6 Easiest Skills To Level Up In RuneScape – 2024 Guide

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For some RuneScape players, getting to a certain skill level is such a must-have for them to reach their goals. Some even avail of OSRS power leveling services just to reach level 99 fast. Probemas offers such services, but for those who want to do it on their own, here are some of the skills that are easier to level up compared to other OSRS skills.


Woodcutting is one of the basic and essential skills in RuneScape. All you need to have to gain experience for this skill are logs that you can sell or burn and light up.

Whether you use these logs just to light up a fire or cook food on, you’ll still be able to gain experience in both your woodcutting and firemaking skills, and cooking too if you use it to make food for yourself.

To start, you can proceed in cutting down normal tress and selling the logs you get in the process. Once you’ve reached level 15 woodcutting, you can start cutting down oak trees at thew Varrock Palace. They usually fetch a higher amount than those normal trees.

When you’re at level 30 woodcutting, you can now start cutting down willow trees. Do this for the next 250 to 275 hours and you should be able to reach level 99 woodcutting and earn yourself a good amount of OSRS GP once done.


For those who enjoy spending their time in Gielinor doing nothing else but look for the biggest catch, then this is how you master fishing. Fishing is a good way for you to get raw stuff for you to cook and eat.

You can start things off by fishing for crayfish. Once you’ve reached level 20 fishing, you can focus your attention on fishing salmon and trout. Do this for the next 250 hours and you should have achieved level 99 fishing by then.


Ranging is a good way to gain better combat skills to better defeat monsters and other players in the game. Also, hitting a certain level of Ranged will give you the ability to wear cool OSRS armors.

You can start by having Kayle’s sling for you to use. It can be acquired by completing The Blood Pact quest. You may also get a free short bow when you stop by the ranging shop in Varrock.

You can practice on chickens and collect the raw materials you can get from them to sell in the Grand Exchange for some gold.

Once level 20 ranged is accomplished, you can direct your sling to hill giants. These creatures can drop big bones that can be exchanged for gold and level up your Prayer skill.

After reaching level 40, you can target fresh crawlers until you reach level 60. At level 60 ranged, try to find lesser demons in Karamja. When you reach level 80, start taking down greater demons in the Wilderness volcano until you reach level 99. It may take 130 to 150 hours before you can reach the level 99 ranged.


Cooking is one of the most essential skills in-game and is also one of the easiest to level up. Since you need to learn how to cook from the get-go, you should already be familiar with this skill. If not, then you should know that it’s better for you to find a range in Gielinor that you can use to cook food.

The best thing about ranges is they lessen the chances of you burning stuff. Ranges are available in Varrock, Lumbridge Castle, and other places in Runescape. The Lumbridge range is better compared to other ranges since you burn less food when using it.

At level 5, you should focus on fishing for herring and cooking them. Well, you either buy it from the Grand Exchange or fish it for yourself.

Once you’ve reached level 45 cooking, you should start preparing swordfish.

The higher the cooking level you have, the better your chances of not burning food. You also don’t have to waste many raw materials once you get to cooking levels above 50.

When you hit level 74, you can cook lobster without worrying about them getting burned. You can cook them until you reach level 99, or you can use Tuna, Salmon, or Trout. At level 84 and above, you should be able to master cooking those fishes mentioned and no need to worry about burning them at all.


Magic is an interesting skill to master. To start, you can test your magic skills on the chickens you can find in Gielinor. You can use the highest air spell against them.

When you reach level 43 magic, you can start using superheat until you reach level 99 magic. This is the fastest method to level up magic, especially for free-to-play players. Focus on super-heating either gold or iron since this will give you more experience.

Getting to level 99 magic may take 80 to 100 hours. It’s also suggested to get yourself a Fire Staff for you to level up faster.


RuneScape players who enjoy possessing amulets like the amulet of accuracy or amulet of strength are recommended to level up their crafting skills.

There is a good demand for jewelry in Gielinor, and this is great news for those at level 99 crafting.

For beginners, you can start things off by completing quests that can improve your crafting skill like the Sheep Shearer.

Once you get to level 20 and above, focus on making quality leather items. Get some thread and a needle and start turning a normal leather to a usable item.

You may also mine silver or gold ore and turn them into attractive necklaces.

Final Thoughts

Whatever OSRS skill you decide to level up first, always remember that having one skill at level 99 is just a step in a very long journey. Getting multiple skills at max levels should be your target and it would be best to focus on skills that are easier to level up first like those mentioned above.