Protecting The Future: Keep Your Child Safe From The Dangers of Technology


Imagine this, when the world first started, the discovery of fire became a huge leap for humanity. As time progressed, humanity slowly advanced by using sticks and stones for weapons and shelter. Then, it took another leap into machinery, satellites, computers, cellphones, the internet, and many more advancements that led to the current state of the world. Technology made everything easier for people.

The world has become reliant on technology like communicating with other people, processing inquiries and transactions, businesses and education. It became a huge part of shaping the world into a better place where everyone is happy. Especially today, during the pandemic, through the advancement of technology, the people were able to survive and continue their day-to-day work despite the quarantine.

Technology is beneficial for everyone where everything is bright and beautiful. But despite that, there are still dangers within that dramatically affect us, especially with children. Some might not believe this, but most people are not yet aware of these certain dangers. If you want to know more, below are some of the dangers of technology that can put your child at risk.


Online Child Predators

At a young age, children already know how to use android or ios devices. They can navigate specific social media applications like Facebook and youtube. Most of the time, kids spend their day playing their favorite games online with their friends and sometimes with strangers. It’s good to hear that your child is making friends online with strangers, but most of the cases behind those voices are child predators.

If you don’t know what child predators are, they look for sexual contact. Most cases of this come from tricking minors into meeting up in someplace and abusing them. If it’s possible, make sure to implement parental security in your children’s accounts and devices. It is to allow you to monitor their actions from time to time.

If you could catch one of these predators, contact the police for help. Or maybe if you are a victim of this kind of incident, you can always seek help from professional lawyers like in Institutional Abuse Claim Lawyers. For further information, you can visit this link


Compromised Social Development

Even though technology allows you to connect despite your location, it doesn’t mean you are socially interacting. Social development is about learning values and developing social skills to communicate appropriately with others. Most children like to talk virtually, but when the time comes for interaction, they will find it hard to socialize as they are not used to it and keep themselves from others.

From time to time, bring your kids to any place where they can interact with other kids at the same age. It will allow them to develop their social skills as they play with other kids. Even inside your house, make sure to spend some time together with your kids. It will allow them to detach from their devices and interact with people. It doesn’t mean you need to stop your kids from using technology, but manage it for them to develop.


Risk of Cyberbullying

There is no denying that there is always a kid who likes to bully other people’s kids. Especially with the advancement of the internet, with just one click, it can make a person embarrassed through posting videos, edited pictures, or sharing false information on social media. Some kids don’t understand privacy at a young age. With social media being so open, they just post without thinking.

If it happens, it can cause depression to other kids as they lose confidence in cyberbullying. It will then result in more significant problems and compromise them to interact with other people socially. With just a few words, pictures, or videos, it can change your kid’s life forever.

To protect your kids, make sure to check their devices or accounts from time to time because some kids don’t open up with that kind of problem because they feel embarrassed. Every after school or every time you interact with your kid, always ask them how they are doing and make them feel they are not alone, and let them open up to you.


Health Risks

Who doesn’t like to play online games all day, like Minecraft, Fortnite, among us, or even Roblox? These are some of the games that kids like to play with their devices all day long. Due to this, they would prefer to sit down in front of their computer instead of playing outside. But if you’re thinking that your kid staying inside your house ensures safety, well, it’s true, but you’re compromising your kid’s development.

It’s best to manage the time of gadget utilization for your kids to prevent them from altering their sleeping habits and becoming more engaged in playing outside. Without proper rest or sleep, it disrupts your kids’ eating habits and leads to obesity.


Loss Of Patience

With the perks of technology making everything fast and dynamic, this can affect your children too. For example, on youtube, the kids can skip ads and skip timeframes in the video. It makes them feel gratified. As this continues, kids have the challenge of waiting for a long time as they are used to processing everything quickly and fast.

To prevent this from happening, make your kids do other tasks aside from using technological devices. You can ask them to draw, write, read, or maybe do an activity that does not include technology. Be creative and find ways to get your children to interact with other tasks besides using their devices.

Final Thoughts

Technology has made everything easy and led to new opportunities. With those new opportunities, there are also risks behind them. It doesn’t mean that we must be discouraged in using technologies but keep track and manage your kids’ time to prevent them from the dangers mentioned above. Spend some quality time together with your children and help their development further.