Kidhanma and His Inspiring Journey of ‘How to Be a Unicorn’

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An individual always searches for achieving the best from their lives and doing what they love. There are many anecdotes of people realizing their potential completely and achieving their dreams. However, inspiring stories that make people think of the possibilities of doing the same are the ones that bring a difference. The story of Kidhanma is a tale of grit, inspiration, and the zeal to achieve the heights of one’s true skills and the gifts endowed by life upon an individual.

His book, “How to Be a Unicorn,” became an Amazon bestseller and has inspired thousands of readers worldwide. After the launch of his book, Kidhanma garnered more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and has laid the foundation of his future pursuits in lighting up the spark of inspiration for many others. Let us find out more about Kidhanma and how he came to author one of the prominent books on the uniqueness of one’s identity and how to accept it.

It All Starts with an Unending Exploration of Self

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Every person’s journey in realizing the value of their life starts at an early age, and the same happened for Kidhanma. While other kids of his age were into following the precedents of formal education in kindergarten and school, Kidhanma explored the domain of storytelling and music.

Moreover, he also found his passion for martial arts and used it to the maximum for discovering his potential for creativity. The different moves he learned in martial arts helped him understand the human body, and his unique way of visualizing the human body helped him further in perceiving how the human body works.

Gradually, he also found art as one of his interests and tried his hand at drawing. Although Kidhanma was not good at drawing, he joined other good artists and attempted to bring his thoughts on paper. Subsequently, he realized that his potential for creativity is more than his existing notions.

Obstacles Built the Path to Perfection


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Life does strike us hard when everything seems to go our way, and Kidhanma discovered this when he had to join college to study computer science. On the one hand, he had his creative pursuits, while on the other, he had his parents’ expectations. Although the choice was very tough, Kidhanma could not ignore the reality he was presented with and started his college studies.

He soon started developing websites for local businesses and earning money during his college days. With the right combination of aptitude and a talent for creativity, Kidhanma scored a perfect job with a good salary package. He went on enjoying his 9 to 5 job and unrestricted partying on weekends to let the steam off. At the same time, Kidhanma also continued pursuing his passion for martial arts with regular training to satiate his eternal thirst for maintaining his own identity.

The Turning Point

Everything seemed to work perfectly well until Kidhanma started to question the situation in life he was going through. Was he destined to be stuck in this job for the rest of his life? Should he look for other options? Would the alternatives give him the perfect answers he was seeking for his life? These questions ultimately motivated him to reflect on his capabilities for creating content, and this time, he was on the mission to inspire!

Kidhanma had been through a lot of self-reflection and doubts about his identity. Now, it was time for him to let of doubts and reach out towards his dreams. And thus began his journey of creating YouTube videos. At the same time, he also engaged in his other interests, such as music and art, while developing a newfound passion for photography.

Discovering His True Passion

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The path of Kidhanma found the perfect milestone when he arrived upon the thought of becoming a writer. This thought was about to change his life, and he was still unaware of it. Kidhanma traced back his life to his young age and thought of what he wanted to be when he was a child. He discovered that he always had something unique that separated him from the rest of his surroundings.

His thoughts were never meant to be caged in the conventions of society, and he was not going to allow his life to be reduced to just education, job, and marriage, as society expected of him. This notion convinced Kidhanma to pen down many books before finally authoring the bestseller ‘How to Be a Unicorn.’

The Journey Continues Ahead

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Kidhanma based his book’s content on the various experiences in his life that led him to that particular point. He had been through a difficult yet inspiring journey of learning about his own identity while discarding the negative aspects that his environment cast on him. So, his new book did inspire many people to achieve their dreams by recognizing their identity. With his book’s success, Kidhanma is motivated to improve the content and bring more concepts for his readers in an updated version of the book, releasing next month.

Kidhanma has truly shown the world what it means to break out of the barriers society sets for everyone. The story of Kidhanma clearly provides a different viewpoint for every individual on their life and the true meaning of realizing their identity. Speaking of identity, Kidhanma has elaborated profoundly on the significance of accepting one’s own identity to be able to make the most out of one’s life. When a person is comfortable in their own skin, they can be free and boundless. As a result, they can not only find a new wave of confidence but also a positive outlook on their aspirations and dreams. Once an individual is able to shed off the barriers that hold them, the possibilities of life become more evident for them.

Kidhanma explores these themes in his book with the zeal to inspire people and help them reach the objectives of their life without having to dive into convoluted circles of confusion. Furthermore, the attitude of Kidhanma towards life also shows a lot about the impact of an individual’s thoughts about responsibility and tackling the challenges that life throws before a person. The success of Kidhanma and his book is just an example of how discovering your identity can be a huge differentiator between despair and success in life.