Instagram Follower List: How Are They Ranked?


Have you ever wondered how your Instagram followers are ordered? Instagram’s algorithm is a complex and ever-evolving creature, dictating what appears on your feed and the order in which your followers are displayed. This ranking can sometimes seem random, but there’s a method to this digital madness.

Intriguingly, the arrangement of your follower list on Instagram isn’t just a trivial detail; it offers insights into your interactions and relationships on the platform. This will help you gauge your most engaged followers and even strategize your content to boost engagement.

This post will dive into the nuances of Instagram’s follower list, unraveling the secrets behind how and why followers are ranked in 2024 the way they are. Understanding these nuances is crucial for those interested in buying Instagram followers or building organic connections. Let’s find out the intricacies of Instagram’s follower list together!


How Instagram’s Following List Algorithm Works?

The Instagram algorithm for the Following List is complex and multifaceted, considering various factors to rank content and order the followers and following lists. Here’s a brief overview:

1. Interaction and Engagement

The more users interact with another Instagram account, the higher they will be placed in each other’s followers/following lists. This includes likes, comments, shares, saves, and direct interactions like tags and Direct Messages (DMs). Frequent engagement, especially reciprocal, pushes users higher on the list.

2. Recent Followers

Newly added followers may appear near the top of the list, especially if they’re active with many posts and followers.

3. Geolocation

Proximity also plays a role. City-wise, users located closer to you are more likely to appear at the top of your following list.

4. Follower and Following Numbers

Accounts with many followers or a large following are likelier to appear at the top.

5. Post Volume

Accounts with many posts are prioritized as they offer more content for engagement.

6. Popularity

Popular users, including those with verified accounts, may find their way to the top of the list, though verified accounts can also appear near the bottom unless they frequently interact with you.

Understanding these aspects is crucial for optimizing their Instagram strategy, as it affects how you engage with and prioritize interactions on the platform.


How does Instagram Sort the Followers List in 2024?

In 2024, Instagram continues to refine its algorithm, leveraging a blend of artificial intelligence and various factors to organize the followers’ list to enhance user engagement and experience.

Here’s an overview of the Instagram followers’ list algorithm in 2024:

1. Alphabetical Arrangement for Smaller Accounts

For accounts with fewer than 200 followers, Instagram organizes the followers’ list alphabetically by the profile names displayed, not the usernames. This makes it easier for users to navigate through smaller follower lists.

2. Interaction-Based Organization

At the core of Instagram’s algorithm is the emphasis on interaction. The platform primarily arranges your followers’ list by considering the frequency and recentness of interactions. This includes actions like likes, comments, and direct messages. The more you engage with an account, the higher it’s likely to be placed on your followers’ list.

3. Mutual Engagement and Connections

When viewing someone else’s followers, Instagram prioritizes accounts that both you and the profile owner mutually follow and interact with. These accounts are recognized as having active connections and interactions with both profiles.

4. Apparent Randomness in Larger Accounts

In cases where you find the followers’ list seemingly unordered or random, especially in larger accounts, this is due to the complex workings of Instagram’s algorithm. It’s designed to adapt to various engagement patterns and user behaviors, which might only sometimes follow a straightforward or easily discernible order.

It’s important to understand that Instagram’s algorithm is dynamic and continuously evolving. The platform aims to keep users engaged and connected, tailoring the experience to individual preferences and interactions.

Understanding these intricacies empowers users to manage their Instagram followers effectively. Explore more on to enhance your social media experience.



How can I see my Instagram Follower List?

To view your Instagram followers list, open the Instagram app, go to your profile, and tap on “Followers” to see the complete list of users following you.

Is It Possible to Arrange My Instagram Followers Alphabetically?

No, Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in feature to arrange followers alphabetically. The list is typically displayed in the order they followed you.

Why can’t I see someone I know Following me on Instagram?

If you can’t see a follower you know is following you, they might have set their account to private or may have unfollowed you.

Can I Remove or Block Someone from My Followers List?

Yes, you can remove or block a follower on Instagram. To dismiss them, go to your followers list, tap on their profile, and select “Remove Follower.” To stop them, visit their profile, tap the three dots, and choose “Block.”

Do Followers See When I Add or Remove Them from My Instagram List?

No, Instagram does not notify followers when you add or remove them from your followers list. These actions are private.



In 2024, Instagram’s follower ranking system is intricate. Smaller accounts are listed alphabetically, while larger ones rely on engagement and mutual connections for order. The algorithm considers interactions, geolocation, follower numbers, post volume, and popularity.

For those with under 200 followers, it’s alphabetical by profile name. Frequent interactions with accounts boost their placement. Mutual engagement and connections are prioritized.

The order may appear random in larger accounts due to the algorithm’s complexity. Instagram’s dynamic algorithm adapts to user behavior, offering a personalized experience. While adding or removing followers is private, understanding these nuances is crucial for optimizing your Instagram strategy.