8 Tips for Making Your Last-Minute Move Less Stressful

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Any type of moving is stressful, regardless of whether we analyze the unexpected or a well-planned action. Still, knowing where and when to shift your focus should take away the burden from your shoulders. An overwhelming majority of first-time movers struggle with getting everything done ideally due to inappropriate planning and not having the more than-needed experience with similar ventures. If you do not want to complicate your life even further, we recommend you read through the lines below and introduce yourself with a list of tips for making your last-minute move less stressful. Be aware that the stress will be there, but knowing how should at least allow you to control it and make it work for you.

1. Establish Your Priorities

Waiting for the last moment to take care of the basics is the last thing you want to potentiate. Thus, think about enlisting your priorities and dividing your to-dos into segments. Investing a portion of your time into crafting a plan might cost you some time, but we assure you it will pay out in the long run.

To make the long story short, we suggest you assess what you cannot afford to leave behind, and focus on the essentials. For example, the valuable stuff and the ones you use every day should rank high on your list, while the items you do not can wait for their turn if it comes.

2. Get Rid of the Unnecessary

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This segment seems to be the one that every single hoarder would rather neglect than consider. In a nutshell, some things you must say farewell to, as you must do your soon old place-to-be.

Drawing a deep breath would be a good manner to start your venture since you would probably have to relive some memories tied to peculiar items you will leave behind. You do not have to throw it all away, moreover, we propose you either donate them to the ones who would make use of them or bestow a friend with an unexpected gift.

3. Call in the Pros

Handling everything on your own is not what we would recommend, especially when the transportation of your belongings is concerned. Professional assistance is vital when you are forced to act within a tight schedule, thus, think about reaching out for a pair of skilled hands that not only would lend you a hand and help you with the heavy stuff but also make sure everything you pack gets to a destination of your choice in one piece.

The market for this type of service is huge, so we recommend you focus on a moving service from your surroundings. Naturally, checking former customers’ experiences and ratings is a must for obvious reasons. We suspect the whole concept might appear to you as if it was disorganized at first sight, thus, to resolve your doubts, we kindly ask you to learn more and make your last-minute move easier.

4. Use Garbage Bags and Boxes

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Garbage bags are multi-purpose, and can save your life when the time for moving comes. All you need to do is make sure you purchase ones of better quality because you do not want them to burst during the transport. They are ideal for packing clothes and any other things without sharp edges.

When pointy corners are concerned, we propose you go for cardboard boxes. Not only are they good for solid objects, but they also make a perfect match for dishes and any other type of items you would want to keep in one place. Just make sure you insulate the inside with some old newspapers, and you will be good to go.

5. Marking

The packing is just the first segment of the whole concept since the point of moving implies you have to unpack once you reach your destination. Naturally, you would want to facilitate the process as much as possible, thus, we recommend you mark the bags and boxes before you stuff them up.

In a nutshell, you can use whatever marking technique you find useful, so choose your favorites among colorful stickers, listings, markers, or any other form reckon would make your last-minute venture as fluent as possible.

What we would like to underline is that boxes are ideal for writing on them. All you have to do is use a marker and write down what you decide to place inside. Just do your best to write as clearly as possible, so you would not have to struggle afterward.

6. Documentation

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You would be amazed if you would know how many movers lose their heads and forget about their documentation. Thus, make sure not to repeat other people’s mistakes and do your homework. Items like credit cards, passports, and personal IDs can easily fit inside a single folder, so you should either match them with some other papers of value or single them out in a separate envelope you would always keep at your side.

7. The Backpack Full of Essentials

Let’s keep it real; the chances you will unpack the whole bunch of stuff you bring to your new place as soon as you get there are equal to zero. Thus, we advise you to pack the things you use regularly, such as personal hygiene and medicine you might need, in a separate backpack. Just imagine how hard would it be for you to find them among all the other stuff you bring with you, and you should conclude why it is important to have them at your disposal all the time.

8. Do Something with the Food

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We suggest it would be hard for you to prepare a meal for your friends and family if you would have to focus on your last-minute endeavor. Therefore, we propose you either donate the food to the ones in need or bestow your friends with a treat. Food transportation is impossible without a cooling device since it would spoil, thus, make sure you do the thing that suits you best. Just do not leave it at your old place, since it might cause unnecessary trouble.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you make the most of your last-minute moving venture. Just remember that timely planning will save you a bunch of time and that it is better to do one thing at a time than to rush into a panic mode. We are aware that it might be complicated to do the whole thing without experiencing stress, that is why we have treated you with some useful tips in the lines above. Hope they will come in handy!