Interior Tips 2024: Don’t Let the Walls to Be Empty

Have you ever been thinking about the possibility to change something in your house? Probably, yes at least once. If you don’t change a place of living very often and did a renovation a long time ago, the same atmosphere, furnishing can bore a bit or even annoy. But refurbishment is not sometimes a good decision. It takes a lot of time, money, nerves and might be troublesome and irritating. As a solution to this situation, there are a lot of different ways to redecorate and change the whole appearance of the room without great efforts.

According to Kreativ Dekor, one of the popular ways to transform your house into something unexpected and unusual is wall stickers. They became quite popular, especially, among young people for their simplicity to install and still an impressive effect. This decoration option doesn’t require any skills to attach it and can be easily put by one person (of course, if it is not a large one). The variety of such decoration is really big. There are thousands of wall decals of different sizes from small to as big as the whole wall, types, both colorful and black-and-white examples. Anyone will find something beautiful and lovely matching to the interior of the room.

Source: Pinterest

• Are you going to have a party at your house and what to decorate it according to the event? Maybe, wall stickers can be a great choice. As was already said above, you won’t spend a lot of time attaching it so you are going to save more time on other preparations like food or small events. A combination with bright balloons, ribbons, and other celebration stuff seems quite interesting. Moreover, when the party is over, unnecessary stickers can be easily removed without any problems and damage to the wallpapers and different materials.

• Or maybe you wish to make the bathroom a more charming place because it isn’t usually as detailed as other places at the house. The water-based theme will create a more comfortable atmosphere. It is necessary for those who like to chill in a warm bath. Usually, stickers are resistant to water. So they are not going to be washed away while taking a shower or something else.

• A glassy variant is an unusual variant. It isn’t so expensive in comparison with a mirror and it can become an additional ornament around the glass. But don’t make the view as it is just broken!


• Big sizes are suitable for large apartments. Also, they are appropriate in the places where there isn’t much furniture and the room seems to be empty. They create an illusion of the inhabitant place with different things. The single sofa with a table is not enough for the decoration, isn’t it? But with additional pieces of decor like plants, vases, plants with wall stickers it will be much better. By the way, big ornament can be completed by the smaller ones.

• Kid’s room is the right place for applying wall decals with a variety of other things. The funny and colorful picture is important, especially, when it is connected with small children. More diversity means more emotions. Moreover, children grow fast and their tastes and opinions are changing rapidly too. These cause a need to redecorate the design, often a lot. Stickers and other removable objects like toys, childish lamps, etc. can be helpful in such a situation.

Source: Awesome Decors

• If you have a pet, for example, a cat or a dog, you have a chance to make the feeder more attractive place by placing near it a silhouette of the animal. It makes it not as standing out corner but a part of the whole design.

• If you are studying, you can find in the Internet different charts, maps, lists of formulas made as a sticker. Made an area near you as a small source of information during your learning. Later you can replace the table and put another useful chart or remove it at all if you don’t need it more.


As you can see, the ways how to decorate an apartment with wall stickers and a combination of decorative objects are different. There are beautiful solutions for nearly every house and every event. It is also an opportunity to test different things for your interior and change as regularly as you want it. What is more, they aren’t expensive so you can order it without saving up.

Don’t forget that you can always get your digital memories printed off easily for your walls, party posters, or even in a customized wallpaper. Bringing in a nice and unique photo frame to your digitally printed photo also could add a special note to your walls. Click here if you want to learn more about these ideas.

How You Can Remove Wall Decals

To remove the wall decals without any fuss you need to have some patience and a hairdryer. One of the things to keep in mind while removing them is the effect of adhesive. Some of the adhesives are designed to keep the decals on the wall for longer. So, it grows stronger and starts to soak into the paint. It makes it difficult to remove the wallpaper and leave a residue on the wall. So, the best way to remove wallpaper is to apply some heat.

Steps to Remove Wall Sticker

• Start your hairdryer and keep it on the low setting. You need to hold It five to eight inches away from the wall and then test the temperature with your hand. You need to be careful as more heath can make the adhesive tacky.

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• Now gently remove the decal from a corner. It should come out easily without a fuss. If it does not, then apply heat for more few seconds.

• Carefully, apply the heat at each section of the decal. You need to be patient. Otherwise, you can damage the paint. That is why; we told you to be patient to save the paint underneath it.

Following these steps will help you remove the vinyl decal easily. If you follow these instructions then removing them will be an easy process. If any residue left on the wall, you can clean it off with a damp cloth. If you are unable to clean the residue, then use a high-quality cleaner is what you need. But be careful and test the product on an inconspicuous place first.