Lola Tillyaeva’s Fragrances Bring Balance Through Scent – 2024 Guide

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Lola Tillyaeva an Uzbek diplomat and philanthropist is a rather remarkable person. A woman who has a huge education and business success and a woman who chooses to help others when they need the most.

Lola and her husband Timur Tillyaev have a partnership and it is going on strong for years now. These two are a real power couple and they managed to achieve almost everything they set in front of them. Lola is a woman that has strength for the family, business, and many charities she supports.

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Lola Tillyaeva is a very versatile person and she tends to be socially and environmentally responsible whenever she gets an opportunity. Education, culture and sports, are her strong beliefs and she states that those are the pillars of prosperity, world peace and tolerance. She runs a charity foundation of her own called “You Are Not Alone” which is set up to aid children without parents and to fund medical treatments for them and children that come from poor families. In 2004 she also set up a foundation the National Centre for the Social Adoption of Children and during 17 years of running this foundation aided over 7000 children with different types of special needs.

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What this article is all about though is the fact that Lola is trying something a bit different and it is swimming in the world of fragrances. She has a company called The Harmonist and she is very successfully breaking into the market of fragrances. She even has two of her latest fragrances selected as finalists of the 2024 US Fragrance Foundation Awards which is a prestigious award, and we will talk a bit about them.

Lola is a woman who believes that perfume can be a very powerful thing. Perfumes should evoke emotions and memories that you have forgotten about temporarily and which will return as soon as you put on a fragrance that can bring them back.

Many of the perfume makers try to do that because they all know that emotion is the most powerful thing and that the one who can evoke it has the power over anything. Lola has an idea of bringing balance in fragrances and emotions through scent and as far as we can tell she is doing a great job of it.

The Harmonist line of perfumes is highly conceptual and they are trying to embody the true ideology of Yin and Yang and Feng Shui. Through research and development, the company managed to obtain that elusive juxtaposition in their fragrances and it is what sets them apart from many others with a bigger history. Some of the fragrances from this line are somewhat hard to wear and not easy fragrance but that is due to that conceptuality that still has to be understood. They are beautiful and amazing but there is something more to them which has to be recognized and familiarized with.

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The Harmonist line of fragrances draws its inspiration from the elements like Metal, Fire, Earth, Water and Wood. Their philosophy is that each of us is special and our nature and our peculiarity are best shown through the element that is woven into our being. These elements are what stand behind everything and they are the blocks that make up the entire natural phenomena. According to the Harmonist, the philosophy behind this is called Wuxing and it is the philosophy that is being used to interpret anything big as the universe or small as the cells in our body. We are all in some way made up of all of these elements but only one is and can be the dominant one that guides us while the others are there to aid the road ahead.

Balance in the universe and balance in our lives is hard to achieve, but the Harmonist line of fragrances comes close to achieving that goal at least in this particular niche. The scent is very important for this and as we already mentioned some of you may find the scent a bit difficult to wear, or a bit strange, but after some time it will grow on you and you will not think about another fragrance for a while.

The period it lasts on the skin is also something to brag about and from what we can tell it can last six to ten hours depending on the place you spray it. It is very loud and has a very nice “kick” in the first few hours of wear and then it kind of tones down in the last few hours last and translates into a very pleasant skin scent. These are the perfumes that last a very long time but the fragrance is somewhat linear – it doesn’t have much development and it doesn’t start and open up with a huge scent immediately and then dies down after few hours. It stays the same the entire time but it is somehow way stronger in the beginning and lighter towards the end where it, as we already said, kind of melts in with your skin scent.

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Since the entire line that the Harmonist makes is very conceptual and very avant-garde some are very wearable and very easy to understand while others just ask for a bit more understanding and a bit more open mind to something new and different. The quality of the fragrance in regards to longevity is performing in the category of expensive fragrance but at the same time there is something about it that is unique and special, yet so accessible and it is what fits this brand in a good way, as well as the soul and the theme of the company.

Fragrances that the Harmonist brand offers are truly those that you can both wear and enjoy at the same time. They will give you some uniqueness and mystique, and they will bolster your personality on a new level that you probably didn’t know about. This line already has great reviews and it has made many pleased and satisfied, but with the notion that their latest two fragrances are selected as finalists of the prestigious 2024 US

Fragrance Foundation Awards, then there is something to think about. If you haven’t already decided to try these, give them another chance and see what everyone is talking about. We know that you won’t regret your choice and we know that the Harmonist company will justify their existence.