Top 5 Instagrammable Luxury Home Furniture Ideas


While you may have little or no input on the quality and design of materials used in build your house, or in how tastefully the house is finished, you have every opportunity to switch up the empty rooms and bland walls with interior décor.

This is why living in a drab house (structure-wise) may be forgivable, but living with putting up in a house with drab furnishing is inexcusable.

Interestingly enough, luxury furnishing, although quite pricey, is a worthwhile investment as they end up making up for the price with their superior quality. And you no longer have to hold off on taking and posting beautiful indoor photos till when you check into a hotel.

A good taste in interior décor and intentional furniture acquisition will earn you beautiful background settings in your home that everyone would love to see.
Whether for your living room, bedroom, patio, or elsewhere, our luxury designer furniture pieces, made from the highest quality materials will turn your living space from drab to fab.

Check out a few of them:

1. Bed


The bedroom is arguably the most private room in any house. It is the place to lose all inhibitions and succumb to rest. And it is important to pamper oneself with exquisite furniture pieces that please the eyes. This not only improves the aesthetics of the room but also has the potential to lift one’s spirits.

The Luxury Italian Designer Bed with its signature tall headboard, for instance, is the perfect intersection between inspiration, comfort, and glamour. Its materials are purely Italian, and the bed boasts a deco-style ribbed effect, antique gold piping with feet in a contrasting gold leaf finish.

Stash your valuables in a premium quality Tianna Bachelor’s Chest. This furniture piece is a perfect reflection of the value placed on stored items and the fashionable taste of the owner.

Its polished stainless steel base and white lacquered case accent your bedroom furniture set and creates a strong visual appeal.

2. Sofa


Sofas play an important role in setting the ambiance of a room. Create a lasting impression on your guests with a sofa from one of the sophisticated collections from Eichholtz designs, which are in high demand in hotels due to the furniture’s stately appeal and eclectic style inspirations.

Recreate this chic ambiance in your home with the Eichholtz Paolo Sofa. The sofa curves beautifully around the back and arms and is embellished with a button-detailed pattern at the back and seating area while finished in light sand satin upholstery.

The polyester foam filling and the combination spring and webbing suspension of the sofa offer maximum visual appeal without compromising on comfort.

Leather is an effortless way of adding a touch of sophistication to any appearance, be it across fashion, automobile manufacturing, or furniture making. It is also a good respite for those looking to take a break from the furniture with fabric finishing.

Montecarlo modular curved sofa with its soft goose-down covering also comes in a leather cover variant. The sofa is connected in the middle with a dark walnut veneer and brushed gloss finish, bringing sophistication, innovation, and inspiration into your living room.

3. Coffee table

Source: Eichholtz

They do more than hold your magazines, beverages, decoration pieces, and other knick-knacks. They are also a nice way of accentuating home furniture designs. The breathtaking Liang & Eimil Dublin Coffee Table, for instance, is apt for the modern-rustic or Scandi-themed home.

Natural flecks unique to stone marble tops are visible across the length of the white marble coffee table, and the meticulous and stunning design is finished off with polished brass.
Or you might like to check out the D’Arc Coffee Table, a sturdy, rectangular piece of furniture designed with black ash matte material and metallic accent. This coffee table by

Laskasas is a product of the genius craftsmanship of artisans and interior experts from Portugal.

4. Outdoor furniture


A few of the world’s most prestigious gardens, including the Mouton Botanical Centre, are home to Skyline furniture, and your outdoor garden or patio would be better off with one of the Skyline pieces gracing it.

Lounge in style on the fully waterproof Brando lounge set by Skyline Design. A three-seat sofa, two armchairs, one coffee table, and a side table make up the complete Brando lounge set featuring a textured woven finish in seashell color.

The fluffy cushions provide extra comfort in addition to the beauty of the set.
The Bali Daybed designed by Bernhardt, curator, and creator of superlatively fashionable furniture, is also perfect for your home.

Carefully treated (the rattan) to eliminate or reduce to the bare minimum the need for maintenance, the color split cane wicker seat back with its fiber pillows provide the perfect relaxation spot for enjoying the sunlight solo or lounging with loved ones.
While these are great furniture ideas for setting up the home, you can also explore other furniture and decoration pieces available at

5. Lighting

Source: Liang & Eimil

Whether for setting the mood of a room or merely illuminating it, highlighting your favorite spots and decoration pieces, or transforming a place, lighting is an important aspect of the home that must not be compromised.

Among many other things, it can mean the difference between a bright, lively photo and a dark, grainy one that never makes it to the gram.

Imagine having a special moment with your family at the dinner table under the shimmering lights from the classic Beira crystal chandelier. This exquisite piece comes in a brass frame, chain, and multi-tiered crystal drops that collect and bounce off the light from the internal light fittings in a magnificent display.

For a vintage set-up, a Pascal Floor Lamp makes for the perfect choice, with its light brushed brass finish, polished rectangular frame, and quadruple glass spheres that encase the light fittings.

They fit seamlessly in every setting, either in the bedroom or living room, and are a luxurious and creative way to illuminate the room without going the conventional way of hanging lighting on walls.