10 Interesting Facts About Casino

During their existence, there have been many interesting stories associated with casinos, each of which sounds more like a legend. And many of these stories originated where gambling is forbidden. Most still consider some events only fiction, meanwhile, they have real facts. In this article, you can read a lot of interesting things about unusual events in the gambling world.

Looking ahead a bit, we want to announce what will be discussed next. We present to your attention 10 interesting facts about casinos related:

  • The first license of the gaming house;
  • The atomic bombs in Las Vegas;
  • The first sandwich;
  • Gaming complications for residents of Monaco;
  • Permission to count cards;
  • The creation of slot machines;
  • The prohibition of self-entry to gambling houses;
  • Specific colors and lighting serve a purpose
  • Maze design is on purpose
  • Banning casinos for the Japanese.

Make yourselves comfortable, there will be many interesting and surprising things to come.

The First License to Open a Gambling House was Obtained by a Woman

It happened in 1920. The first license for the Northern Club was obtained by Mamie Stoker. She was a famous person, and many articles were published about her in the local newspapers. Her husband did not want his name associated with the gambling establishment, so she gave her name to the gambling institution.

Las Vegas Used the Atomic Bomb Theme to Attract Visitors

Now the public would certainly be outraged by such events, but back then, Las Vegas really managed to make a lot of money on such a “dangerous” topic. Not far from the tourist spot, atomic bombs were being tested. Tourists and locals had to see mushroom clouds with their own eyes at the time. Vegas decided to take advantage of this situation and actively began to promote products on a similar theme.

The First Sandwich Cooked in a Gaming Club

The famous sandwich got its name thanks to diplomat John Montague, who bore the title IV Earl Sandwich. He was so obsessed with the game that he couldn’t even go out to lunch. His servants would bring him meat put between two pieces of toast, which he would eat. Since then, the sandwich, which we all love, appeared.

Residents of Monaco are not Allowed to Play Gambling in Monaco

Things that are allowed to visitors are forbidden to local citizens. And all because of a law passed back in the 1800s by Princess Caroline. By doing so, she wanted to attract the treasury income from visiting foreigners. Meanwhile, income tax is not collected from the citizens of Monaco. The casino owners do that.

There is no Ban on Counting Cards

It’s not forbidden in blackjack. By the way, you can read more about this game at the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackjack. The player has the right to keep track of which cards are still in the deck and which are dealt. But despite this, gambling establishments are trying to combat this. They shuffle the cards more often or change the internal rules of the game.

Slot Machines Were Not Invented for Casinos

Source: feelingvegas.com

Charles Fay invented the first slot machine back in 1895. But in the casinos at the time, they had not been placed yet. He invented this machine for his own auto store to occupy customers. Later, casinos began to buy such machines to keep players busy while they were waiting for their turn to play blackjack real money.

You Can Ban Yourself from Going to the Casino

Several states have special programs that allow you to ban yourself from gambling establishments for a period of time or for life. In this way, a person can begin to fight a passion for gambling. After all, gaming can cause a gambling addiction, which should be kept in mind and therefore play only responsibly.

Specific colors and lighting serve a purpose

Casinos are often designed with specific colors and lighting to keep players in a state of excitement and to encourage them to stay longer. The colors used in casinos are typically warm and vibrant, such as red, yellow, and orange. These colors are known to stimulate the brain and create a sense of excitement and energy. Additionally, casinos often use dim lighting, which can also contribute to a sense of excitement and make it more difficult for players to keep track of time.

Maze design is on purpose

These facilities are designed to be maze-like, with no clear exits, to make it difficult for players to leave. This is done to keep players in the casino for as long as possible and to prevent them from leaving too soon. The layout of a casino is often designed to be confusing and disorienting, with winding corridors and a lack of clear signage. This can make it difficult for players to find their way out, which can prolong their stay in the casino. Additionally, some casinos may also use psychological tricks, such as near wins, to keep players engaged and encourage them to keep playing.

Casinos are Forbidden in Japan

Source: yogonet.com

But what can you do in order to play? There are special parlors called Paczynka, where you can play slot machines about which you can read at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcade_video_game. There is an internal “currency” in the form of small metal balls, which you can buy and already exchange them for some tangible prizes.

How many people believed it, and what percentage of respondents thought such facts were invented and untrue? Are you interested? Well, let’s have a look at this table.

Casino Fact % who said it was true % who said it was a myth
The first casino license was obtained by a woman 18% 82%
Las Vegas used atomic bombs to attract players to casinos 5% 95%
The first sandwich was made in a casino 46% 54%
Residents of Monaco do not play in the casino 61% 39%
Casinos allow players to calculate cards left in the deck 34% 66%
Slot machines were NOT made for casinos 7% 93%
The player can forbid himself to go to the casino 23% 77%
The Japanese are forbidden to play in the casinos. 78% 22%