8 Ways Influencers Can Help You Promote Your Products and Services

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For all of the millennials out there, we have seen the transition of how digital advertising changed from the traditional media channels (like Print, TV, and Radio) in the past and how marketing campaigns are done today. It has a more advanced approach as people spend their time more than ever on their smart devices. Through this, society has coined the term influencers. They are usually social media personalities or groups of people who can affect a person’s purchasing decision through a marketing strategy. If your company is having doubts about getting its services, here are some of the reasons why the use of influencers on your next marketing campaign can make it more successful.

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1. The more, the better

There is a saying that goes ‘Less is more’ or ‘Too much of something always bad.’ It does not apply to advertising with the use of influencers – the more, the better. Imagine someone who would scroll down on his or her social media feed, and see a lot of influencers using the brand’s item or availing specific services. It will surely spark any consumer’s interest, as they may have the urge to try what your company is offering. A company or management that can help you reach more influencers can help you get more audience compared to getting an individual one that has a limited reach.

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2. Unlimited creativity

The possibilities, in terms of creativity, are endless when you use an influencer on your next marketing campaign. Influencers always create thoughtfully considered content as they create posts that will make their viewers interested while keeping their social media feed in the most aesthetic form. Their mind’s creative juices start running as soon as they are up for the job. You may find yourself amazed with the end result of the campaign when they use your brand’s products and/or services in ways you thought are not possible.

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3. Efficiency at its best

There is no doubt how influencers push the boundaries of creativity, including how they can deliver fast results. They usually give their best in expressing the most creative output they could. As mentioned, asking influencers to create content that will be posted on their social media should adhere to the aesthetic of their social media account. Due to this, they might already have a preset filter or already familiar with how to edit and post the end result. Aside from being efficient in terms of content creation, influencers use the power of social media to help companies get faster results compared to other digital advertising platforms.

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4. The ad can be viewed for a longer period of time

Depending on the contract, ads or marketing campaigns created in collaboration with influencers can be seen on social media for a longer period of time. There is an option to keep the post in their accounts for good and can still be seen for years. Old posts from the influencer’s social media feed may be already covered with the latest ones, but some fans would at times scroll through their favorite influencer’s account. This happens when they remember something about the influencer and start to browse their feed. The ad will still be there and can be accessed easily.

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5. Interconnected chain of followers

Social media connects people from different walks of life – may it be families, friends, and even strangers. Though having strangers follow your personal social media accounts may look scary, these connections automatically become an audience of digital advertising. Especially that there is an option to repost through the social media platform itself (like Twitter’s ‘retweet’ function), through an app (like the Repost App for Instagram), or even a screenshot, using influencers on your digital marketing campaign can go a very long way. It could even have a global presence before you know it!

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6. Fits the company’s marketing campaign budget

Getting the services of influencers, depending on their popularity, could be reasonably priced. This is in comparison to getting a movie or TV star, which may give full access to different media channels but could be very expensive. Apart from that, it may require you to get a full production unit which will be an additional cost. The great thing about influencers is how they can get things done on their own. Since they already use their camera and video recorders, there is no need for any additional equipment or would only require a little help.

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7. It goes with time

People spend more time more than ever on social media, that’s why getting the services of an influencer would be preferable to the others. Even television nowadays has internet connectivity, making it possible to browse social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It may be sad to see conventional TV getting less attention than it used to, but people nowadays prefer having entertainment the way and the time they want it. Aside from this, influencers join new social media platforms that can reach an even wider audience. The introduction of TikTok in 2018 is the best example where a lot of influencers joined recently, where they are currently using it for endorsements and collaborations as well.

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8. Relatable to their audience

Since there are influencers who started with no affiliate connection with someone popular, they gained their popularity through hard work and know what it feels like to grow. This makes them relatable to anyone who looks up to them, where it can reach your desired target market easier. The audience can have the assumption that if this influencer is using your products or services, therefore it might turn out to be great for them too.

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