12 Latest Streetwear Fashion Trends in 2024

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In the endless sea of new fashion trends, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the number of options you can choose from. And, with the summer slowly approaching, you have probably started looking for some of the most popular and latest pieces of clothing out there.

If you are in this situation, do not worry – this article has got your back and it might help you with choosing the best clothes that will fit your style and needs. The text below is going to feature two lists of the latest streetwear fashion trends for both women and men. Let’s take a closer look:

Streetwear Style Fads For Women

1. Leather Will Be The Staple of Summer 2024

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Leather, without any doubt, will be one of the biggest styles for the season and there are no signs of the fad slowing down. Now, the focus is not on monochrome leather pieces, instead, the focus is on colorful leather. Anything from vibrant yellow to bold neon red pieces will do fine for the summer.

2. You Bag Needs to Be Weird

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Frame, hobo, cylinder, eclectic bags… all of these styles are suitable for the upcoming season. Basically, the weirder it is, the better. Hence, pick one that has a weird shape, but, do not forget that the texture and colors are important as well. Mustard yellow and navy blue are expected to be quite popular in 2024. If you are interested in seeing what you can opt for, check out weareyugen.com.

3. Oversized Dresses

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If you are following the fashion world, you might have noticed that there has been a shift from perfectly fitted dresses to the ones that are voluminous, airy, and incredibly comfortable. And, the best thing about these dresses? They can be worn for both casual days and ones where you need to be a bit more formal. You can opt for whatever color you want, but, by choosing something bold and vibrant, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd at any event.

4. Platforms Are Back!

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I do not know about you, but, a lot of women are excited to see platforms making a comeback and when you think about it, there is a good reason for it – they are extremely comfortable. Platforms of all colors, sizes, and shapes – from the chunky boots to the ankle-strap platforms – are definitely some of the pieces you should try.

5. The Combination of Short And Long

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Would this really be a list of the most popular streetwear fads if we did not mention something quirky and weird? Probably not. Well, the “not really trousers, but not shorts either” length is a bit complex. Which is why you’ll need to know how to combine it. You can choose the shorts first, and then pair it with a coat, eclectic shirt or blouse that will make you outfit pop, as well as flat shoes that will tie everything together.

6. Weird And Large Sunglasses

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When it comes to choosing the sunglasses that you’ll use, there are two things that you should keep in mind. The first one is that they should have a weird shape, and the second one is that the sunglasses you pick should be larger than the ones you might already have at home. Not only will they protect your eyes, but, they will also make you stand out from the crowd.

Streetwear Style Fads For Men

1. It is Time to Suit Up!

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Now, the first thing that is worth mentioning is that this trend is not exactly new, but, it is one of the most important trends that are introduced for the upcoming season. We are not talking about the traditional suits, instead, we are talking about ones that have interesting designs and a powerful silhouette, with the addition of quirky colors, prints, and patterns.

2. Cross-Body Bags

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Gone is the time where you need to keep all your stuff in the pockets of your jeans or jackets. Now, you can do it by purchasing a cross-body bag! Whether you want something smaller and neater or a larger, messenger style bag, you’ll be ensuring that your belongings are safe, while being stylish at the same time.

3. Funky And Colorful Shirts

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Feel the summertime warmth in a funky, colorful, and fashionable shirt! By choosing one that has short sleeves and a specific print and design, you’ll manage to easily make your outfit a real fashion statement. Additionally, these look perfect with white sneakers and quirky sunglasses, hence, you’ll be doing the summer style right.

4. Shorts That Are Over Your Knees

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If you are looking for something truly casual, you should opt for over the knee shorts. They are perfect for keeping your legs covered while being cool at the same time. You can opt for ones that have a striking design or a crazy print, you won’t go wrong with choosing these clothes. You can tie the outfit together with some white sneakers and an airy shirt.

5. Large “Shield” Sunglasses

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This is one of the trends that have already started being popular. These sunglasses are not only a perfect choice for the regular ones you are accustomed to, but, they will also be suitable for almost every outfit you want to put on. They are modern, futuristic, and smooth, which is exactly what makes them the best accessory that you can use for the summer.

6. Tie-Dye Took Off

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You might have seen a wide range of celebrities like A$AP Rocky choosing tie-dye shirt and it might have taken you on a trip down memory lane all the way to the ‘90s. This trend is slowly heating up on the streets, which is why you might want to consider getting one or two shirts for yourself. The best thing about it is that you won’t need to carefully choose the other clothes you wear, as long as they are in colors such as black or white.


As you can see, there is a wide range of streetwear fashion trends that you can choose to follow during 2024. Of course, you do not have to get the clothes or accessories in the colors mentioned in the article above. This means that you can and should choose the colors that suit your other clothes, as well as your preferences.

So, now that you are aware that there are various fashion trends that you can choose to follow, you should really not lose any more of your time. Instead, you should start browsing online, as well as brick-and-mortar businesses in order to find the pieces that suit you best!