7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Electric Bike

An e-bike is basically a bike with pedals that have a small motor that helps the rider as and when needed. There are two types of engines – the engine with the hub is located in the front or rear wheel of the bike, and the middle drive motor is located on the handle (lower carrier area) and drives the rear wheel through a chain or belt. Modern e-bikes usually have an LCD display with different levels of pedal assistance. Power usually comes from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. E-bikes have been available for a number of years, but it is only in recent years that there has been a big jump in their popularity thanks to major improvements in engine and battery technology.

Early electric bicycles were often awkward and unattractive, using heavy sealed lead-acid batteries for power. Very often they had no form of assistance on the pedals and relied exclusively on the gas to regulate power.

Modern factory-fitted e-bikes abound in technology, including hidden batteries, intuitive pedal assistance, and very compact and lightweight engines. Some of the latest e-bikes are in fact almost indistinguishable from conventional bikes. If you are considering buying a bike like this, we will give you a few reasons why to do it.

Source.: Innovation Origins

1. An e-bike keeps you healthy

Electric bicycles are a simple and practical solution for everyone who wants to do sports. Namely, electric bicycles have the possibility of combining riding with electric bicycle drive, but also with the self-power drive. So, it has the same purpose as other bikes so it is possible to train on it. In addition to physical strength, electric bicycles also strengthen the mental state. And when you are not in the best physical condition, and the ride relaxes you and the road calls you, the electric bike is there to save the thing and relax the brain muscles and fill the body with new and better energy. So, with e-biking, it is very easy to train and even lose weight and reduce stress levels.

Source: Cycle Volta

2. Increased mobility and security

If you travel through the city you will no longer have to worry about where to park, as the electric bike requires space like a normal bike and they increase the utilization of city roads with equal distances traveled by car. Electric bicycles are safer to drive because they are lighter and slower than cars, but they are much easier to maneuver and are considered ordinary bicycles, so you do not need a driver’s license or registration to drive them. With their ease of use, electric bikes have the potential to convince 30% of riders to switch to them, reducing traffic congestion and increasing the possibility of larger green spaces in the city, thus contributing not only to themselves but also to their children.

Source: Forbes

3. Cost Vs Benefit

Buying an electric bike is certainly more expensive than a regular bike, but on the other hand, it is again lower than a motorcycle or car in city traffic. Each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages and other applications and suitability, the electric bike is somewhere in the middle. If we add to that cycling around the city without stopping and avoiding traffic jams, a pleasant ride without sweating, and an increased radius of action in physically less able people, buying an electric bike pay off. In order to make the most out of your e-bike, you need to keep it in good shape and maintain it properly. Want to learn some tips and tricks about e-bike maintaining, then click here.

Source: Wall Street International Magazine

4. Environmentally friendly

The electric bicycle is environmentally friendly and according to statistics, 60% of all car trips are shorter by 7.5 km. Electric bicycles are perfect for such short rides and consume much less energy than a moped or car, thus reducing noise and emissions.

Source: Conservation Magazine

5. Regular pedaling lose weight and has a beneficial effect on health

In translation, you can reduce those annoying aerobics classes if you ride every day. An hour of cycling consumes several hundred calories, the only more efficient way to burn is running. And most cyclists lose a few pounds when they start pedaling regularly without changing their diet.

Source: Spring Power & Gas

6. Riding a bike saves air, sidewalks, water, and your wallet

No exhaust fumes or carbon monoxide rising behind you. With bicycles, you won’t destroy the road and sidewalks as much as cars and motorcyclists do. Also, only a small part of the material needed to make a car is used to make one bicycle. This also has an advantage for users: it will be much easier and cheaper to replace stolen/lost or destroyed parts.

Source: Urban Milwaukee

7. Bicycle parking is never a problem. You stand right next to the entrance

Although most cities lack bicycle parking spaces, such a ‘wild’ attitude towards cyclists has its advantages. No one will charge you a fine for tying your bike around a pole or around a tree, and you can always park near the entrance.

Source: Singletracks.com

How to choose the right e-bike for you?

When choosing an e-bike model, you will decide the same way as when buying a mountain, city, or trekking bike. The basic question is the purpose, so when you decide on one of the functional areas of using a bicycle, everything is easier. The new generation e-bike has another feature that sets it apart from the bike without a motor. It is a control computer that offers hitherto unimagined features of tracking movement, tracking the characteristics of the driver while driving, navigating in space via GPS, and the ability to communicate via call with your mobile phone, with more advanced models. As a rule, you can use all the above data after the ride by exporting it to your home computer, and then use it to record movement, progress in fitness, and strength, all the way to posting distances on portals that exchange interesting itineraries and thus expand cycling recreation. gatherings in new groups and group rides. Read more and find the right e-bike for you.

Final thoughts

Awareness of a healthy life is awakened in people, and with the arrival of good weather, it is a real shame not to use the day and not soak up the sun’s rays. If you don’t already have free time, why not combine the comfortable with the useful and choose a bicycle as a means of transport to work.