5 Essential Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Apartment

Living in an apartment, flat or high-rise unit has its benefits. For starters, choosing the right apartment can put you within walking distance of a wide range of excellent amenities. Another excellent draw card for apartment living centres around not having a garden to tend or a yard to maintain.

Unfortunately, some problems, such as dealing with household bugs remain the same whether you live in a house or an apartment. Your first and best solution is usually to use the pest control services on offer around Australian cities. But are there other ways to keep your apartment pest-free?

Pest Control Tips to Keep in Mind in Your Apartment

The 2021 Census has shown that about 2.5 million people live in apartments all around Australia. Pest control agents all around Australia report that household pests are as common in apartments as they are in houses.

This means that apartment dwellers will need to actively participate in keeping these annoying critters at bay. Our pest control experts have compiled a few essential tips to help you deal with and prevent household pests from moving in.

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Take Responsibility

If you’re new to apartment living then you’ll soon find out that there are many instances where the lines of responsibility are blurred. There will always be cases when you are left wondering whether an issue is truly your problem to resolve or that of the landlord.

While this may vary between buildings, the general apartment rules regarding pest control in Australia are:

  • Pest control in the inside area of the apartment is your responsibility.
  • External areas, such as the hallway, foyer, communal courtyard and pool area fall under the landlord’s area of responsibility.
  • Tenants should always notify neighbours of any pest control activities as some services can be toxic.

Tenants should check lease agreements for understanding of pest control responsibility in their particular area and building.

Regularly Remove Rubbish and Clutter

Most household bugs are attracted to rubbish or clutter. Therefore, it’s recommended that you take extra care to keep rubbish from piling up in or outside your apartment. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Use a dustbin with a lid to avoid the smell of garbage attracting insects.
  • Remove garbage every night.
  • Maintain a routine where you regularly remove clutter from the space.
  • Store documents and seasonal clothing in airtight containers to keep clothes moths from nesting in them.
  • Keep your apartment free of unnecessary papers and cardboard boxes.
  • If you see garbage piling up outside in the communal area, be sure to report this to the landlord.

Keep a Clean Home

Another top reason to move to an apartment is the smaller surface area that needs to be cleaned! Keep in mind that insects don’t need a large space to live. They can easily infest the smallest kitchen with little effort. That said, keep these tips in mind to keep your apartment clean:

  • Avoid leaving dishes in the sink overnight as the smallest food particles can attract pests.
  • Clean kitchen counters and tables after every meal.
  • Be sure to wipe up crumbs and spills as soon as they happen.
  • Regularly sweep and mop the area under the fridge, stove and other accessible areas.
  • Clean food cupboards and store open foods such as cereal boxes in airtight containers to keep pests out.
  • Wash the kitchen sink and dustbin with bleach or vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to rid your kitchen of odours.

Check for Moisture Spots

Insects are also attracted to moisture. Even the smallest drip from a leaky tap can be an instant attraction to bugs. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Check for leaky taps and report these to the landlord if it falls under their area of responsibility, or fix these as soon as possible.
  • If your apartment has a water heater, be sure to regularly check this for leaks.
  • Mop up any spills when they happen.
  • If you have windows that open, it’s a good idea to open them to increase ventilation and dry moisture.
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Consider Adding Fly Screens

A fact in Australian living is that hot, humid areas are prone to flies and mosquitos. If this is the case where you live, speak to your landlord about adding a few fly screens to windows and doors.

It’s also a good idea to spray a mixture of peppermint oil and vinegar on your door and window frames. This is an excellent way to keep pests such as spiders, flies, ants and cockroaches out of the space.

Final Thoughts

With a small amount of effort and a few daily cleaning habits, you will easily be able to keep the majority of bugs out of your apartment. Be sure to perform regular inspections around your space to identify any potential issues before they get out of hand.

The golden rule to keeping pests away from your home is to ensure that there’s no food or water source. A clean apartment will not only keep the pests away but also create a cosy environment to live in! And if you see an issue escalating despite your best efforts, better call in the experts!

In conclusion, apartment living offers convenience, but it also comes with the shared challenge of dealing with household pests. While pest control services are crucial, proactive steps can significantly reduce the likelihood of infestations. Remember your responsibility for interior pest control, and communicate with neighbors and landlords about communal areas. Regularly remove rubbish and maintain cleanliness to deter pests, while also addressing moisture spots promptly. Consider adding fly screens and natural repellents for added protection. With diligence and regular inspections, you can create a pest-free environment and enjoy a comfortable apartment lifestyle.