh weather conditions. So inspect regularly these components. Should there be any signs of wear and tear, do contact your auto gate professional to repair or replace them before it is too late. The faster you get it repaired, the less damage is done.

3. Prevent Unauthorized Access or Tampering

Keep all access codes and passwords strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your autogate system. This will ensure the safety of your family and property. As security is your top priority, this is utmost important.

4. Avoid DIY Repairs or Modifications

Never try to repair or modify any part of your autogate yourself. Get your professional autogate service provider to handle this complex task properly.



Remember to service and maintain the various important components of your auto gate regularly to be undertaken by professionals to lengthen its lifespan.