6 Reasons to Keep a Cat

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Everybody knows (even dog owners, deep down!) that cats are the best pets in the world. Our feline friends have been loyal companions to humans for thousands of years and a loveable cat can make a great addition to any home or family. The number of pet cats globally is estimated to be somewhere between 200 and 400 million, and for many of those cats’ owners, their life would not be complete without their pet. If you are planning on getting a pet and aren’t yet sure what kind of pet to get, this article is a guide to 6 reasons to keep a cat.

1. Cats are relatively cheap

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Cats are a lot smaller than most dog breeds so this means that they require less food, fewer toys, fewer trips to the groomers, fewer treats, and a lot less grooming products. Cat food is generally very affordable, though it is worth noting that there are cats who have special dietary requirements. Cats with allergies are relatively common and they require special hypoallergenic cat food. There are many options available so if you are inexperienced with raising a cat who has allergies, it can be a little difficult to know which one to buy. Fortunately, there are some great resources online and we found these detailed reviews of the best hypoallergenic cat foods on the market. It can be very sad to see your cat struggling with an allergy, but special food and medicine can make them healthy and happy again. Cats can have allergies to all sorts of things, but there are a variety of options for every cat allergy.

2. Cats are versatile

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Cats are quite happy in a lot of different living arrangements and so make a great pet no matter what kind of home you have. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a house, quite often cats will be perfectly happy and will find a way to enjoy their new territory. Cats who live in an apartment and are indoor can have just as fulfilling a life as a cat that has a house or a garden. Things like cat trees, lots of toys, snuggly blankets and even having lots of windows to look out of means that indoor cats get just as much out of life as cats in houses. If you do have a house with a garden, your cat can go outside and play alone quite happily and one great idea is to install a cat flap so that your cat can come and go as it pleases.

3. Cats are low maintenance

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We all know that cats have quite an ego, which perhaps makes you think that cats will be high maintenance but this is not the case. Cats groom themselves, you don’t need to take them out for walks regularly unless you have an indoor cat that is house trained. Cats are quite happy to be left alone for most of the day while you are out at work and can entertain themselves. Unlike dogs, cats don’t require training for basic things like sitting, staying, and behaving themselves and once they have been litter trained, they very rarely go to the bathroom anywhere that they are not supposed to. Cats are incredibly self-reliant and mostly they just want to sit on your lap or snuggle up with you.

4. Cats are so fun

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Cats can be incredibly playful and it is a wonderful experience to play with a cat. It is usually a common misconception that cats are loners, that they only like their own company, and don’t like being around people. Cats are certainly happy in their own company but they do love human affection and when they are in a playful mood, you can have such a great time with them. You can play with cats using toys, laser toys, and even with special apps on your iPad or tablet. Every cat has its unique personality and whilst they may be a little shy when you first get them, they become incredibly loving and affectionate after you form a bond with them.

5. Cats are more environmentally friendly than dogs

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When we think about the carbon footprint of raising animals, we are usually concerned with the environmental impact of cattle and other agricultural animals. But it is also important to consider the environmental impact of raising animals. Cats are a great pet for environmentally conscious people because cats have a much smaller carbon footprint than dogs. This mostly comes down to how much food they eat as well as the kinds of food that they eat. Cat food is made up of lots of different things and tends to be far more environmentally friendlier than dog food. Furthermore, cats eat far less than dogs and so just the amount of food that needs to be produced to feed a cat is significantly less.

6. Cats can keep your home free from pests

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Cats absolutely love to hunt and a pet cat is a great way to keep your home free from mice, bugs, or other pests. If you live in the countryside where there are many little critters who find their way into your house, your cat will spend hours joyfully eradicating them. Likewise, in the city, many unpleasant things can get into like cockroaches or even rats, but your cat will act as an excellent deterrent. The only downside of a cat’s hunting habits is when they decide to bring you a gift. There is nothing worse than your cat jumping up into your lap to proudly present you with a dead bird or spider that they caught just for you.

Cats are such wonderful animals and make a fantastic pet for any person or family. Cats are excellent companions and are incredibly affectionate when there is a strong bond with their owner. Cats are very easy pets to look after and are suitable for every kind of home and living arrangement. If you are considering getting a pet cat, you could not make a better choice for a pet. These are just six of the reasons to keep a cat, but there are many, many more.


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