Why Do We Need International Payment Gateways On Our Websites?

Payment gateways are essential in every means if we talk about business and the operations that are performed concerning the business. Like if it’s about the quality of your service then it is a big need for your running start-up or site that serves the customers over your website and making it more attractive to your customers.

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Payment Gateways and business

If we talk about international payment gateways, then it is a big need for every running e-commerce website and apps as making it online mean making it electronically accessible to all to buy or sell internationally. It helps generate more revenue than usual if a business is international or just an online e-commerce site or app so, therefore, personal privacy is customer’s priority and payment gateway is some sort of a resource to prevent them from being vulnerable and it helps customers to build trust with the organizations or the store they’re buying online from.

Why People Fear Online Transaction

Even if a person intends to transfer some money or a large amount of money locally online he or she mostly has a fear of getting scammed and fear of getting their account hacked. The payment gateway provides total safety to the customers and users as well as merchants.

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How Does It Work?

When a customer places an order or he taps or clicks the submit payment button then the information that the user provided is encrypted. The word encryption means hiding all the sensitive information such as your card number or your bank account number.

Example of a Payment Gateway Functionality

Let’s take an example of an e-commerce site or an app. The user decides to buy or purchase some stuff from the online store so he picks an item and adds it to the cart after that he decides to proceed to checkout and when he checks out then there’s a payment method being provided by the online store and payment gateway are integrated into their site or app to make it more secure and providing feasibility and making a condition for the user to agree with and performing a transaction accordingly.


Integration of a Payment Gateway into your site

Keeping such cases as intendeds the payment gateway service providers came up with a new technique or method to provide more privacy to the users or customers which is integrating the payment gateway on a site or in an app, which means the user won’t be re-directed to the other page i.e. fake pages which means that the user will be able to submit his details on the same page on the same domain. Making it more secure and private and gaining customer satisfaction, ipaytotal.com is one of those companies that provide payment integration services to their customers, to make their business more successful.

Importance of Payment Gateways

A customer should always care about the precautions of getting being scammed. Many cases have occurred and there were many articles regarding such cases that hackers or scammers are using phishing attack techniques to get the information of the customer.

A phishing attack is a type of attack in hacking in which a page will look the same as the original but actually, it is not. It is just to make the user fool and make him enter all of his sensitive information on that page or site.

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Getting Scammed?

Suppose a user opens an insecure e-commerce site and there he registers and gets logged in successfully after that he tries to purchase something from that site, after adding the items to the cart when he clicks or taps on the payment method the page redirects and opens a fake page of requiring sensitive information such as your bank account number or your credit card or debit card and its pin code. As for starters they don’t know about it and they fill those required fields believing that it’s a page from that one site and they get scammed easily like a fish gets trapped when you use the fishing hook to capture the fish.

Similarly, the user or the customer gets trapped and gets scammed that’s why it’s also similar to the word ‘fishing’ but spelled different ‘phishing’.

International Payment Gateway Service Providers

There are tons and plenty of payment gateway providers which also have gone international, making it easier for the people abroad to perform transactions internationally as well as for the local people to perform the transaction for the one living overseas.

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Does The Payment Gateway Help An Organization In Any Means?

It’s a yes, as we live in this world full of lazy people it’s so much helping for an organization to generate more revenue such as, unlike payment gateways, if there’s a payment method that is available for the customers they select it and if it redirects then being lazy people mostly close that window and switch their browser tabs because it takes time to redirect whereas if a payment gateway is integrated it helps saving time and to provide more functionality to the user for the transaction with full privacy and data encryption following the mechanism of SSL, etc.

Entering the Wrong Code for Several Times in Payment Gateway

It might be a trouble for you but for a while if you’re the owner of the card else you’re in big trouble. Just as same as the thing that happens with the ATM card that if you enter the wrong pin several times it blocks your card similarly it happens with the payment gateway while processing the request for minimizing the scamming issues that mostly happen all around the world even till now. The more the system is secure the more it has worth in the eyes of a client as well as the development team.

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Payment integration has become necessary in a world where hacks are becoming more common everyday so if you need to protect your business, we suggest that you get a payment integration done.